Gift shopping is a task and this task is different for different types of people in your life. 

Sometimes, it is an easy-peasy thin but sometimes it gets tricky too because after all, there are only so many mugs to go around.

To clear the fog and confusion out of your mind, it is a good habit to start dividing people into categories. We all have a circle of individuals inspired by different things.

There’s the hobby-oriented friend who loves color palettes and paint brushes; then there is a sporty pal who'll buy anything and everything for games; we have got fitness freaks around us, you are always looking for fitness gear; the book lovers always busy in the new reads; and a fashionista mate. These are the ones we are talking about today!

At FAYVO, our first priority is setting up all sorts of entertainment suggestions for you. And to keep up with that, we are bringing up new gift ideas for your fashion buddies.

Let’s not wait further and read about it:

A Cozy Vanity Set:


Level up the fashion game for your best friend by getting a luxury cozy vanity set for her. The getting-ready routine is where you make your look for the day or destroy it and with this super handy vanity et, it is all easy to keep everything in its place. If you wish, you can give this vanity set alone or fill it with accessories including a set of faux-fur scrunchies and a cosmetic bag. If your friend a brand conscious, out all of the brands’ chic gift, sets that’ll keep her warm all winter long.

Women's Vintage Modern Jacket:


Do you have that friend who leaves a fashion trend as soon as the new trend arrives? So, for those quick changers, here’s something that can complement their style. Meet them at the halfway point with the gift of a Vintage Modern Jacket. Not only this piece of clothing adds a layer of a fashion statement, but it is a successful addition to whatever fashion items they prefer. And, luckily, it’s comfy too. This Vintage Modern Jacket will help them nail the '90s and early '00s trend beloved by today's top models.

Simple Clothing Rack:


Let’s talk about a few fashion-related accessories. When we are buying a present for our fashion-freak friend, we have to make sure, we have the proper ideas for fashion items. For those, who are not so into fashion, gifting items that help in organizing and keeping things safe, is also a great present. Shop-a-holics often have dozens of dresses and the clothes are always, always more than their storage space. It means, that sometimes they have to just pull out everything to find their favorite pieces.

For those mess-makers, order this sleek pipe clothing rack from anywhere authentic and gift it to your friend. The modern clothing racks take less space and provide a place to display everyday staples. It's a wardrobe organization accessory that’s durable and super handy. Usually, it has big and small hooks to hang clothes, bags, and jewelry items, while a bonus shelf provides more storage by organizing scarves and mufflers.

Micro Tote bag:


Oh, these little fashion items turn you into a fashion DIVA as soon as you hold them. Having a handbag with your luxury dress is way too common. So, why not think out of the box and make your BFF stand out of the crowd? Order a micro tote bag from Dior, Marc Jacobs, or ZARA, and stun them with your fashion choices!

A Luxury Watch:


Every fashion icon should have that unique watch on the wrist to complete the look, and who doesn’t love to flaunt their luxury accessories?

A luxury yet classy women’s watch is a perfect & unique gift for your fashionable friend. It’s that forever piece that she can keep with her all the time. Gift a trendy-looking watch to your special someone fashion lover and show your love to them. Other than being stylish, a watch shows your commitment to following a schedule. Plus, a watch as a gift on her wrist always keeps you on their mind.

Stylish Sunglasses:


As summer makes itself known and everyone has to step out, we should never miss out on the sunglasses. So, when it is necessary, why not invest a little more and buy a classy one for your friend too?

Sunglasses work wonders to enhance one’s personality!

From big goggles to tiny sunglasses, choose what’s best as a gift based on your friend’s style statement right now. Additionally, really good sunglasses can be within budget too as compared to a designer’s handbag or shoes. Gift your friend a pair of designer sunglasses just by taking some inspiration from the latest fashion influencers.

A Full-Length Mirror for All Needs:


Another fashion-related accessory that’s every fashion lover's dream item is an insanely Instagram-worthy full-length mirror that can accurately show your complete look. From capturing selfies to checking your fitness and appreciating yourself, this full-length mirror is a perfect gift for your friend.

The Street Style Sneaker:


When fashion meets comfort, it becomes a super luxury trend. For some people, high heels and pointed shoes are a style statement and sneakers are for mountain climbing and trekking only.

This is a myth because fashionable street shoes are trending in 2022 and fashion lovers are the first grabbers of them. These hard-soled, stylish, colorful, and supportive tie-dye sneakers are a sure compliment magnet.

P.S. Most of the sneakers come in unisex style, so it’s perfect for a fashion couple to order and wear them together.

Jeans Beanie & Scarf:


For the winters coming ahead, scarves and mufflers will be a hit. To be on top of the styling game, one must know how essential it is to have the right head accessories.

For your fashion enthusiast friend, look for a classy yet warm beanie or a trendy scarf to complement their event’s looks. They make a very good Christmas present too. So, if you are looking to surprise someone this winter, the Calvin Klein gift set from ASOS is superb. Also, look for your favorite designer items and gift them. Your friend will definitely love the piece.

Classic Hoops:


This one comes in a jewelry collection and as you already know, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, however, gold hoops are definitely her best colleague.

To gift someone very special on their special day, look for the classy hoops. Identify their preferences and then invest the right way. Some really good choices are Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Farfetch.

Zara Satin Bag:


Zara’s accessories and clothing, everything is top-class and holds a special place in every fashionista’s wardrobe. So, if that fashionista is your close friend or a sister, you can never go wrong with the gift of a handbag.

This gift idea is especially for guys who are wondering what to gift to that special lady in their life. For them, a foolproof choice is Zara’s Satin Bag. The present is definitely worth your hard-earned money. The bag is trendy, and it will fit the aesthetic of any wardrobe. It is expensive but not super expensive.

P.S. If you have any personal favorites or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

The Very Good-Looking Shoe Rack:


With the clothing rack, comes a shoe rack, and why not? Nobody’s wardrobe is big enough to store their whole shoe collection. And especially if you're a true collector, you are definitely having a secret wish to have a shoe organizer at your place.

A right-sized shoe rack can stick it by the door as a place to store your most-worn pairs. There are minimal designs of racks so to keep them in your room and wooden pieces too, to give an aesthetic look.

Bonus Tip:

First of all, look at their regular wear, likes, and dislikes, and know about what they already own. Then it's all about picking something that feels authentically them.

Whether that means over-the-top jewelry pieces, sparkly handbags, or understated clothing items, it would be a great addition.

Find More Fashion Recommendations with FAYVO!

Well, for that very special friend in our lives, we wouldn’t compromise on anything less, and, of course, we know their unique love and quality. For that, finding something that caters to a fashionista’s taste can be stressful for the gift-giver but FAYVO is always here to show you that shopping for stylish friends couldn’t be easier.

With a super-intelligent recommendation system at FAYVO, you get tons of recommendations over fashion. If you still can’t find anything that takes your fancy, why not follow fashion icons and see their favorites for a fashion-themed gift?

From books about legendary fashion icons to films/series tailor-made for clothes obsessives, there are so many options outside the realm of outfits.

To take a look at all the amazing pieces we think will make the fashion lover in your life jump for joy, download the FAYVO app today!