Some of our favorite films are our favorites for a reason, and it's mainly because there are some really good memories attached to them. Being the '90s kid, you'd remember experiencing the golden era of movies and theaters, and - to be honest, we haven't found new series even closer to them.

From Disney's classic cartoon movies to live-action comedies, those movies truly define what it means to be a child of the '90s and take you back to your childhood. So, get the tissue box closer to you because you may need it while going down the memory lane.


P.S. On a lighter note, the '90s movies are already more than 20 years old! **Gasps**





We all loved that magic carpet and the lamp and experienced a whole new world with Aladdin and Jasmine. It was a story that never seemed to fade, and just then, we got to see Robin Williams as Genie. The amazing cast of the movie Aladdin has us wishing for a chance to re-watch this Disney gem. Being adults now, it still feels like a fairytale to witness.


The Parent Trap:



"Let's get together" with a young and charming Lindsay Lohan in this cute movie from the late '90s. The Parent Trap is about the twins who got separated at birth and then met at a camp years later. They belong to different families, so they conspire to switch places and eventually get their parents back together. The setup and story look odd in places; like, what kind of parents would separate twins and never tell them about each other? But it is an adorable movie to watch once again.


Toy Story:



For the love of our favorite toys, we are still loving the sequels made for the original Toy Story. It is one of the best '90s kids' movies where we first saw Woody – a toy cowboy. It is a sentimental story when toys are left behind in a family move. Then the struggle begins!

The toys worked together to reunite with their owner and find their places in the toy world.


Home Alone:



The classic epic comedy from the '90s gave us a good time laughing out loud. We definitely didn't try these booby traps at home but always dreamed about them. The celebrity kid Macaulay Culkin starred as Kevin McCallister, does everything odd (intentionally) to stay away from the kidnappers. When his family left him alone, that bratty kid gave a hard time to the bad guys. Home Alone presented so many one-liners and prank ideas that it's tough to count!


My Girl

We all remember the famous dialogue, "Where are his glasses? He can't see without his glasses!"



Well, My Girls has a special place in our hearts that can't be filled by any other movie. The film goes about a young girl named Vada. She is struggling kiddo who faces the trials and tribulations of adolescence. She is in the middle of a lot of emotions, like developing crushes, dealing with family woes, and experiencing loss. We all loved the movie because, at one point or the other, we could relate to Vada as she faces her greatest challenge yet: growing up.


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This hit, featuring the great and our most loved Robin Williams, always stays on the list of classics. The movie Jumanji was one of its kind when we first watched it. The film follows a foursome stuck playing the most dangerous of board games. With every turn and roll of the dice, they have to face something unexpected, and they must survive whatever the game throws at them.


The Lion King:



Being the '90s kid, this movie gets old for you. From the cartoons to the game, and then this Disney flick featuring a young lion named Simba – is our all-time favorite. It is about his journey to be the king one day. Simba is a cute little cub, who enjoys his friends' company, and sets out to reclaim his home to rule with pride.


Hocus Pocus:



We love that this Halloween movie from the '90s has become a trendy classic today. Even after 20 long years, Hocus Pocus is on the watch list of many adults. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy are the leading character in the film and are starred as the Sanderson sisters in Hocus Pocus. The witches are brought back to life only to create havoc in Salem, Massachusetts. Watch this iconic movie with your kids in 2022!