Online games are fun and the best source of entertainment to pass a good time. And when it comes to art and creativity, artsy video games are the ones to try. Most of us have those little artists in us who want to enjoy sketches, get lost in the drawing sessions, and put our creativity into something visual. Well, artsy-fartsy games can do this for us.

While the life of pencils and crayons is gone, but why shouldn't we try the digital version of them? 

You can play artsy games with your friends, kids, or even older people. 

One can always have a therapeutic experience playing these games. So, why not pick up our creative lives where we left off?

Playing online games cannot replace the physical artsy things in life, but it can give the closest experience when you don't have a jumbo color palette and a brush. After all, you can play these games for free, and who doesn't want to try them at least once? 

But where to find the real recommendations on artsy things to do?

The answer is FAYVO. This is a social app that offers genuine games recommendations to people around the world. Be it business games, kids' games, or artsy-fartsy games, we've got lots of recommendations for you. 

So, let's get started.

The Jackbox Party Pack, All Platforms:


The Jackbox Party Pack is number one chosen by the majority of people. The reason is its easiness for pure beginners. It has a specific purpose for playing for everyone. The Jackbox Party Pack has a set of multiple games that can be played online on smartphones. It is fun, entertaining, and has different levels for people of different ages. Depending upon the skill level, all the family members can enjoy the game. The controls are simple, and it offers multiplayer mode as well. The game is designed keeping in mind the younger players, and that's why it is ranked as T (teens).


Snipperclips, Nintendo Switch:


Other than arts, creativity, and drawings, puzzle games add value to your skills. Snipperclips is a  cooperative puzzle game. If you love cropping, clipping, and joining different pieces, and completing a visual story, this game is for you. Players in the game can make it a party by switching to the Party mode. You can play it with your friends and solve fun puzzles collectively. The multiplayer mode in Snipperclips offers light competition in minigames such as basketball or "sniper deathmatches." Easy to learn, understand, and play, Snipperclips is fun and builds communication.

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Pictionary online is the digital version of the traditional Pictionary game that you can now play on your smartphone. It is a free game that lets you totally enjoy your time. While there are many similar games where you draw, and the other team members guess what it is, the original one is the best. After a long wait and years of delay, Pictionary finally released the digital version of their iconic game. What sets this game apart is its task of drawing mysterious words and phrases like "cool as a cucumber" or "dignity." This gives you a real challenge when the words are not something physical and difficult to draw. Pictionary online games are loved by children and adults alike.

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I Can Hold My Breath Forever:


It is a video game that you can't resist without turning its sound on. With super stunning visuals, 'I can hold my breath forever' spins a short tale centered around feelings of isolation and solitude. It is interesting to play because you explore things around you. You roam around, seeing underground water systems and caverns. The game illustrates a lonesome experience where you look for your childhood friend who dove into a local pond many years ago. So, if you are in a low mood and want something light to see and play, this is a good and easy game for you.

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Draw Bricks:


As the name suggests, Draw Bricks is a game where you build things. It provides you with a 3D platform to draw, keeping the experience close to reality and lets you set your imagination free. You create what's in your mind. Additionally, the game offers more than 200 objects that you can imagine and create whatever you want. There are more than 200 objects that you can customize and create things from. It is like a LEGO-style thing and has blocks with different textures. You can choose blocks of patterns such as grass, wood, stones, etc. If you wish to have complete art tools in a single game, Draw Bricks is your go-to place. With the freedom to rotate the camera and use art tools like Pencil, Eraser, Paint Bucket, etc., Draw Bricks is one of those artsy-fartsy games that open up a fun way to construct your own 3D worlds.

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Draw Tile:


It is also one artsy mobile game that assists you in developing your motor skills. It lets you draw simple shapes in uniformity and symmetry. Each picture is divided into four tiles or squares, and the first one is already filled in. You have to follow the instructions and complete the remaining four squares to finish the picture. It sounds simple, but depending on your hand movement and manual dexterity, it can be quite tricky. The interesting part is, you can jump on to the next picture once you've done a good enough job.

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