Whether you love romantic comedies, sci-fi thrillers, or crime stories, there’s one thing about movies: they are the equivalent of modern-day therapy. No matter what you are feeling, you’ll cry when watching emotional movies, you’ll laugh while streaming a comedy season, and you’ll question yourself about life when having a good time watching inspirational stories. But then the times come when fiction stories seem a little too far from our real lives, and we are not in the mood to see what’s nearly impossible in reality.

Then we head towards the documentaries. From hidden truths to solving real mysteries, finding deadly criminals, and unveiling the truth of life, documentaries are soul-food, helping us think clearer, eat healthier, and live better.


As it is said, ‘The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film of collecting the real-life thrills.’


As documentaries are most related to true stories, they can inspire in a way fictionalized films can’t. At FAYVO, we have compiled a list of the following documentaries that vary in genre and style, but they all have messages that will have an impact on your life.


Hungry for Change:

The Message: Don’t settle for less and find inspiration to change your lifestyle.


This is the perfect documentary for all of us right now. As we all are too stuck in our everyday life, we mostly neglect our health. Therefore, understanding healthy foods and knowing the right recipes is essential. ‘Hungry for Change’ sheds light on various practices and strategies for individual change. There are interviews with health specialists that will also help you get out of the diet trap. However, the most inspirational part of the film is the real transformation and success stories of some of the people who risked and changed their lifestyles.



The Message: The art of becoming a truly happy person.


Happy is a thoughtful documentary that thoroughly analyzes the cause of happiness. While all the negative emotions like depression and anxiety have been studied numerous times before, now is the time for you to know what makes a person happy. This thoughtful documentary shows the simple and basic elements that can cause happiness, as well as the positive and optimistic stories from real-life people.


The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind:

The Message: Be consistent and survive hard situations with determination.


In this documentary, you see a three-year-old boy who is thrown out of the school he loves only because of his family's financial crisis. He then sneaks into the library and learns how to build a windmill to save his village from starvation. This shows the real struggle for living. One of the most motivational dialogues from the documentary is –

“Think of your dreams and ideas as tiny miracle machines inside you that no one can touch. The more faith you put into them, the bigger they get, until one day they’ll rise up and take you with them.”


Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret:

The Message: Makes you reevaluate your relationship with food


The documentary, Cowspiracy, emphasizes the impact of agriculture on the environment. It’s not just the words, but it proves that the world’s largest environmental organizations are failing to protect the planet. It is an extremely powerful documentary that makes you question what you put in your body.  



The Message: Keep things plain and simple. Get rid of material assets and focus on yourself.


It’s all about eliminating the fancy things and living a real-life close to organic food, using natural remedies, and consuming less artificial stuff. Whether we accept it or not, the majority of us are always wanting more. We have turned ourselves into materialistic wishes that can never be ended. Minimalism encourages you to get rid of some of that stuff.


Living on One Dollar:

The Message: Count your blessings and always have something for the poor community.


Watching this documentary will make you feel blessed for everything you have. It is a story of four friends as they set out to live on just $1 a day for two months in some rural area. There they suffer from diseases due to unhygienic food, filthy rented homes, and struggle to stay alive. They are battling hunger, parasites, and extreme financial stress. However, they start finding ways to make a difference. Amazingly, the business and money collected from the documentary went straight to education and microfinance work in the village the boys filmed.


Inside Bills Brain – Decoding Bill Gates:

The Message: Explore the world of opportunities and train your mind to do something different.


It’s a three-part documentary that hardly needs any explanation because the title says it all. Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, can be the inspiration for you. The documentary allows people to see life through Bill Gates’ lens, which is all about building unique ideas and executing them. It is one of the best documentaries for people who love to excel and learn about the possibilities that a mind holds.