After months and months of looking forward to the iconic Batman movie, we've finally got it for us. The film is currently available to watch in theaters and will soon be available to stream on WarnerMedia's direct-to-consumer streaming platform, HBO Max.

Coming towards the great Batman movie, our readers can figure out that we are also superhero fans at FAYVO. Before 'The Batman' came out, we'd added a review for Spiderman: No Way Home and most of the die-hard fans of the 'hero' genre appreciated it. Today, we are talking about 'The Batman.' So, let's get started with the trailer:

As a whole, The Batman is a dark film, both aesthetically and in terms of subject matter.

Release date: March 4, 2022 (USA)

Director: Matt Reeves

Runtime: 176 minutes

The Batman: Robert Pattinson

After watching the trailer, we can clearly see that most of the scenes in the movie appear to be shot on a black palette with dark color combinations and continuous rain. The overall setup then makes it gloomy and feels like burdened over our superhero (Robert Pattinson) as he navigates the murky city of Gotham.

In the highlights, we observe him being tortured by his emotions and the vague memories of his now-deceased parents. Let's see what the movie brings in for us.

The Plot & The Positives:

This sequel of The Batman movie is refreshingly more of a detective story than an action spectacle. It has the unique superhero part, but it's not all glittery and happy things. The director, Matt Reeves, made wise adjustments in just about every respect. Reeves' movies are usually dark, but he bathes the images in a warmer brown tone.

As the movie has a relatively longer runtime, the director has cleverly used this time to his advantage. The audiences are introduced to some of the most convincing and praise-worthy characters of a "superhero film."

The performance of the bullied debutant-turned-underworld legend Penguin, played by an unrecognizable actor, Colin Farrell, makes The Batman worth watching.

Not to forget Zoë Kravitz's part in the movie. Her mesmerizing and complex Catwoman role is what we'd all love seeing. Her presence in the scenes is so powerful and charismatic that it perfectly Pattinson's role. Also, their chemistry is something out of this world.

Other than the characters, the cinematography is a masterpiece in itself. The cameramen and editors have done a great job presenting the best visual medium. It was a bold choice to be decided in such a high-budgeted movie, but the experiment succeeded in adding a layer of depth and dread to Gotham's atmosphere. It shows the people who are actually "pulling the strings" of the city and operating behind a veil of blackness.

Audiences’ Expectations vs. Reality:

It was understood long ago that superhero movies and series are for kids only. They see a man/woman fighting against evil and saving the world from massive destruction. However, not only do kids naturally gravitate to stories about the adventures of good guys in bright costumes but the adults too. Be it a Spiderman movie, Hulk, or The Batman; adults have always been part of the superhero audience.

So, The Batman is mainly for the grown-up kids who actually understand the concept behind a superhero challenge and the dark side of the world. Let's have a look at how people have responded to the movie:


Woah! That's exciting.


It feels too good to see when you can relate yourself with a superhero – challenges, pain, fear – altogether!

And we all love Robert Pattinson in superhero attire!


Oh yes, how can we forget to appreciate the worth-remembering dialogues?


The Bottom Line: Stream it or skip it?

Simple Answer: STREAM IT!

Why? The murder mystery storyline in the superhero movie works really well, and the plot is hooking. While the movie is three hours long, we still feel engaged, and it never seems to drag. It's the first time we unfold a hero in a realistic and suspenseful manner.

Thankfully, the superhero element and unknotting of the mystery blended perfectly.

The Batman movie is The Batman movie, no matter what critics and haters say. If you're looking for some butt-kicking, superhero action and a glimpse of the new Batmobile, you will definitely find them here.

The Inspiration Superhero Movies for Kids & Teens:

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