Whether you are in the last part of your teenage years or just have started tasting the new joys of the teenage years, life has a lot good to bring for you. And so does FAYVO. No matter if your current situation is dreamy or stressful, these are the unforgettable years of your life.

Therefore, we came to you to add more fun and positivity to this golden season. Much like the best children's books ever written, bedtime stories, fantasy reads, entrepreneurial books, we've got hands-on teen-centered stories. These books will surely offer hope for the future, make you a better version of yourself, and add motivation to the stressed-teenage days.


The list below has something for every young adult. We have selections from impactful historical fiction, romance novels, fantasy books — really, from the best books of all time. Many are best sellers and award winners, some have had a cultural impact, and others have shaped the YA category into what it is today. Let's read about them.


'Eleanor & Park' by Rainbow Rowell:



It is a sweet book about two people. They find themselves misfits for each other, but the bond between them is super cute. They connect over their shared quirkiness and love of music. More than that, it's about the friendships that we value more than anything in the initial teenage years. It's about dependency as we see Eleanor, living with her family at her horrible step-father's home, and she looks for an escape when Park comes into her life.


'Prep' by Curtis Sittenfeld:



The book came out in 2005 and has been popular since then. It is like a cult classic coming-of-age story. The story is about a highly relatable girl who leaves her small town and gets admission to a fancy preparatory school. There she gets impressed by the elite students. She observes them very keenly. One day her spot is blown up by a journalist who publishes her thoughts on race and class, and she is left surprised. Many young teenagers can relate to her ideas.


‘You Don't Have to Learn Everything the Hard Way’ by Laya Saul:



We all know that life gives us plenty of lessons, and most of the time, they are learned after having a bad experience. In this book, Laya educates teenagers on a lot of things they can't discuss with anyone else. Some lessons can only be learned by making mistakes, but not all of them, and this book covers a lot of things that teens should know about but probably would never ask.


‘The Hate U Give’ by Angie Thomas:



The book tells you the story of sixteen-year-old Starr. She has somehow stuck between two worlds: the poor community where she and her family lives and the wealthy prep school she attends. This story is about the struggles and the balancing acts by her at every stage. The situation becomes trickier when her childhood best friend is shot to death by the police in front of her. The theme of the book is inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. This gives you chills and is specially written for adults and teens alike.


‘What I Leave Behind’ by Alison McGhee:



After the shocking incident of his dad's suicide, Will starts to find peace by helping others. He tries hard to overcome his own misery and, therefore, finds needy people and secretly supports them. He leaves little gifts for everyone in his life. That's how gradually his trauma fades away, and he truly begins to live his life again.


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‘Live Fearless’ by Sadie Robertson Huff:



New York Times bestselling author Sadie Robertson believes that life is far more beautiful if you let the fear out. Out of all the comparison games and self-doubts, do what you like and without the thought of getting judged. In the book, she explains the phenomenon in detail that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can find freedom from fear and pain. It is such a motivational push for the teens and even adults of today's age. Her book has helped people learn that they don't have to remain trapped by fear, anxiety, or loneliness. Instead, they can restart a new personal journey towards power, passion, and true purpose.


‘Just as You Are’ by Kelly Skeen and Michelle Skeen:



This book encourages self-love and acceptance of who you are. In this era of social media and living the perfect life, you teens need to stop and understand that the sun doesn't compete with the moon. Similarly, every other person is different from another, so stop comparing yourself to others because you're perfect as you are.