There is one good thing that the pandemic did to us: rethink our regular choices. Some of us have never ever thought about relocating to a new place, and now we're reconsidering a new hometown for a better life. Since we all have practiced working from home, working from anywhere in the world is no longer an issue.

Here comes the challenge: living in a fancy city isn't easy. You have to pay rent, look for an affordable commute, get monthly groceries, etc., and then you have to save for yourself. Having a lower cost of living can be one of the best perks of moving abroad because if you pick expensive countries, your hard-earned money might not get you that far.

Ask yourself, "Why slave away in a glittery-shimmery office when you could be exploring new cultures, trying new adventures, and earning a decent living abroad?

So, if you are one of those looking for a sign to pick up your life and set down roots in a new country? Look no further. Team FAYVO has already made a list for you. It's not just about the affordable location, but spending quality time too.

Here we go:  




Welcome to Mexico! Why go further when you have the option to live in such an exciting place? Mexico is known for cheap flights, especially for most Americans and Canadians. The city has something for everyone. If you are a nature lover, you will find beautiful turquoise waters and relaxing beaches. For adventure lovers, the place has a fascinating jungle. Not only this, the region is worldly known for its street food. From Tacos to Tamales, Ceviche to Aguas Frescas, the food options are super affordable and tasty. If you wish to live a calm life ahead, try exploring Mexico before you make up your mind. Mexico's living costs can be a fraction of those in Western cities.





One of the most economical destinations to live in 2022 is Vietnam. It has been researched that immigrants can enjoy the benefits of living in modern and comfortable apartments. Getting furnished homes in good neighborhoods are also most likely when you move to Vietnam. Other than living, food options are very budget-friendly. You can go out to have meals regularly, get a housekeeper, and plan various activities, and surprisingly, everything will be under the budget, all-around $1,500 per month. According to the latest reports, it's been seen that the rents are dropped by nearly 50 percent in certain parts of the country during the last year.





If your heart is set on living a quality life in Europe, Poland should be your next home. It is one affordable yet exciting place to work and live in. Poland being low popular than the neighboring country Germany, it is slowly becoming a hotspot for international travelers and immigrants. The big cities of Warsaw and Krakow have all the luxuries and amenities, and surprisingly, you can get it all at half the price you'd spend in Germany. Other than living, Poland offers highly paid jobs to the teaching community.





Living on this Indonesian island comes up with many good opportunities. If you've been to Bolivia, you'd know that many ex-pats spend the same budget in Bali but with a very different flavor. The region is getting renowned by the tourists, and that's why they are offering affordable packages for a living. Do your research and choose the quiet, seaside communities of Sanur and Canggu. Within the budget of less than $1,500 per month, get your rented apartment with two bedrooms, all utilities, eat out frequently, and buy some imported foods.





With an average population of around 46,000 people, Mississippi is a good option to relocate to. The state has an unemployment rate of 3.1, and it is filled with palm trees and many scenic regions. In terms of food, you'd love the fresh seafood and white-sand beaches to have a relaxing weekend.




Definitely, one of the cheapest and safest places to live in the world is Portugal, and why? Because according to stats, it is very popular among people leaving the US to move abroad. In terms of transportation, Portugal offers very affordable rates, and you can easily travel around the country by bus or train. You can get fresh food from the local market at good rates. Also, the people of Portugal are known to be welcoming and loving. Try eating delicious seafood and Portuguese treats, and taste pleasant wine without spending a fortune. So, hit the place and press the reset button of your life.