From pen-and-paper games where we all used to do quite a lot of healthy cheating, we grew up stepping into the digital era. Now, when we have our calendars and clocks, our notebooks, and lists all digitally stored, why not play games online?

Pandemic has played an important role in reviving the gaming industry for everyone. Previously, only gamers were involved in new games, but in times of isolation, almost every other individual tried out a game of their interest.


Some people think brain games are very hectic on the mind, and only a few gamers can play them. Well, that's wrong. Brain games are for everyone. They allow players to complete tasks that practice specific cognitive skills that improve their memory, exercise their mind, expand attention span, logic, and fast thinking.

At FAYVO, we care for our fashion enthusiasts, movie buffs, music freaks, and game lovers alike. It's all about your choice of games, and you won't have to spend hours finding and testing an interesting game.

From helping to develop your problem-solving and reasoning skills to improve your eye for detail and abstract thinking abilities – smart games help you in multiple ways. So, here we go with some of the best brain games available to us online.





KenKen labels itself as the hub of puzzles that make you smarter. It is an online platform for finding different types of puzzles. There are levels and then different strategies. Luckily, all the puzzle games here are free to try. Download the Ken Ken app on your iOS device and take part in the mind games.


Tri-Peaks Solitaire:



A traditional game turned digital – solitaire is one of the most loved games by people of all ages. This quick-moving solitaire brain game will make your mind run 2x faster. To win the game, players have to move cards in numerical order from three pyramids into a single stack as quickly as possible. It is not just about pairing but pairing fast. If you get stuck, there's a pile to restart the game.





As the name implies, this visual brain game challenges you to detangle the lines shown to you. You have to observe the proper looped pattern, which has been separated into individual tiles and mixed up. The players are asked to arrange the tiles by rotating them until the loops are all connected. To make the game more interesting, you get no open ends. Choose your level of difficulty, concentrate on the patterns and start working on strengthening your attention and visual-spatial skills.





Searching for a brain training game that looks easy? Well, this game is for you. Blackbox has won an Apple Design Award with its unique gameplay and minimalist aesthetic. Unlike the complex puzzle games, enjoy playing this simple yet powerful game. Additionally, you'll find dozens of minigames as the developers are regularly building and adding new puzzles to the app. The aesthetics are unmatched by the fact that this app is one of the best brain games available to download on your iPhone.





Impulse falls into the category of problem-solving. If you, your kids, or your friends, wish to develop smart-solving skills, try this game out. It is a brain game that holds all the required elements needed to be in the brain training apps. Luckily, the game is free to play, but if you get a premium account, it unlocks significantly more features, puzzles, and progress tracking capabilities.


Scrabble GO:



Wishing to add more words to your vocabulary and have fun at the same time? Look no further than Scrabble. This is one of the most loved and competitive spelling games. Along with improving your English language skills, your concentration is enhanced, are you are trained to focus. Other than that, the game brings rewards, side quests, etc., to keep you motivated. Share your favorite games on FAYVO, ask your friends to share theirs, and play together.





It is one of the most renowned programs for brain training and mental fitness. Lumosity is about trying different categories of brain games. All you have to do is sign up for free to play three games per day or choose the subscription service for more options. Even if you don't get a subscription, the app lets you keep track of your results and improvement. Try out Lumosity's fun brain training and mental fitness games on your iOS or Android device.


Happy Neuron:



Happy Neuron classifies its games and activities into five different brain areas. These are memory, attention, language, executive functions, and visual/spatial. It offers personalized choices for the training to match your needs, tracks your progress, and suggests games based on scientific research. Try it out; it's fun!