It is a tasty alert for all the foodies out there! We know you love food, think about all the worth-trying options, and want to explore some really amazing food destinations around you. So, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to bring the best food spots for you from around the world and a creative platform to share your favorite food

Whether you are planning a trip or revising the tour plan, adding culinary activities to your vacation itinerary is one of the most interesting things to do. Food from different cultures and regions allows you to know more about the people living there. Additionally, it is one of the best ways to experience the destination you’re in.

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So, without further ado, let’s address all the foodies with good places to eat.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA:


New Orleans’ cuisine is the combination of its multifaceted heritage. The melting pot of flavors is unique to the city. It counts every culture in; from Native Americans, French settlers, Africans, Southern American culture, and the Caribbean, Creole, and Cajun spices, you’ll find a variety. The city’s most popular dishes are Po-Boy and Gumbo. Po-Boy is a sandwich of fried shrimp, oysters, catfish, soft-shell crab, or roast beef smothered in gravy and served on French bread. Whereas in a Gumbo, you’ll get a stew of West African vegetables like okra, all served over rice. Another tasty thing to try in New Orleans is jambalaya. It is a spicy Cajun or Creole mix of seafood, meats, vegetables, and rice. One of the most chosen foods is beignets. It is a donut-like square of deep-fried dough with powdered sugar on it.

Georgetown, Malaysia:


Being the capital of the state of Penang in Malaysia, Georgetown is world-famous for its street food. The city has the finest local food stalls and cool places to eat. They are known to have multiple nice places to eat because many vendors there still use the same recipes that have been used for generations with hints of Chinese and Indian fusion. The most famous dish there is called Car Koay Teow. It has flat rice noodles stir-fried with prawns, scrambled eggs, and bean sprouts. Chili paste added on the top doubles the taste.

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Bangkok, Thailand:


Bangkok itself is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world, and when it comes to trying the food, it is simply flawless. The city is known to have the best street food establishments. There are numerous stalls of food in long rows around the street corners where chefs and vendors are making their delicious food. They have their large sizzling woks and pans that add to a ubiquitous sight. They offer Pad Thai noodles and fragrant Thai curries. Moreover, in Bangkok, you’ll find fine dining establishments such as the globally renowned Gaggan, Suhring with its German food, and Bunker serving contemporary American dishes. So, whatever you wish to eat while visiting Bangkok, the city will not disappoint you. 

Hong Kong, ASIA:


Hong Kong is known to be the culinary capital of Asia because it has over 11,000 restaurants. Whatever you think of trying comes in front of you. And not only, the city has multiple options, but their recipes are unique and tasty. What sets the food apart is the convergence of several influences, from Cantonese and other Chinese cuisines to colonial, Japanese, Korean, and Southeast Asian food traditions. Hong Kong’s most popular dish is steamed and savory dumplings, which have been transformed into an art form with variations. Another must-try dish is the egg tarts. So, if you are planning to enjoy and experience the Eat-meets-West tradition, Hong Kong is the food destination for you.

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Cape Winelands, AFRICA:


The vast vineyards of the Western Cape’s region attract hundreds of tourists every year. Whoever visits the city must sip its world-famous Pinotage and be part of wine-centric adventures. What sets it apart from the taste is the variety in trying the wine. You can have it in the rolling valleys, modern tasting rooms, and charming manor houses. A vacation in the Cape Winelands will truly be a feast for your senses. You can also try and dine in some high-end fine dining restaurants in Stellenbosch, such as Foliage, Overture in the Hidden Valley Wine Estate, and Jordan, among others.

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