The Best Online Solitaire Games to Play for Free

best online Solitaire games to play for free? Look no further! We've got a great selection of Solitaire games that you can play anytime

Top Dinner Ideas for Spooky Nights - Halloween 2022

Family treats, friend gathering, and dinner parties in winter are fun. For that, we have shuffled in a few meat-free mains along with delicious treats

The Best TV Shows to Binge-Watch When Bored At Home

Choosing what to see next is a big thing to decide. Often the series we start watching come out boring. To help with that, here we have some best TV shows to binge-watch

5 Best Food Spots Around the World

If you ever run out of tasty options around you, FAYVO has got you covered. For that, today we are talking about the best and most delicious places for food.

9 Favorite Movies in Each Genre!

For the understanding of how movies fall into particular categories, FAYVO brings the best movies from each category. And, they are all worth watching

7 Best Places to Travel for Epic Photos!

Every traveler has a checklist of places where they dream of going and revisiting, to witness the beauty. Undoubtedly, the planet earth is so full of beautiful places for photography

Popular Film Genres Explained – And Top Movies in Different Categories

Movie genres are like boxes where we categorize movies based on their plot, storyline, characters, and theme. Today, FAYVO is discussing mot of the basic movie genres

MENA Region Travel Diaries Part I – Best Places to Visit in Dubai

If you are planning to go to a place where everyone can enjoy and have fun, let’s all head over to Dubai. It has impressive skyscrapers and unlimited fun activities

The Best Easy Games That Are Still Fun To Play

For our gaming community, we are listing down games for all those who don't want to stress out about difficulty levels. These are some of the easy games for everyone

The Best Books to Read While Traveling

No matter the type of travel, be it a family trip, an adventure tour, a camping visit, or a solo vacation, you’ve got time on hand to start your favorite travel book

Fun Games to Play When Bored – Games Recommendations

When in doubt, play a game. Popular fun games give a refreshing start to your mind and you enjoy passing time with new challenges and unleashing new levels.

Look Both Ways: Movie Review – A Warmly Sentimental Story

Look Both Ways has got immense appreciation. The movie is fun, inspiring, and highly motivating for youngsters to accept every direction wherever life takes them

Looking for entertainment? The best fun apps to download today

With hundreds of entertainment options around us, we need to filter the best ones. For that, we need to look for the best fun apps to download and try every day

Netflix’s Most Popular TV Shows & Movies: August 2022

Netflix is welcoming its audience with amazing titles that will add delight and laugh you out loud. FAYVO brings you the most popular TV shows and movies for August 2022.

Best Animated Movies on Netflix to Stream 2022

FAYVO presents some of the best animated movies on Netflix to watch. From cute characters to strong roles, watch according to your interests and type


we have numerous examples of such successful people and their lives. And fortunately, most of them are ready to share their secret formulas to success

Join Group Chats from Anywhere in the World

Team FAYVO is introducing Group Chats to worldwide audiences. You can now join group chats from anywhere in the world. It gives you a wider audience to connect with

The Most Popular Netflix TV Shows to Watch!

Based on the audiences’ reviews, watched times, and their rank on the global lists, FAYVO brings the Top Trending TV Shows of All Time for all the movie buffs

Starting a Business with Zero or Low Money: The unique business ideas

According to the Small Business Association, most micro-businesses can be started with low budgets. At FAYVO, we are listing top low-cost business ideas to get started

Review: Stranger Things Season 4 - Here's everything you need to know!

With plenty of mystery and horror series available to us on Netflix. Stranger Things Season 4 is catching the eye because of its revised story, and a powerful comeback

Women Players in the Booming Video Gaming Industry!

The number of female players in video games is growing at a fast rate. All over the world, women are not lagging behind guys in any phase of life, so why video games

Don’t Forget These Factors When Starting a New Business from Scratch!

If you are one of those brave people thinking about starting a business of your own, here are the key factors to consider before jumping into the business world

The Most Wanted 7 Top Video Game Sequels

Taking you back to your childhood sweet memories and friendly contests with friends, we are discussing the most wanted game sequels for gamers

Meet your next favorite book: New Romances to Heat Up Your Summer

With every passing month at FAYVO, we get a great number of book readers joining the FAYVO family and for them, we have the best romance novels to spice up your summers

The 10 Most Popular Participation Sports in The World

On average, 8/10 people like to participate in games or sports in their free time. Out of the many popular participation sports in the world, which one is your favorite

What to Watch in June? The Latest Hits Coming to Your Screens!

Grab your popcorn, turn off the lights, and get into cinema mode because we are going to talk about the latest movies of June -2022 that have broken all the records


Among nature's most beautiful places, Northern Lights are the ones that leave you wondering how special our planet is. Finding them from the right places is a blessing

Best Vacation Spots & Beautiful Places to Visit in The MENA Region

The Middle East is an awe-aspiring and surreal region to explore. There are plenty of vacation spots and beautiful places to visit for all kinds of avid wanderers

The World’s 12 Most Beautiful Places to Explore!

From nature's seven wonders to the curious and mysterious places around the world, this planet is full of secrets waiting for us. Let's explore the most beautiful places together

The Best Action Movies on Netflix | Must Watch for Movie Buffs

All the new action movies are not for everyone. You have a different taste and hence choose various types of action movies that satisfy your cravings

11 Top-Rated Bucket List Travel: The Best Destinations in The World

We need to start living our lives more happily because no one knows when it's the end. travel to far-off places to visit the top-rated bucket list travel destinations

La Casa De Papel – Money Heist | A Heart-Pumping Yet Crazy Crime Story

Netflix's most-watched Spanish series 'La Casa de Papel' will keep you hooked throughout the five seasons, and here's the honest review why you should watch it asap

How to Stay Socially Connected While Social Distancing?

Just because we're physically distant from friends doesn't mean we can't stay connected. World has evolved and now we have plenty of ways to be together virtually

5 Fashion Trends Spotted as a Hit on Eid - 2022!

While the classy black Abaya design never goes out of trend, we’ve seen a lot of new creative fashion ideas by influencers and people around the MENA region on this EID

The Most Affordable Cities to Move Abroad in 2022

Living in a fancy city isn't easy. You have to pay rent, look for an affordable commute, get monthly groceries, etc. So, moving abroad to a cheap location is a win-win

Classic '90s Kids' Movies for a Memorable Movie Night

From Disney's classic cartoon movies to live-action comedies, '90s movies truly define what it means to be a child back then and take you to your happy childhood.

The Best Food Spots to Go To this Ramadan: MENA Region

The holy month is here and if this Ramadan, you find yourself in the mood for something delicious around sunrise or sunset, go to these food spots in the MENA region.

The 10 best Oscar-Winning Movies - Not to Miss Them!

Every year, the best and brightest of Hollywood come together in one place to see what's best among them. This way we get to find the movies who won the Oscar award

FAYVO Update: Save New Favorites from the Box – QUICKLY!

Team FAYVO hears you and your valuable feedback, and that's why we are always up to new and exciting things to bring up for you

Last Night in Soho Reviewed: Experience the Glam Life of 60s London

Last Night in Soho has taken viewers back to the Sixties life of London. In this psychological thriller, you get to witness the glam life of the booming fashion industry.

Gamers Alert: The Most Anticipated Games of 2022

With the COVID-19 situation getting better in the new year, 2022 is set to be perhaps one of the biggest years for gaming. For all the game lovers, it is a lucky year

Hellbound Season 1 Review: Morality, Sin, and Death – What's good in it?

Hell bound Movie Review: The new gossip of the town is here, and it is about another K-Drama on the hit. The series sets our mindset of considering it as a horror-thriller

13 REASON WHY - Travel Is Good For You!

Travel has a different meaning for everyone. Some people prefer to go to nearby places, while the others love to go to distant places, Here's why travel is good for you

The Best Book to Screen Adaptations of All Time – Watch them as you are reading them!

Should you read the book before you see the movie, or should you see the movie and then dive into the book? Find it out with the best book to screen adaptations.

Sing Your Heart Out to These Most Romantic Love Songs of All Time

The language of love can be conveyed in many different ways. Sometimes, it is in the form of presents, showing affection, going on long drives

Reading Time: Never Run Out of Book recommendations with FAYVO!

FAYVO brings book recommendations from every genre, keeping you free from the hassle of searching over the bookstores. You create your digital library on your phone.

Love It Was Not – A Holocaust Romance: Watch it or Skip it?

Based on the audience's score and the overall reviews of Love It Was Not, you must give it a try, but only if you have an interest in history and historical romance.

Find the Right Books for your Personality

To take you out of the book hunt and to feel fulfilled with what you read, here are a few simple tips that can help you to pick the next book you’ll read.

Inspirational Movies that Every Entrepreneur Needs to Watch

There’s nothing like you envision yourself as the main character is bucking against the establishment. So, there are some movies that every entrepreneur needs to watch.

The Most Anticipated Movies of 2022

From blockbusters, comedies, animations, drama, superheroes, horror films, and everything in between, here are the most anticipated movies of 2022

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Review

If you are a fan of Dav Pilkey's book series, there are high chances that Captain Underpants movie will be on your watch list from the day of its release.

Build a Profile with Fayvo that Speaks About Your Personality

Talking about your personality, likes and dislikes, favorites, and preferences are not easy if you don’t have one place for it.

Introducing Group Chats: Building Community Around You

Stepping into the biggest event of the year, Riyadh Season, FAYVO is introducing the new AROUND YOU feature with LIVE GROUP CHATS for different zones of the Riyadh Season

Wonder Woman Movie Review: Smashing Box Office Records!

Wonder Woman is breaking the box office records since 2017. The movie set the expectations quite high with its debut. It was hoping to change the mindsets

8 Great Books to Read in Your Lifetime – At Least Once!

There are some books to read in your lifetime because they have characters, experiences, emotions, and perspectives that are still relatable to the current culture

Movies You Should Definitely Watch with Your BFF!

From classics to modern-day comedies and friendship films, FAYVO brings the best movies to help you and your BFF have the best night-in

Top 10 Scariest Movies of All Times - Watch on Netflix Now!

FAYVO presents a list of the best and scariest movies of all time for you to enjoy and share with your friends. Watch them on Netflix, save them and share with friends.

Top 9 Mysterious & Curious Places to Visit

We live in a world that is full of mysteries and adventures. Some of them are known, while most of them are hidden and quite interesting. FAYVO presents a list of them.

Bucket List Travel: 20 Breathtaking Places to Visit Before You Die

This world is a beautiful place to explore. Within our country and all around us, there are so many amazing breathtaking places to visit once in our lifetime

The best vacation spots to visit before 2021 ends

With travel restrictions getting better, we can now plan our next trip to the best vacation spots in the world. Join FAYVO and explore worth visiting places.

Sweet Girl Movie Review: An Action Film with Complex Twists & Turns

Sweet Girl Movie Review: Is it a movie good? Should you watch it? Would it be a good option to add the Netflix Party movies? Let's know about it all.

Update: Express Yourself with FAYVO Reactions!

Your post feed in FAYVO is going to be a lot more expressive now. We have introduced 'Reactions' to user posts. React to the posts with emojis and add life to them.

Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones This Holiday!

Special times call for special presents! Here are some perfect gift ideas that will show your loved ones how much they mean to you.

New Year Playlist – 11 Songs You Need for Your Party!

You deserve a break and a party to chill. So, we have made it easy for you with a new year playlist covering the top hit party songs. Add them to your list and enjoy!

Historical Places Around the World That Are Worth Visiting

We have handpicked a list of top historical wonders that you need to visit the first chance you get and let the ruins tell you their story.

15 Best Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix Right Now – MAY 2021 Edition

Keeping up the year 2021 so far? Let's ride on the roller coaster binge-watching series on Netflix for this spring-summer season. Download the FAYVO app and enjoy!

The 20 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix

Love is in the air. This one's for the romantics at heart and those who adore love stories. Watch these 20 cute and fun romantic movies on Netflix today.

Fashion Trends to Choose for Spring Summers 2021

With 2021's summer coming in, it's time to get ready for new fashion trends. There's been one fashion lesson learned during the COVID, it's personal style.

It’s Mystery and Thriller Week 2021 on Fayvo!

Fayvo is presenting some amazing psychological thrillers that will leave your head spinning. Cold cases, detectives hot on a trail and a dash of poison for good measure.

Incredible Bucket List Destinations

Read Fayvo s blog and be in touch with your favorite Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books, Games and Food Drink Find an share your favorites

Where to Find Music and Movies Recommendations Online

For movies and music, there are tons of websites and platforms to access entertainment for free, but below is a list of some of the best of them

What Should I Read Next? Meet New Books Here!

Have you finished reading one book and don't know what to read next? Checkout the personalized recommendations based on your reading preferences.

The Best Artistic Games for Creative People

Online games are fun and the best source of entertainment to pass a good time. And for that, we have come up with the best artistic games to try and have fun

7 of the Best Netflix New Releases to Binge-Watch Right Now

We are bringing in, the latest TV series and movies to watch during the Halloween season. Check out the best Netflix TV series & movies to watch on our recommendations

The Movies You Should Never Watch!

Never watch a movie again without checking our list first! We'll tell you which movies are so bad, they're good, and which ones you should just avoid altogether

The Buzziest New Books Written by New Authors

FAYVO do whatever falls into our potential. To make these voices heard, we are listing down amazing books from up-and-coming authors that are worthy of your consideration

Simple Yet Smart Travel Tips for Beginners

It's to level up your travel game and if you are hesitating to ask someone for the real and practical travel tips, don't worry, FAYVO has got you covered for that

Me Time Movie Review: A New Netflix’s Buddy Comedy

Me Time Movie Review: At FAYVO, we love movie reviews and today we are reviewing a comedy movie “Me Time,” with Kevin Hart on your screens.It is fun and all jokes

Best Workplace Comedy Movies to Watch on Bad Work Days!

Live out your wildest workplace fantasies with these hilarious yet relatable workplace comedy movies. Choose one, save it with FAYVO and enjoy a movie night

International Tourism Trends in the MENA Region

Today at FAYVO, we are discovering the great MENA region, its attractive sides, and some of the major tourist trends taking place currently and in the near future

11 Best Poetry Books for Modern Poetry Lovers | Book Recommendations

Whether poetry is a new journey for you, or you are a budding poet looking for some inspiration, team FAYVO has found the best poetry books and collections for you

FAYVO Update: Get Suggestions While Adding a New Post!

FAYVO has got a new update. it is the number of relevant options and suggestions shown to you at the time of adding a new post to your FAYVO account

11 Online Games to Play for FREE!

We have researched and noted down the best free online games for you to play in 2022, so you don’t have to be the one struggling to find them

7 Great Gift Ideas for Your Book Lover Friends!

If you're struggling to know how to surprise your book-lover friends, thank FAYVO later because we're here to help you out with the best book-related gift ideas

Fayvo Experiences - Fayvo recently launched a sub-brand called FayvoX!

Fayvo has recently gave life to experiences by launching a sub-brand called FayvoX. With this platform, you can enjoy a handful of exciting experiences on the go

Here’s What You Need to Prepare for Your Dream Trip

Today, FAYVO is talking about all those useful sites and apps that you may need on your next dream vacation. After all, you want everything perfect and on point

The Ultimate Happy Songs Playlist for You!

Welcome to a happy world of feel-good songs. These merry, light-hearted, and cherishingly soft songs will immediately put a smile on your face and make you feel better

Jurassic World Dominion review – Why is it a mix of positive and negative ratings?

The iconic thriller series, the Jurassic World saga has come to an end with the release of “Jurassic World: Dominion,” but not without leaving viewers overwhelmed

The Black Phone Review: Where Serial Killers Go Smart!

The Black Phone is a mysterious, spine-chilling, yet interesting horror tale of a serial killer. Based on the book, the movie adds to the suspense and thriller.

Make a playlist & share your favorite tunes with the FAYVO app

Build a community of music lovers around you, and connect with people to share your music playlists. That's how you'll never miss a trending beat or a new song

The Fashion T-Shirts Ruling the Internet – Trends for 2022

So, if you’re looking to inject a bit of freshness into your wardrobe with the trending T-Shirts, it is worth paying attention to what’s popular in the fashion industry.

Sustainable Ways to Travel and Be Eco-Friendly to Save the Planet EARTH!

Traveling GREEN is appreciated and being adapted by tourists in the current era. From lessening the usage of plastics to eating locals, it covers many little things

Best Korean Dramas That Will Bring You Tears

2022 is a good time as ever to get started with Korean Dramas. Why? Because this new decade has started with a rush of incredible movies, interesting thrillers, & more.

The Best Movies to Watch with Your Dad this Father's Day

With Father’s Day celebrations still going on, we all get excited to make our super dads feel special. For that, FAYVO has got a list of the best FATHER'S DAY movies

Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce Review: The Facts & Details

Amazing looks, an incredible engine, and a massive grip mean the Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce is one of the most powerful Lamborghinis – or may be the best ever

How To Choose The Right Sport For You

We all face this dilemma, which is the right sport to pick. Some like great exertion, while some of us are lazy. There are different physical activities for everyone

Best War Movies on Netflix Right Now

War movies are full of terror and emotions. We get to experience what we can't have in real life. To feel such situations we've come up with the best war movies

Best Serial Killer Movies Based on or Inspired by True Stories

serial killer movies are the dark heart of the crime genre. The lead characters are not heroic who save the planet from villains

Top Shopping Trends to Look Forward to in 2022

After the two long years spent with the severe rules of the pandemic, today we have got another chance to know about the shopping trends for a successful business

HAIRSTYLE FOR KIDS | Trendy Haircuts for Boys & Girls

From the trendy new looks for kids to the classic ways of wearing hair, be it a your baby girl or boy, there's an adorable hairstyle list for children of every age

World's Best Places to Travel | Summer Vacation Ideas

From budget to luxurious places, islands, & resorts, you will find several options for next trip. Your travel buddy, FAYVO, offers a list of the best places to travel.

The New Hollywood Era: Bringing Out the Most Iconic Movies

The years from the 1960s to the 1980s New Hollywood Era came into being that radically changed the film industry. During that period, we got the see the iconic movies

8 TV Shows You Should Already Be Binge-Watching

With the nonstop releases of engaging content, TV shows have become an unbeaten source of entertainment. The best TV shows keep your hooked throughout the series.

Top Dance Movies That Make You Move & Groove!

What are the greatest dance movies ever made? Are you ready to spend your next movie session watching the amazing dancers on the dance floor? So, join FAYVO today

All the reasons you MUST watch Bridgerton on Netflix

Netflix’s royal series, Bridgerton has captured many hearts and has become one of the most popular seasons in the audience. So, what are the reasons behind the success

FAYVO's Picks for the Books You Need to Read This Summer

As we gear up for a summer of traveling, dancing, and generally making merry in ways not possible a year ago, we're packing a bag of the best summer books for the road.

Fashion & FAYVO: Discover, Experience, Fave, & Share Everything You Love!

Save all of your wardrobes virtually into separate boxes on FAYVO and look through all your fashion choices at any time, any place. It's all about your fashion & style.

Top Movies & Series that Hit the Big Screens with Social Causes!

today, we'll be talking about some of the best movies presented to us, highlighting the social causes of society and delivering a message for a better future.

Find, Save, Share, and Recommend – It’s All About You!

FAYVO is all about keeping your favorites safe and organized, and what’s better than sharing them with your friends. Never run out of recommendations with FAYVO

The Best Documentaries on Netflix to Change Your Life

From solving real mysteries to finding criminals, and unveiling the truth, documentaries are soul-food, helping us think clearer, eat healthier, and live better

20 REAL Problems Only Book Lovers Understand!

The life of book lovers may seem very happy and relaxed outside but they sometimes encounter very serious issues that only book readers can understand and relate to.

The Practical Tips for the First Time International Travelers

t's a great big and beautiful world with endless places to find and explore. No matter where you live or how tough your routine is, travel always gives you an escape from reality

The Most Popular Rock Bands of All Time

From the endless love songs to holiday playlists, pop tunes, and rock bands, today we are here with another list of music bands for music lovers.

Show Time: The Best TV Comedies of All Time

With fun and laughter, FAYVO has all the entertainment for you. To celebrate that, we have compiled a list of the best TV comedy shows of all time. Let’s read about them

Blood Red Sky Movie Review: Netflix’s Action-Horror on a Wild Twist!

Movie Review: It is a classic action horror film of 2021. Along with the other amazing Netflix Originals, the response to the movie is overwhelming.

10 Movies That Are Perfect for a Netflix Party With Friends & Family

Here are the party movies on Netflix to ensure your own personal film festival will be a success. Let's read about them and have a happening Netflix party with friends.

The Most Popular Fashion Trends in the Past Decade

It is quite challenging to predict the fashion industry, but we can say that some trends will stay close to our hearts. Let's know some of them from the past decade

Top Reasons to Count "The Castle" as the Best Australian Movie in 2022

The Castle: Movie Review: It’s been two decades since the movie was released on the big screen and, since then, we are loving the theme followed by this iconic movie

The Best Entertaining Events to Attend Around the World in 2022

Here are the most anticipated events of the year 2022. We’re pretty much confident that almost all of the amazing things you’ll find below will happen next year.

The 7 Signs You're A Wanderer - Satisfy Your Wanderlust with Fayvo.

We have lined up travel recommendations for you to explore and visit with your friends and family. But before that, here are the top 7 signs of the wanderlust gene…

Living in the Gulf Countries: Top 10 Iconic Cars to Get for Yourself

We have a sub-category of automobiles in our app that shows all the trending content related to cars. This way, all the car lovers get together

Find Your Perfect Dine-in Restaurant with Fayvo Recommendations

Sometimes you need an outdoor relaxing environment to enjoy food, and where you can feel the soothing music while having your favorite dish in front of you

Share your Favorite Moments with Fayvo status!

A status feature is added to FAYVO to assist you in staying updated with the latest happenings. You, your friends, and your followers can add to 24-hour-long stories

We Made it Through Another Year: Here's to the Year 2021 at FAYVO!

As we welcome cold and beautiful December, embracing the festivities it brings and lots of good luck for the upcoming year, 2022. Here's the FAYVO round-up for 2021

The Safest Countries to Travel in 2022

With FAYVO, you never run out of recommendations. Whether it is about the Christmas holiday spots or the safest places to travel in 2022. We have got you covered

Top 10 Unusual Restaurants Around the World

FAYVO gives you unlimited recommendations over fine-dining and best things to eat, but this time we are presenting you a list of the unusual restaurants in the world

The best Netflix sci-fi movies and TV shows - 2021

Science fiction is one of the most interesting genres of many of us. Luckily, Netflix has also stepped up and brought us some amazing yet best Netflix sci-fi movies.

The 8 Best Free Movie & TV Show Streaming Sites for Everyone

Make this time a fun time and take advantage of the FREE movie streaming sites out there. FAYVO brings the best streaming platforms for you to have fun.

10 Best adventure places to visit in the Middle East

The Middle East: known as the land of most beautiful deserts, endless cultural markets of spices, and cultural territory, is one of the best adventure places.

The Best Things to Eat and Drink Right Now

From appetizers and main courses, we all have different choices: in food. That’s why when you ask someone about the best things to eat, they all have their own preferences.

Kate Movie Review: The New Action Flick

Being the action movies' fans, you'd love how KATE is picturized and presented on the screen. It is a complete action-packed movie you’d love to watch right now.

Top 11 Love Songs

Is there any language that can be used to express love better than music? We have a list of 11 love songs that will get you through anything. Save your playlists on FAYVO.

‘Nomadland’ Review: Here’s Everything We Know About the Award-Winning Movie!!

With Fayvo in your smartphone, you can explore book recommendations at your fingertips. Under the ‘books’ category, we have multiple options lined up for you to pick up and start reading.

Goodbye 2020; Here’s the Best of December

Best of december movies, books, tv shows, games and all that you love. Get the best recommendations for things to do in 2021

Top 5 Socially Distant Places to Choose for Spring Break 2021

Spending the spring break somewhere out of your home may be challenging this time. Obviously, all the credits go to the universal COVID-19.

Sharing Made Easier with Fayvo’s New Feature!

FAYVO has made sharing easier. Strengthen your bond with loved ones by sharing mutually favorite things, favorite boxes, and more! Because after all, sharing is caring.

Book Recommendations for Harry Potter’s Fan Club

With Fayvo, you can explore book recommendations at your fingertips from anywhere. We have a personalized feed for you and a handful of books' suggestions to choose from.

Jingle Bells, Christmas Recommendations On the Way!

Christmas is here, let's stock up on the recommendations. Here's a list of holiday movies, books, series and playlists you can enjoy!

Top 11 Greatest Pop Songs of All Time

Looking for a playlist that will make you transcend time and have you humming along the entire way? We have dug the best pop songs of all time. Download FAYVO now.

MENA Region Travel Diaries Part II – Best Places to Visit in EGYPT

Egypt is a place to visit for all types of travelers. Beach lovers head to the Sinai or the Red Sea Coast to soak up the sun, while archaeology fans will love Luxor

Stay Connected: Share Your Travel Stories with FAYVO

FAYVO jumps in to put on a practical hat to your travel stories and gives you a free platform to find and share travel experiences on the go

Share your Favorite Music with FAYVO – It’s all about tunes

FAYVO connects music lovers from all over the world and presents them with tons of music recommendations for free. It is like diving into the stream of great tunes

Fall Bucket List: Autumn Fun Activities to Try

Whether you are picking crops or just seeking to add family memories, this ultimate list of fun autumn activities will keep you pleasantly busy in this October


Teenagers these days are difficult to entertain. They were raised in a technological era. Therefore, it is challenging to find interesting games for teenagers

The Best Fashion-Forward Gift Ideas for Your Stylish Friend

our first priority is setting up all sorts of entertainment suggestions for you. And to keep up with that, we are bringing up new gift ideas for your fashion buddies

The Best Music Theme Party Ideas for Friends & Family

A music themed-party is every music lover's dream come true. Be it a ballerina-styled fancy one or as simple as classic tunes. Here we've got music-themed party ideas

The Most Amazing Space Documentaries to Binge Watch in 2022

The best space documentaries are the ones that educate as well as entertain the audience. For this reason, FAYVO brings the best space documentaries for you

It’s Time to Find the Tasty Food Spots!

In a world full of options, it's difficult to choose your next dine-in restaurant for the next time. FAYVO brings some best sites to locate your next eating spot

15 Women Empowerment Movies You Shouldn’t Miss!

There are women all around us. For the appreciation of strong women all around the world, FAYVO has gathered a list of the best women empowerment movies for you

Never run out of entertainment options with the FAYVO app

With the FAYVO app, you can easily explore, save, and share your favorites without having a fear of losing them anytime. There are different categories of entertainment

Music Lovers Alert: Specific Mood Playlists We All Need

Any feeling; sadness, happiness, laziness, or mood swings, everything has music typically associated with it. These playlists are for everyone and every mood

Top Tourist’s Favorite Destinations Around the Globally

With a world full of mesmerizing destinations, knowing what’s perfect for your next tour can present a challenge. So, here we are with the top tourist choice destinations

Fashion Tips: Style Yourself Flawlessly from Now On!

Having a great style statement is a must for everyone. For that, we bring you the best hacks and tips to update your style and fashion strategy smartly

Top 10 Places to Eat in the Middle East & North Africa

Who doesn't love to visit the most-hyped restaurants to try their delicious cuisines, and when it comes to the great MENA region, the food gets diverse and yes yummier

Ready for Europe? Here’s the Amazing Europe Bucket List

if you are planning to create a destination checklist, let’s follow the advice of experienced Fayvers, who have traveled, explored,noted the best tourist destinations for your next Euro-Tour

The Epic Fantasies: Top Spellbinding Reads of All Time

The fantasy genre lets you imagine freely. So, the epic fantasy reads have everything from sword and sorcery to wizardry, fairytale fantasy, and wonderland adventures

The Most Popular Flash Games to Try Once!

Flash games are the simplest ones, as they need no installation. Other than that, there are great options for everyone to try and play. FAYVO brings the best flash games

The World's Most Secretive Places to Explore!

From the underground lakes to the hidden waterfalls, off-the-beaten-path picturesque towns, and beautiful views, the planet EARTH is full of surprises and secret places.

Travel Hacks – Choosing your next favorite destination and how?

Where should you travel? It comes a bit tricky as there are more than 200 countries on the globe so we'll discuss some tips to choose your next favorite destination

Top Trip Planning Apps & Websites to Create an Awesome Itinerary!

Crafting a trip itinerary can be both exciting and confusing. Therefore, there are trip planning apps that take care of hotel bookings, flight arrangements, and more

Top Gun: Maverick – Tom Cruise’s Smas!h Hit is Breaking All Records

After the long wait of 36 years, Top Gun: Maverick has hit the screens and fans are loving the stunning stunts, crazy visuals, and dashing performance of Tom Cruise

Top Entertainment Activities & Adventures to Do!

From cage diving with sharks to jumping out of a plane, cycling over the cliff, sailing with a boat, and more. Let's find the top entertainment activities with FAYVO

The Most Underrated Films That Will Save Your Summer

Every year, Hollywood and Netflix are aimed to offer us hundreds of worth-watching films. Within that pool of movies, we often overlook a few really amazing watches

Smart Ways to Make & Share Your Travel Plans with FAYVO

From finding the best travel destination, to sharing your memorable experiences, let's now talk about how FAYVO comes in to be your travel buddy across the globe

The Trending English TV Series to Watch in Summer Break

English TV shows are released back to back and we are confused about what to watch next. For that, FAYVO brings a list of worth-watching TV series to stream right now

The Best Travel Apps to Plan your Next Trip

Travel is full of excitement and adventure, especially when you have everything planned in advance. The best travel apps makes your trip hassle-free and entertaining

How are automobiles made? Here's everything you need to know!

From the design to the launch of the automobile, it takes around two to five years to complete a car from scratch. Today, FAYVO will talk about how are automobiles made.

The Best Books to Inspire & Help You to Be Better

At FAYVO, we think books can inspire you to do good and be a better person than before. Now is the time to know about some of the books that bring out the best of you

Smart Ways to Share Your Travel Itinerary & Travel Head-Ache Free!

Whether you are looking for a short trip over the weekend, fly somewhere exotic, or find your next adventure spot around the world, you need a proper trip itinerary

It's Time to Visit the Greatest Restaurants in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is known best for its brick-and-mortar restaurants, creative street vendors, and food trucks. There are the greatest restaurants to try and taste

What Type of Book Reader Are You? Let's Find Out!

From the nerds who are trying to grab the latest bestsellers to those who are loyal to a small group of authors. All book lovers have their own preferences & habits

How to Start a Reading Habit – Practical Tips & the Best Books

Getting yourself into the reading habit is one of the best favors you do for yourself. When you have an interesting book in hand, you forget the rest of the world

The Best Brain Games – Train Your Mind While Having Fun

Some people think brain games are very hectic on the mind, and only a few gamers can play them. Well, that's wrong. Brain games are for everyone to stay active minded

Top Yet Trendy Fashion Picks to Follow in 2022

As compared to the neutral looks of 2021, the year 2022 brings bolder colors, mixes, and matches of various trends, and revamping our wardrobes with trendy outfits

Top Movies About Science, Emotions, and Phenomena of Life!

Life is a combination of emotions, mysteries, and unlimited secrets and with movies, we get to step into those unreachable realities through the screen

The Best Workout Songs Keep You Going at Your Next Gym Session

From inspirational movies to best vacation spots and everything trending, we have the best workout songs to fire up your playlist and match the heat on your workout.

Bucket List Adventure Activities to Try Around the World

Mountains, grounds, lakes, forests, islands, and "hidden" cities – all of these breathtaking locations are worthy of being any adventurer's ultimate trip destination.

The Best Budget-Friendly Places to Travel in the World- 2022

From finding breathtaking places to mysterious spots around the world, today, FAYVO has a list of low-cost countries where you can enjoy without emptying your pockets.

Young Adults Reading Series: The Best Books for Teens to Relate

Add more fun and positivity to your teenage years, with young adult books ever written. FAYVO presents a list of impactful historical fiction, romance novels, and more

Bucket List Films: Movies to Watch At Least Once in Your Life!

Whether you're looking for—romance, drama, comedy—there are certain movies that will never go old. So, now's the perfect time to watch some of the great movies.

The Batman Movie Review: The REAL Batman Movie We've All Been Waiting For!

After months and months of looking forward to the iconic Batman movie, we've finally got it for us. Let's read the Batman movie review with FAYVO

'tick, tick … BOOM!' Movie Review: Get into the world of musical genius

You should give it a try and not miss watching this masterpiece. 'Tick, tick… BOOM!' tells us the struggles, anxiety, and real passion behind a purpose.

The Classic Movies About Bonds & Friendships: Watch together & rebuild your love with friends!

If you are planning a friends' night, there'll be lots of laughter. Watch out for one of the best friendship-themed films that can bring your best buds closer

The best movies streaming on Netflix - February 2022

If your New Year’s Resolutions include watching new movies, then high-five. We’ve created a list of the best new movies and TV shows on Netflix in February 2022.

The Best Games to Play with Your Buddies to Have a Fun Game Night!

FAYVO is here with a mixed list of the best games that can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages. There will be a virtual hang out with your friends

It's Family Time: Stream into the Best Family-Friendly Movies this Weekend!

The perfect way to kick off the weekend is a Sunday show thrown in for good measure. So, let's check out all the great family-friendly films Netflix has to offer

What Type of Traveler Are You? Find it Now!

With FAYVO, you get recommendations to visit the most adventurous places in the world, but with that you need to find what type of traveler you are.

Revolutionary Breakthroughs in Animation History

With the continuous advancements in the digital world, we have already come so far. So now, we are here with some great and revolutionary breakthroughs in film history

Review Time: Godzilla vs. Kong - Worth to Watch?

The news of this super thriller movie, Godzilla vs. Kong, spread like fire. It is now available on HBO Max after COVID delays

The Greatest New Year's Movies to Start the Year Off Right

We've listed down the perfect holiday spots for you to visit and the best part playlist; now we are in for the real fun.

Fayvo – Introducing a New Way to Choose the Best Reads!

There’s no question that reading is important, and it’s been a popular source of entertainment. Along with that, it educates, inspires, and so much more

These Are the World's Best Cities for Food

Planning a vacation based on the sights or adventure is always a great idea but exploring the best cities for food is a wholesome experience, especially for foodies.

Spiderman: No Way Home Review – Did it fulfill the expectations or not?

From being a superhero movie for kids to one of the best Marvel movies in the world, Spider-Man: No Way Home has come a long way. It deserves the tremendous hype

The Best Christmas-Themed Movies to Watch Right Now!

The Christmas season is right here, and we all celebrate it in our own unique way. Especially the Christmas-themed movies, double the job and spice up that holiday mood

12 Best Christmas Vacation Spots to Visit in 2021

Though the pandemic is not over yet, we can still find the festive spirit in Christmas vacation spots across the world. FAYVO brings the list of best places for you.


Netflix promised to bring a brand-new Netflix original every week of the year, and surprisingly, the streamer has delivered on that commitment. Let's read about them

Squid Game Review: Does it live up to the hype ?

Squid Game Review: Let's dive deep into the story, concept, screenplay, characters, and other details of the series. We will tell you if it is worth watching or not.

Top Tourist Destinations in Europe

From the historical sights in Italy to the cultural masterworks in France and stunning architecture in Germany, European countries are full of tourist destinations.

10 Best Online Horror Games to Play with Friends

FAYVO is a social platform to explore, save and share your favorites. Be it tv shows, series, books, food, fashion, places, music, movies, and or anything you love.

Top 12 Comedy Series on Netflix to Watch Before 2021 Ends!

With lots of options, finding the best comedy series can be challenging for us. So, FAYVO helps in picking the best comedy shows on Netflix to watch right now.

Best Fantasy Book Series to Read

Looking for your next read? Cast your eyes upon our list of some of the best fantasy books of all time. Save this list on Fayvo to keep track of everything you love.

11 Essential Christmas Movies to Watch this Festive Season!

Want to spend your holidays curled up in your warm bed binge-watching movies? We have a list of 11 essential movies that you must watch this festive season

Ready for 2021? Happy New Year!

Celebrations and festivities are up in the air! It's New Year. How are you celebrating this day? Here's a list of things you can try out!

FAYVO April Updates: What’s new in FAYVO?

Keeping our FAYVO family informed with this rundown of Fayvo’s latest updates. We’re here with another announcement. Let's see the April updates below:

The 20 Top Romantic Comedies for Romantics

Want to sit back and relax with a light-hearted, fun movie? Check out these top 20 top romantic comedies for hopeless romantics

15 Feel Good Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now!

We all need a push when spirits are low; but even when you're happy you deserve to ride that wave. Therefore, FAYVO picks the top feel good movies for you to enjoy.

10 Top Songs for Your Christmas Playlist to Get You in Holiday Spirit

What's better than Christmas celebrations? FAYOV brings you a list of top songs for you to start playing now and bring yourself in the mood for festivities.

Netflix Epic Fantasy TV Series

Fantasy Series recommendations for people who love to live in a world full of imagination. Check out the top Fantasy Series you'll surely love.

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