10 Best adventure places to visit in the Middle East

The Middle East: known as the land of most beautiful deserts, endless cultural markets of spices, and cultural territory, is one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Moreover, it is considered one of the best adventure places around the globe. The region is very developed, advanced and changed in the past century and is now a popular tourist attraction point. The great Middle East covers 14 different countries that differ massively from each other, have boundaries, and share borders.

Team FAYVO loves to help its users, and therefore we are always finding and sharing the most adventurous places in the world so you can travel and see the beauty of the world. From socially distant travel options to the world's best adventure destinations in Europe, here we are with the list of another worth-visiting region: The Middle East. So, let's get started:

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Dahab, Egypt

Dahab is often overlooked by tourists, but the place has one of the most beautiful beach towns in the world. It is one perfect spot in the middle east to enjoy summer vacations. It is also known as Diver's Paradise. Dahab is a cute town that you can stroll around on foot or by bicycle. It is a remote area, away from the crowd and a lot of people. If you are a history explorer, you'd love to experience the real beauty of Dahab with the historical architecture around.


Baalbek, Lebanon

When the Roman Empire was in reign, it covered everything from Western Europe, North Africa to the Middle East. Baalbek is a city located in Lebanon on the east coast of the Litani River. The city is in beautiful Lebanon's Beqaa Valley. It is about 85 km northeast of Beirut. If you are interested in finding out and knowing about the most impressive Roman ruins in the world, you must visit Baalbek. People who visit Lebanon must go through Baalbek city. This really is a hidden gem and such an underrated world destination.


Palmyra, Syria

Palmyra is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre of ancient architect and ruins in Syria. It is one of the best places for adventure travel and is located in the Homs Governorate, Syria. However, due to recent conflicts in the region, there has been a little destruction, but most of the ancient heritage is kept safe and in good condition.


Esfahan, Iran

Esfahan is Iran's most beautiful and worth-seeing city. The city has the most incredible mosques, composed of giant domes and mind-blowing ceilings. The architectural designs are astonishing. If you are planning to travel to Iran, you'll see the extravagant geometrical forms and the most impressive buildings in the Middle East. Being one of the most historical cities in the region, Esfahan is known to be the residence of many scholars and prestigious intellectuals. With the new reforms, Esfahan is a surprisingly modern, clean, and vibrant city.


Wadi Rum, Jordan

One of the most adventurous places in the world is Wadi Rum. It is also known as the 'rose-red city,' and it looks like no one has visited the place in recent history because a few world wonders are so remarkably well-preserved here. Rum Valley has the world-famous red-sand desert. You can witness awe-inspiring sunsets, which peek through the mountain and rock formations at various angles. From the peaks, you actually feel like you are at the top of the world. The highest peak is Jabal Umm ad Dami, at over 6,000 feet. Wadi Rum has a breath-taking landscape.


The River Nile, Egypt

Though some people count it as a part of Africa but culturally and historically, Rive Nile lies in Egypt and is part of the Middle East. Plus, it is one of the best adventure places to visit. To have the best experience of your life in the river, you can cruise down the world's longest river. It takes you to the world you've read in books. With an enchanting experience and many wonders of the ancient world, this place is one of the best tourist attractions. You can even sail the river, admiring the beauty around and going at your own pace you can see exactly what you want to see.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Home to Saudi Arabia's best museum, Riyadh is one richest cities in the world. From ancient heritage to modern developments, you can find everything there. The city's name is taken from the plural of the Arabic word 'Rawdah,' which means meadows, greenery, or garden. If you look around, you'll see plenty of ultramodern towers outlining the horizon of its gleaming architecture. When you visit Saudi Arabia, plan to go to Riyadh and discover the attractions that make it a perfect place to spend quality time with your friends and family.


Petra, Jordan

It is a popular saying that no one ever forgets their first sight of Petra. Why? Because entering the beautiful location, you pass through the narrowest of gorges. It all looks unreal and like a painting, as if you are seeing everything through the eye of some magical needle. Not only the beautiful scenery, but Petra also has dozens of spectacular temples and tombs dotting the rocky valleys and hilltops.


The Coastline of Dhofar province, Oman

Starting from South Oman and going all the way to the Yemeni border, the coastline of Dhofar province is something out of this world beauty. There's a lot to see and feel like the mighty cliffs, clear blue waters, epic beaches, and serenity. You get a quiet and laid-back time when visiting Omani beach. If you wish to go to the best adventure places that are wild and wonderful, visit Oman. In the Middle East, the adventure cannot get better than this.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is scenic, enthralling, entertaining, and full of life. From natural sceneries to modern, fun activities, Tel Aviv has everything that makes the vacation fabulous and memorable. When visiting Israel, you can enjoy sunbathing on clean beaches, have an unforgettable time visiting museums, do fun at local cafes, and appreciate nightlife. The place will leave you amused.


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