For book lovers, reading is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. If you’re one of those people whose life revolves around books, chances are you have your own quirks that your friends and family keep pointing out. So, here’s a treat for you guys. Check out this list of books recommended by Bill Gates! The only time you feel understood is when you’re in the company of another book lover. Definitely, takes one to know one. Loving books come with its very own struggles. However, what’s a struggle when there’s true love, right? If you have been through these struggles, know that you’re not alone. It’s a tough job being a book enthusiast. 

1. Book lovers do you keep running out of space on your shelves?

Crazy how little space you have in your rooms, right? You have an endless love for reading as well as collecting books, there’d never be enough space. However, that has never stopped you from buying more books. We all know how creative you can be when there’s cause: especially when that cause is related to books.



2. How’s that library of yours coming along?

Have you ever heard of a reader who doesn’t dream about having their own library? Ask any book lover what is their dream destination and they’ll tell you about the library of their dreams. Book lovers are simple creatures, they just need a cozy couch, coffee and a book. Once they have these things, you can watch them lose themselves in a world built purely of imagination.


3. Wow, so that’s how you pronounce that word!

Everyone knows this one, right? There’s only so many words that you can type up in Google and hear how they are pronounced. Most of the time, you’ve only spoken them in your mind, pronouncing it the way it seems most logical. Doubtlessly, this one has given all book lovers one too many laughs upon learning the true pronunciation.


4. Just one more chapter – All book lovers know it’s never enough

Ever read a book that’s so good you can’t put it down. The reason that you no longer start a book at night in the first place. However, book lovers aren’t exactly known for their patience or careful thinking. Oftentimes, you start a book and tell yourself that you’ll stop at 9 pm. Next thing you know, it’s 9:01 am and now its way past your bedtime already so what’s one more chapter going to hurt? As it turns out, not a very valid argument when you are off to work with baggy eyes and a dizzy head.


5. A book so good, you now have a hangover 

“The world has ended, there’s no more reason to live” Words of a dying man? No, not at all, that’s what a book hangover looks like and like it not it happens fairly often.


6. Signs you are book lovers – Zoning out in the middle of conversations 

Have your friends ever flicked you to shake you out of your bookzone? Congratulations, you’re a true book lover. Once you start reading, you’ve entered a world that has completely captured your focus. You live with those characters, grow up with them, and fall for them. It’s a lot to bear in a matter of a few days or hours or even weeks. However, when you’re in that world, all else fades to the background. That’s your zone now and you’re not going to shake it off so easily.


7. Calling all book lovers, are you guys still lending your books to others?

Why do people not return books? Someone who loves reading typically wants to share that love with someone else as well. That’s why you love lending your books to people around you: be it your friends, acquaintances or colleagues. However, every book lover has had a bad experience in loaning their precious books to someone. Some have gotten their books with ripped pages, dog-eared, with marks all over on their beautiful skins or never got them back at all. And people wonder why you act so weird when people ask you to lend you a book.


8. Shouting in the cinemas – The book was better

If you have a favorite book and it’s getting adapted into a movie, here’s a suggestion how to watch it: Don’t! Jokes apart, there’s hardly ever been a movie or a tv series that’s better than the book. Ask the people around the readers and they wouldn’t be able to count the times they’ve heard their friends rant about how the movie people messed it up. 


9. We are book lovers, we’ll always buy more!

Book lovers are not just those who love to read but there’s a lot of them who want to set up their own libraries. It could be a small shelf of books but once they have it, they’re so proud of it. Then there are those who keep buying more and more even though they have no space to keep the books. Nor have they read all the books they’ve already stashed all over their home. Bet you are eyeing a really good book on your favorite bookstore right now!


10. Where’s a bookmark when you need it?

Losing the page number you last read is kind of a reader thing. You might have a whole bunch of bookmarks lying around but where are they, you might never know. Know that thing about bobby pins? You might buy a hundred of them and you’ll still not know where they all ended up. Bookmarks and readers have the same relationship. It’s a lost cause, why even bother looking for them, just use the tissue, receipt or the thing nearest to you that can be used to mark your page. After all, the aim is to remember the page number, right?


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