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“After a trip to Hong Kong with my wife that was nearly ruined

because of how difficult it was to keep track of all the amazing recommendations we received, I started to wonder: Why don’t we have a more useful way to share our favorites with each other?

From books to movies and from food to music, FAYVO is your digital “box” for all the things you love, pictures, places, memories, products, fashion and anything else you can imagine.

Discover like-minded people, accurate recommendations from people like you, and share your own with the world!”

Fahad Al Saud
Founder & CEO

Whats FAYVO?

FAYVO is a digital platform and social app that allows you to save and keep track of all your favorite things.
FAYVO helps you build real connections based on the things you love.

You recommend

your favorites to Other

Others recommend

their favorites to you


Do you remember all your favorite movies or playlists off the top of your head?

Have you forgotten the name of that great restaurant you visited a while ago?

Do you remember all your favorite movies or playlists off the top of your head?

FAYVO is integrated with other platforms to make sure you can always find your favorites fast and easy; you can now keep track and save of all your favorites in a single place.

Our Team

Fahad M Al Saud

Founder & CEO

Fahad Al Saud always had a love for cross-cultural friendships, growing up with friends and family from different nationalities and cultures all over the world. Fahad believed that even though we live in different places, we still live in a small world, and appreciated all the technology that has brought us closer. With this in mind, Fahad set out to create an innovative way to connect with each other globally through our favorites.

Abdulaziz Al Saif

Co-founder & Product Manager

Abdul-Aziz is a traveler, a photographer and a designer. He is the Co-Founder and Head of Product at FAYVO, and has been dedicated to contribute to FAYVO’s design, strategy and future roadmap. Abdul-Aziz resided in Tampa, Florida and graduated from Saint Leo University with a degree in Computer Information Systems. His everyday goal is to be able to focus on venture opportunities that can scale within the regional market and the global market.

Salman Nasir

Head of Development

Salman Nasir is a driven entrepreneur who spent the last 17 years building a career in technology and software development. Salman Founded ILSA Interactive in 2008 as a startup CEO of an app development firm building over 50 mobile apps for sports, social networking, enterprise systems, startups, large consumer brands and many more.

Dina Joumaa

VP of Marketing & Business Development

Dina is a story teller, a traveler and a tech guru. She is the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at FAYVO, and has been dedicated to grow the company increase brand awareness globally, acquire new users and take FAYVO to new heights. Dina resided in Lebanon and graduated from the Lebanese American University with a degree in International Business and Political Science, she later resided in London and pursued her Master’s Degree at Glasgow Caledonian University in Luxury Brand Management. Her everyday goal is to create self-evolving experiences, build partnerships whenever possible, and create a new social space for FAYVO.

Nawaf Baker

Creative Director

Nawaf is an athlete, an artist, and a visionary. He is the Creative Director of FAYVO and has been dedicated to implement his art direction and vision for FAYVO. He graduated from Prince Sultan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Information systems. His everyday goal is to explore new ways an idea can spark, connect and resonate with people.

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