15 Best Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix Right Now – MAY 2021 Edition 

It’s May 2021, and it’s already spring! The sun is shining, and you are in a good mood, looking to enjoy pleasant weather outside – but these best shows on Netflix (not wrong to say binge-worthy shows) will get you through all the good & bad days.

With each passing month of the year, Netflix’s expansive library grows while you remain stagnant, watching the same shows over and over again. Well! You can always watch and save your favorite movies with Fayvo and recommend them to your friends. But with a blast of new series coming up, what if we narrowed down that selection according to your interests? What if we picked out some perfect gems for you to dive into—shortlist the good ones? We’re sure you’d love them.

That’s what we do at Fayvo; filter out movies, music, books, food, and fashion ideas for you. Just tap and save your favorite ones and watch them anytime.

For now, let’s talk about the top picks for May 2021. Now get to binging!

How to get away with murder - best shows Netflix

How to Get Away with Murder

The show’s title comes from Viola’s class, essentially teaching the kids how to avoid getting caught in the eyes of the law, making it super suspenseful to watch.

Arrow - Best Shows Netflix


It wasn’t CW’s first array into the superhero genre, but it’s by far the best. Following rich playboy Oliver Queen, he turns to a life of heroism after his boat was lost to the sea.

New Girl - Best Shows Netflix

New Girl

For a good show on Netflix that will put you in a great mood with every episode, turn to this playful, upbeat comedy, which follows the titular girl as she moves in with three quirky men.

Blown Away - Best Shows Netflix

Blown Away

In the arena of recent reality shows, it seems that the more passion its contestants have, the better. Following a group of quirky, artsy glassblowers, each episode comes up with something new.

Lupin - Best Shows Netflix


The first French show to break into U.S. Netflix’s Top 10, Lupin follows the adventures of a gentleman burglar with a chip on his shoulder. It is one of the best shows on Netflix under the suspense category. 

The Crown - Best Shows Netflix

The Crown

This fan-favorite show depicts the life of Queen Elizabeth II throughout her reign. Its fourth and latest season covers the relationship of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. You’d love the royalty. 

Bridgerton - Best Shows Netflix


You’ve seen period dramas before – but not like this. It’s a scandalous yet heartfelt love story, one that features colorblind casting, taught relationships, and lots of bonking – and we mean lots.

Cobra Kai - Best Shows Netflix

Cobra Kai

A nostalgia-fueled dive back into the world of The Karate Kid, Netflix’s Cobra Kai brings back Johnny Lawrence to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo. There, he finds himself back at odds with his old rival, Daniel LaRusso.

Ratched - Best Shows Netflix


In Ratched, Paulson plays the infamous Nurse Ratched in a highly stylized manner. Ratched is visually arresting. The use of color is breathtaking and inventive. Watch it and enjoy it!

The Umbrella Academy - Best Shows Netflix

The Umbrella Academy

If you’re looking for a larger-than-life comic book adaptation to fill a superhero-sized void in your life, then The Umbrella Academy is the show for you. Must save it in Fayvo for sharing with your friends. 

Away - Best Shows Netflix


Netflix’s space thriller Away blasted onto the scene late this year and has held viewers’ attention since. The freshman drama only has one season, where an astronaut leaves her family behind in pursuit of a daunting space trip to Mars.

Quantico - Best Shows Netflix


Priyanka Chopra stars in this chronology-twisting series, which follows a group of FBI trainees at the titular Quantico. When the series flash-forwards in the future, you’ll be even more invested. Mark it on your list today and share with your friends.

Black Mirror - Best Shows Netflix

Black Mirror

The mysterious series picks up a new concept, usually involving twisted technology to influence the episode and its people. With Netflix’s money behind it, the show is constantly reaching new heights.

The Good Place - Best Shows Netflix

The Good Place

The series is hard to describe correctly due to its many twists and turns, but essentially it boils down to a group of humans dying and heading to The Good Place. The show is smart, insanely funny, and surely binge-watching.

Riverdale - Best Shows Netflix


The first season has enough surprises from its familiar high-school characters to pull you in, and the next few seasons will keep you watching as the show gets darker and darker.