If you are not a person loving complex video games or someone who is easygoing, not interested in putting much effort into understanding a game and then playing it, well, don't worry, you are not alone. 

There are thousands of people like you. 

We understand the hectic life these days, and therefore, not every one of us has got the same energy when it comes to spending free time. For this reason, we have come up with a list of the world's easiest games to play.

As the community has gone through a lot in the past two years that one can't afford to compromise on mental health. 

So, keep it simple, keep it easy. Also, there's a myth about difficult video games. 

They say it is good only if it is complex. Fortunately, it's not true. 

The online gaming industry has evolved so much that there are tons of games made for easy playing. They focus entirely on storytelling or crazy impressive visuals that require very little skill from the player. 

If you are confused about the best yet easiest games to play, you shouldn’t because FAYVO is your partner here. The rising social media app recommends the best games matching your interest and preferences. From thriller combats to card games, the app has everything interesting. You just have to download the app, and good to go.

Today, for our gaming community, we are listing down games for all those who don't want to stress out about difficulty levels. 

So, here are some of the great, easy games anyone can enjoy. Let's get started:

Among Us:


Although social games make you a good liar, they are fun when played casually with friends or strangers. The game Among Us is currently most popular in this genre and is known for its easy gameplay. It is simple enough to understand and find out who's the imposter. Well, it all depends upon whom you play the game with. The difficulty level starts to rise up with more experienced players.

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Lego Games:


Instead of highlighting any particular Lego game, it is better to collectively talk about them. So, every licensed Lego video game provides a fun experience to the players. These games are not very different from each other but still worth trying. Lego games have easy and simple challenges. Mostly, it is about holding down a button for a few seconds while your character magically builds itself into whatever item they need to progress using random Lego pieces.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order:


Who doesn't know about Star Wars? It is one easiest game in the world that offers fewer strategies and more fun. The Revenge of the Sith is a complete action-packed and adventure-filled game that was released back in 2019. The game is played from a third-person perspective. Fallen Order was a big hit and is one good choice if you are looking for the world's easiest games to try. Especially if you love combat themes and fighting games, it is the one for you.

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Super Mario 3D World:


Super Mario might be the oldest game on the list, but thanks to the newer versions. It is one of the best child-friendly games ever made with the easiest controls. The levels in the game are quite predictable sometimes. Whereas, at some points, you have to be present-minded to complete the level. The game is designed from the ground up for cooperative play. Also, if you are looking for a game to play with family and spend a good time together, try this game out.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:


It is one of the latest games on the list that is unpredictably very easy and smooth to play. Breath of the Wild is a great game for both children and adults. There are different levels to try by people of different expertise, but its core functions are accessible to all.

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Frog Fractions:


The best part of this game is that you don't need much knowledge about the game to win it. With the least information, you will still find it fun. Frog Fraction is a game that appears to be a math-teaching Flash game for children, but it is more than a children's game. You'll see a cartoon frog catching flies that represent fractions. In the beginning, it appears to be in some pattern. When you start getting the psyche of this game, just then you'll realize that the fractions are completely irrational. No, it won't make the game complex, but you'll start enjoying the unpredictable journey. It is one of the world's easiest games that'll turn into some adventure-style puzzle solving.

Gone Home:


Gone Home is also one of the world's easiest games to play on mobile, and it takes you to interesting gameplay of storytelling. It is an easy yet exciting puzzle game to try where you examine objects and gain access to different parts of the house. There's nothing too crazy or too challenging.

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