The Best Entertaining Events to Attend Around the World in 2022

With time, the rumblings of the virus are also slowing down. Previously, we saw all the events cancelling out due to safety precautions. Nothing big happened in the past two years. Music events, art shows, theatres, festivals, and almost everything got affected by the social-distancing orders. No crowds were allowed, and hence most of the releases got delayed.

Happily, now there are only a few countries that are under partial lockdown, but life is pretty much normal in most parts of the world. Therefore, we look forward to fun and entertainment once again.

As FAYVO is always with you when you ask for entertainment and fun, we are staying ahead this time too. From the travel options to the best food in the world, we always come up with something exciting. So today, you can read down the most anticipated events of the year 2022. We’re pretty much confident that almost all of the amazing things you’ll find below will happen next year. So, note them down and don’t miss them. Let’s get started:


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Armagh Fusion Festival, Northern Ireland

Happening Date: 4-20 February

If you are a fan of culture and heritage, this event should be on your list this year. Every year, Armagh hosts a grand event of culture-crammed celebration. This event is enriched with the region’s history and heritage. There are options to choose from. You can either go for the theatre-hopping walking tours, enjoy the Cèilidh (singing, dancing, and storytelling), have fun at road bowling and brunch, and more. Not only this, throughout the Fusion Festival, you can get amused by the ‘art after dark’ showcase, printmaking workshops, a silent disco, and much more besides.


Madeira Carnival, Portugal

Happening Date: 23 February-1 March

Carnivals are always fun and exciting. If you can’t plan your trip to the Rio Carnival, don’t miss out on the amazing spring event in Portugal. The Portuguese island hosts this lovely event where you can find parades, floats, samba bands, colorful costumes, and dancing. You can also enjoy your time in the surprising wildlife. During these dates, the main parade hits the streets on Saturday, 26 February. It all ends on Shrove Tuesday with the trapalhão parade (‘slapstick’ or ‘clumsy’ parade). There are lots of kooky costumes.


Cartagena International Film Festival, Colombia

Happening Date: 16-21 March

This one is especially for the movie buffs. Adding more to the media life, the Cartagena International Film Festival happening this year will be the 61st edition of Latin America’s oldest film festival. You’ll see that the Colombian and Latin American cinema will be in the limelight. Many superstars will be attending the event, and you can get a chance to meet and greet them. Look out for starry special guests, as we have seen Tilda Swinton, Ethan Coen, and Isabella Rossellini adding more light to this glittery event.


Cherry Blossom Show, Japan

Happening Date: Throughout April

Fan of Instagrammable events happening around? Well, Japan’s cherry blossom event is one of its kind. The cherry blossom trees in the region can be viewed from numerous locations during their spring bloom. One specific spot that is famous for the best sight-seeing is Mount Yoshino. If you want to have clear visibility, get there early. That’s how you will beat the crowds. The magical scenery will surely surprise you as you witness 30,000 trees lining the slopes and the carpets of pink and white snaking across the hillsides.

Berlin Design Week, Germany

Happening Date: 12-22 May

Berlin’s annual design week keeps you aware of the current trends. You’ll have plenty of art and craft exhibitions, tours, open art galleries, and creative studios to enjoy. The artists from all over the world attend this super-creative event, and it is always known to be a great visit for anyone with an eye for aesthetics. Other than the visual feast, tourists can explore how design can address sustainability and societal challenges through its 2022 theme, ‘higher purpose.’


Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival, United States

Happening Date: 3-5 June

Along with many other worth-visiting events taking place in the United States, Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival is one of the best. It is a three-day festival full of activities, fun, and adventure. The best combination is the hot air balloons and wine. You can see Temecula’s spectacular vineyards from above as you enjoy the balloon ride. Another exciting thing is the ‘balloon glow’ where grounded balloons are inflated and lit up at dusk. This event is really lit!


Cambridge Folk Festival, England

Happening Date: 28-31 July

Music fans are welcomed to the Cambridge Folk Festival every year. It is one of the longest-running folk festivals in the world. It is filled with fun, entertainment, and peaceful activities. When you wander around the site, you’ll hear far more than ‘just’ folk music. You can feel the blues, soul, jazz, and other global sounds are all readily available.


Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia

Happening Date: 4-21 August

This is another film festival, but it is conducted on a bigger scale. This festival especially applauds the great Australian movies. Melbourne’s film festival had happened for the first time in the year 1952. The globally hit films are appreciated, and one of the world’s largest Australian film showcases there. The plus point of this event is that it is followed by masterclasses on acting and directing techniques.


Abergavenny Food Festival, Wales

Happening Date: 17-18 September

Call for the foodies from all over the world! Anyone who loves to try new dishes is excited to have hands-on new recipes and wants to taste the new culture; Abergavenny Food Festival is for them. In the event, chefs, traders, producers, and punters from around the UK gather in the streets to cook, meet, greet, eat, drink, talk and eat some more. Local and wider Welsh producers are heavily focused. For families visiting the event, they have chef demos and a kids’ cookery school alongside global food stalls.


FIFA World Cup

Happening Date: 12 November – 18 December

One of the biggest events of 2022 is the FIFA World Cup. As known by everyone, it is one of the biggest sporting events of 2022 that will be held in Qatar. Before 2022, no FIFA World Cup was ever held in the Middle East and Arab world. The opening match will be played at the Al Bayt Stadium, and there will be 32 teams participating in the World Cup.


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