Introducing Group Chats: Building Community Around You

Stepping into the biggest event of the year, Riyadh Season, FAYVO is introducing the new AROUND YOU feature with LIVE GROUP CHATS for different zones of the Riyadh Season

Wonder Woman Movie Review: Smashing Box Office Records!

Wonder Woman is breaking the box office records since 2017. The movie set the expectations quite high with its debut. It was hoping to change the mindsets

8 Great Books to Read in Your Lifetime – At Least Once!

There are some books to read in your lifetime because they have characters, experiences, emotions, and perspectives that are still relatable to the current culture

Movies You Should Definitely Watch with Your BFF!

From classics to modern-day comedies and friendship films, FAYVO brings the best movies to help you and your BFF have the best night-in

Top 10 Scariest Movies of All Times - Watch on Netflix Now!

FAYVO presents a list of the best and scariest movies of all time for you to enjoy and share with your friends. Watch them on Netflix, save them and share with friends.

Top 9 Mysterious & Curious Places to Visit

We live in a world that is full of mysteries and adventures. Some of them are known, while most of them are hidden and quite interesting. FAYVO presents a list of them.

Bucket List Travel: 20 Breathtaking Places to Visit Before You Die

This world is a beautiful place to explore. Within our country and all around us, there are so many amazing breathtaking places to visit once in our lifetime

The best vacation spots to visit before 2021 ends

With travel restrictions getting better, we can now plan our next trip to the best vacation spots in the world. Join FAYVO and explore worth visiting places.

Sweet Girl Movie Review: An Action Film with Complex Twists & Turns

Sweet Girl Movie Review: Is it a movie good? Should you watch it? Would it be a good option to add the Netflix Party movies? Let's know about it all.

Update: Express Yourself with FAYVO Reactions!

Your post feed in FAYVO is going to be a lot more expressive now. We have introduced 'Reactions' to user posts. React to the posts with emojis and add life to them.

Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones This Holiday!

Special times call for special presents! Here are some perfect gift ideas that will show your loved ones how much they mean to you.

New Year Playlist – 11 Songs You Need for Your Party!

You deserve a break and a party to chill. So, we have made it easy for you with a new year playlist covering the top hit party songs. Add them to your list and enjoy!

Historical Places Around the World That Are Worth Visiting

We have handpicked a list of top historical wonders that you need to visit the first chance you get and let the ruins tell you their story.

15 Best Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix Right Now – MAY 2021 Edition

Keeping up the year 2021 so far? Let's ride on the roller coaster binge-watching series on Netflix for this spring-summer season. Download the FAYVO app and enjoy!

The 20 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix

Love is in the air. This one's for the romantics at heart and those who adore love stories. Watch these 20 cute and fun romantic movies on Netflix today.

Fashion Trends to Choose for Spring Summers 2021

With 2021's summer coming in, it's time to get ready for new fashion trends. There's been one fashion lesson learned during the COVID, it's personal style.

It’s Mystery and Thriller Week 2021 on Fayvo!

Fayvo is presenting some amazing psychological thrillers that will leave your head spinning. Cold cases, detectives hot on a trail and a dash of poison for good measure.

Incredible Bucket List Destinations

Read Fayvo s blog and be in touch with your favorite Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books, Games and Food Drink Find an share your favorites

Share your Favorite Moments with Fayvo status!

A status feature is added to FAYVO to assist you in staying updated with the latest happenings. You, your friends, and your followers can add to 24-hour-long stories

We Made it Through Another Year: Here's to the Year 2021 at FAYVO!

As we welcome cold and beautiful December, embracing the festivities it brings and lots of good luck for the upcoming year, 2022. Here's the FAYVO round-up for 2021

The Safest Countries to Travel in 2022

With FAYVO, you never run out of recommendations. Whether it is about the Christmas holiday spots or the safest places to travel in 2022. We have got you covered

Top 10 Unusual Restaurants Around the World

FAYVO gives you unlimited recommendations over fine-dining and best things to eat, but this time we are presenting you a list of the unusual restaurants in the world

The best Netflix sci-fi movies and TV shows - 2021

Science fiction is one of the most interesting genres of many of us. Luckily, Netflix has also stepped up and brought us some amazing yet best Netflix sci-fi movies.

The 8 Best Free Movie & TV Show Streaming Sites for Everyone

Make this time a fun time and take advantage of the FREE movie streaming sites out there. FAYVO brings the best streaming platforms for you to have fun.

10 Best adventure places to visit in the Middle East

The Middle East: known as the land of most beautiful deserts, endless cultural markets of spices, and cultural territory, is one of the best adventure places.

The Best Things to Eat and Drink Right Now

From appetizers and main courses, we all have different choices: in food. That’s why when you ask someone about the best things to eat, they all have their own preferences.

Kate Movie Review: The New Action Flick

Being the action movies' fans, you'd love how KATE is picturized and presented on the screen. It is a complete action-packed movie you’d love to watch right now.

Top 11 Love Songs

Is there any language that can be used to express love better than music? We have a list of 11 love songs that will get you through anything. Save your playlists on FAYVO.

‘Nomadland’ Review: Here’s Everything We Know About the Award-Winning Movie!!

With Fayvo in your smartphone, you can explore book recommendations at your fingertips. Under the ‘books’ category, we have multiple options lined up for you to pick up and start reading.

Goodbye 2020; Here’s the Best of December

Best of december movies, books, tv shows, games and all that you love. Get the best recommendations for things to do in 2021

Top 5 Socially Distant Places to Choose for Spring Break 2021

Spending the spring break somewhere out of your home may be challenging this time. Obviously, all the credits go to the universal COVID-19.

Sharing Made Easier with Fayvo’s New Feature!

FAYVO has made sharing easier. Strengthen your bond with loved ones by sharing mutually favorite things, favorite boxes, and more! Because after all, sharing is caring.

Book Recommendations for Harry Potter’s Fan Club

With Fayvo, you can explore book recommendations at your fingertips from anywhere. We have a personalized feed for you and a handful of books' suggestions to choose from.

Jingle Bells, Christmas Recommendations On the Way!

Christmas is here, let's stock up on the recommendations. Here's a list of holiday movies, books, series and playlists you can enjoy!

Top 11 Greatest Pop Songs of All Time

Looking for a playlist that will make you transcend time and have you humming along the entire way? We have dug the best pop songs of all time. Download FAYVO now.

These Are the World's Best Cities for Food

Planning a vacation based on the sights or adventure is always a great idea but exploring the best cities for food is a wholesome experience, especially for foodies.

Spiderman: No Way Home Review – Did it fulfill the expectations or not?

From being a superhero movie for kids to one of the best Marvel movies in the world, Spider-Man: No Way Home has come a long way. It deserves the tremendous hype

The Best Christmas-Themed Movies to Watch Right Now!

The Christmas season is right here, and we all celebrate it in our own unique way. Especially the Christmas-themed movies, double the job and spice up that holiday mood

12 Best Christmas Vacation Spots to Visit in 2021

Though the pandemic is not over yet, we can still find the festive spirit in Christmas vacation spots across the world. FAYVO brings the list of best places for you.


Netflix promised to bring a brand-new Netflix original every week of the year, and surprisingly, the streamer has delivered on that commitment. Let's read about them

Squid Game Review: Does it live up to the hype ?

Squid Game Review: Let's dive deep into the story, concept, screenplay, characters, and other details of the series. We will tell you if it is worth watching or not.

Top Tourist Destinations in Europe

From the historical sights in Italy to the cultural masterworks in France and stunning architecture in Germany, European countries are full of tourist destinations.

10 Best Online Horror Games to Play with Friends

FAYVO is a social platform to explore, save and share your favorites. Be it tv shows, series, books, food, fashion, places, music, movies, and or anything you love.

Top 12 Comedy Series on Netflix to Watch Before 2021 Ends!

With lots of options, finding the best comedy series can be challenging for us. So, FAYVO helps in picking the best comedy shows on Netflix to watch right now.

Best Fantasy Book Series to Read

Looking for your next read? Cast your eyes upon our list of some of the best fantasy books of all time. Save this list on Fayvo to keep track of everything you love.

11 Essential Christmas Movies to Watch this Festive Season!

Want to spend your holidays curled up in your warm bed binge-watching movies? We have a list of 11 essential movies that you must watch this festive season

Ready for 2021? Happy New Year!

Celebrations and festivities are up in the air! It's New Year. How are you celebrating this day? Here's a list of things you can try out!

FAYVO April Updates: What’s new in FAYVO?

Keeping our FAYVO family informed with this rundown of Fayvo’s latest updates. We’re here with another announcement. Let's see the April updates below:

The 20 Top Romantic Comedies for Romantics

Want to sit back and relax with a light-hearted, fun movie? Check out these top 20 top romantic comedies for hopeless romantics

15 Feel Good Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now!

We all need a push when spirits are low; but even when you're happy you deserve to ride that wave. Therefore, FAYVO picks the top feel good movies for you to enjoy.

10 Top Songs for Your Christmas Playlist to Get You in Holiday Spirit

What's better than Christmas celebrations? FAYOV brings you a list of top songs for you to start playing now and bring yourself in the mood for festivities.

Netflix Epic Fantasy TV Series

Fantasy Series recommendations for people who love to live in a world full of imagination. Check out the top Fantasy Series you'll surely love.