Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to Clash of the Titans movie and Percy Jackson books, Greek Mythology has been an area of interest for fans of fantasy all around the world. Unlike today, most of the tales were passed down from generation to generation, never written down. Some were lost with time but others became a part of history. Blood of Zeus is about one of the tales that didn’t stand the test of time and was lost. Until now. This epic fantasy anime series tells you about the journey of Heron – Zeus’s secret son on Earth. 

Watch this incredible tale of Zeus and Olympus that’s one of its kind. No doubt, you’ll be hooked to the show from the very first episode. And before you know it, you’ll be on the season finale and googling when the next season will be up on Netflix. If you love Blood of Zeus, you can add it to your favorites on Fayvo. Also, it would be fun to compare notes with friends so don’t forget to recommend this show to all your friends and followers.


Blood of Zeus – Anime Series that You’ll Binge Watch In a Day

A tale as old as time – Blood of Zeus is close to a masterpiece. It is a Netflix original anime series that takes you through the life of a commoner, Heron. Heron and his mother are outcasts, and often suffer at the hands of the nobles. However, the tide soon turns over for the male protagonist as Demons start crawling into their world. With time, Heron finds shocking truths of his life as he suffers through the loss of someone close to him. This series doesn’t just shows an epic battle between man and demons. It also ties together how far one can go because of jealousy, power or thirst for vengeance. What makes this one of the best is its perfectly orchestrated music, the story and of course the Demon Lord.

Once you’ve binge watched a really good show, it’s hard to pick the next one to watch. Worry not. Check out this list of amazing anime series that you can watch if you loved Blood of Zeus:


Castlevania – Dark & Dangerous Medieval Fantasy Anime Series



First things first, Castlevania is a dark fantasy series that revolves around Dracula. Well, if Dracula isn’t reason enough for you to watch it, then watch it for its superbly voiced characters with incredible art. The only question you’ll be asking yourself: Could there be any better anime series? Castlevania is a perfect blend of gore, timing, thrill and wit that will leave you wanting for more from the very first scene. Watch Sypha and Belmont jump out of some really tight spots with their charm and wit, and defeat the forces of evil.

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B: The Beginning – Psychological Thriller with A Supernatural Twist



This is definitely one of the best psychological anime thriller. It’s as much a visual treat as it is for thriller fans because of its incredible animation and story building. B: the beginning is a wholesome show with hilarity, right touch of suspense and heart-stopping mystery. Just as the genius investigator, Keith comes back to the police force, B – the serial killer also surfaces with a double murder. Keep all your snacks and chargers handy because you’re not getting up before ending it!


Devilman: Crybaby – A Reimagined Anime Series



Demons are invading humanity, but what do you expect from them after being frozen in ice for millions of years? This fantasy anime keeps you on the edge of your seat as you watch Akira sacrifice himself for greater good. Devilman: Crybaby is one of those series that covers all its bases: shocking, brutal, funny and demonic. Here’s a word of advice for you, it’s not for the weak of hearts and basically targeted to 21 years and above. This anime packs a punch of jaw-dropping plot twists and hilarious scenes, which makes a really cool combination to watch.


Parasyte: The Maxim – Action, Horror and Humanity in Doom



How many times have you come across a series that is so well-executed, it leaves you in awe? Well, this is one of those series. Parasyte: The Maxim is the journey of a 17-year old Shinchi who is part human, part monster. He must learn to co-exist with his nemesis to live a normal life, or the new normal for him. This will take you on a roller coaster ride of human emotions: from envy to compassion, to self-preservation and sacrifice.

Parasyte is perhaps one of the best ones out there that’s brilliant in all its aspects. The science fiction fans will definitely be adding it to their favorites on Fayvo. Download Fayvo today and find recommendations for the next 10/10 anime series to watch.


Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter – A Brilliant Comeback



Saint Seiya is one of the beloved anime series of all times and the Hades saga has finally been adapted. This modernized version reunites the old and classic elements from the original, creating a fascinating new story. The character development in this saga is on point and pulls you in with its tear-jerking moments. The art and animation is as amazing as it comes, with a bonus of an incredible OST. Definitely, worth watching.

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