Since we are all tired of living the same mainstream life from the past two years, and thanks to COVID-19, that has bound us to follow a completely same routine from day to night. In this case, we all seek explosive and thrilling entertainment. Since the cinemas are closed, Netflix has provided the same fun from the comfort of our homes throughout the winters. So, here's the good news. Netflix is hosting a virtual library of thousands of heart-pounding best action movies from around the world. From Korean additions to the Tamil series, they've got unlimited options for you.

With a lot of options come confusion. All the new action movies are not for everyone. You have a different taste and hence choose various types of action movies that satisfy your cravings. 

But how to find the relevant and the best action movies? 

Well, FAYVO has the solution for you. With our big collection of the best movies, trending films, and TV Shows, choose what you like and stream it. And, with the real recommendations available to you, there’s no more confusion about the reviews. Be it a thriller, best action movies of all time, fighting series, and more. There's everything you love and want to add to your watchlist.

For now, we want to help you make your next selection to stream at your home theatre, so we've selected the best. Go down as we recommend these action-packed favorites!

Below Zero:


Prisoner transportation is the task leading to the worst success-to-failure ratio in most action movies. Disruption always happens. Every time a group of criminals or accused criminals happens to change locations, there's a chance of running away, and you can guarantee something unbearably tense is about to go down. The same happened in the movie Below Zero. But, surprisingly, this movie has a lot more to offer. Despite being a good example of what the "transfer-gone-wrong" genre has to offer, it also shows how people are not what they look like. It is a Spanish movie that goes around a police officer tasked with working alongside a new partner to oversee a "high-risk transfer." As the movie continues, you get to know more about the secrets – the plot melts away to reveal a more conventional revenge movie with cruel violence.


Army of the Dead:


Another popular zombie movie to join the list is Army of the Dead. It has a plot where zombies overrun Las Vegas. With the government orders, the walled-off city is just days away from being destroyed. In the situation, Casino bigwig Bly Tanaka needs a team to recover $200 million cash left in one of his vaults. Before it is turned to ash, Tanaka gathers up and builds a team to go into the chaos for $50 million. The twist is that the zombies covering the entire city and not only blood lovers but are intelligent than they appear. It is one of the best action movies on Netflix that keeps you hooked and leaves you nail-biting throughout the movie time.


The Old Guard:


The Old Guard is one of the best action movies in 2020, where Charlize Theron headlines this popular graphic novel adaptation with an amazing mix of fight scenes and fantasy. The movie is about a band of soldiers who feel different from the others. However, they don't know they are immortals, except Theron's Andy, who's the oldest of them all. Through the ages, they've managed to keep their identities secret, but the advancement in technology soon makes that impossible. The movie adds an emotional touch when the life stories of centuries are being told by one of them. Oh, and it's got a romance for the ages, too.




This one is from the Indonesian best action movies. Headshot is a movie starring two amazing heroes who are known to provide the same level of intense, soul-shaking action along with a solid, emotionally-rich story on the screen. The movie is about a tale of revenge. The character Ishmael is a man suffering from amnesia on the run as his violent criminal past comes for him. It is followed by the story of a man who washes up on a shore with no memory of his life. Shortly after being taken care of by a doctor who discovered him, the man starts to slowly remember all the things related to his past, all of which include ruthless violence.




IF you are a fan of Marvel Movies, Gladiator will be on your list already. The movie is about Maximus, who is a beloved Roman general losing everything when a jealous Commodus — the son of dying Emperor Marcus Aurelis — has his wife and child murdered. The movie has won the Best Picture award in the Academy Awards 2021. And trust us, this award-winning, action-packed film will definitely leave you entertained.