With the Holy Month of Ramadan in full swing, it is the best time to celebrate it with tasty food options. It is about following a certain routine, and foodies are surely looking forward to breaking fast in style at the best eating spots in town.

From dining underneath the stars at Paros to experiencing the authentic Indian cuisine at Bombay Bungalow, the options are endless in the Middle East. The MENA region has always been a center of fashion, food, style, and everything interesting, and so does FAYVO. We love to entertain you with the best options around. Thus, we are here with another matchless list of the best food spots.


Also, the year 2022 will be the first since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic that eateries all around the world will be operating at full capacity without the need for social distancing. So, it's expected to be a busy year. Undoubtedly, Ramadan is associated with practicing kindness and spiritual reflection; but it is also tempting for the food lovers after observing a day-long fast. So, if this Ramadan, you find yourself in the mood for something delicious around sunrise or sunset, then we have got you covered.

Here are some of the finest dining destinations you can visit to savor a grand Iftar feast in the Middle East.


Bombay Brasserie, Dubai:



This Ramadan, Bombay Brasserie is all set to greet everyone with a specific culture. They have decided to showcase an Indo-Emirati-themed Iftar feast for the complete Ramadan season. It is mainly to celebrate the convergence of the two cultures. You'll get tasty food from the world-class chef Vikas Malhotra. The two cultures belong to the United Arab Emirates and India. You'll experience an array of traditional delicacies finessed with Bombay Brasserie's signature touch. If you visit them, don't forget to try:

         -  Arayees Paratha

         -  Khudar Mashwi ma Baharat Hind

         -  Outclass Biryanis.


Four Seasons Hotel, Riyadh:



The Kingdom Ballroom Ramadan Tent promises a variety of dishes this season. It is mainly popular for its rich buffet, including seven live stations. You'll get fresh food straight out of over, along with the entertainment where chefs will be showcasing their culinary skills. People can enjoy a vast range of Saudi and international dishes. They stand out because they have a special kids' friendly buffet. Going to the Four Seasons means you should miss on:

         -  Saudi ouzzi

         - Chicken kabsa

         - Jareesh, lamb qursan

         - Succulent grills from a josper charcoal oven

         - & Asian specialities.


Marriott, Cairo:



This year the Cairo Marriott Hotel is welcoming guests for more than the ordinary delicious food. They have special deals for Iftar and Sahoor. The Iftar menu is back in Omar's Café with outdoor and indoor seating. Previously, indoor seating was closed due to COVID-19 measures, but this year, you'll get an array of appetizers, mezze, grills and main courses. Visit them, and you'd love the ambience and Cairo's evening breeze at Al-Qahwah. You'd be amazed by the variety of cultural representations. Egyptian Nights with its oriental vibe, will soothe your mind.


Jadiriyah Floating Restaurant, Iraq:



Set in the upmarket Jadiriyah neighborhood in Baghdad, the restaurant is set on a huge ship attached to the Tigris. Based on its popularity, they have started serving western dishes as well. But mainly, it is best known for its version of Iraq's "national dish", masgouf, a grilled fish. It is cooked using the traditional classic method of hanging the fish vertically. The fish is cooked properly on an open flame called the "fire altar". With delicious food, you enjoy the music of a live band performing classical Iraqi maqam.


Tiznit, Morocco:



Hidden in a bay above the olive sellers in Marrakech's grand bazaar, you will find one of the best restaurants in the Middle East, Tiznit. Let's talk about the mood first. It is beautifully decorated with fluorescent lights, rickety plastic chairs, oilcloth-covered tables, and the cute and magnificent b'stilla you might ever eat. It is one tasty thing to try whenever you hit Morocco because of its extraordinary flavor. Perfumed with rose and orange blossom water, the dish is prepared with a perfectly seasoned mixture of eggs, coriander, cinnamon and chicken. It is then served as a pie that maximizes its crunchy pastry-to-filling ratio.


Farzi Cafe, City Walk, Al Safa, Dubai:



The restaurant is always trying something new, trending, and delicious. This time, adding to their tradition, Farzi Café has created an innovative Iftar menu that offers a mix of Indian and Middle-Eastern flavors. Throughout the month of Ramadan, their extensive feast will feature an array of classic Arabic dishes along with quite a few Northern Indian foods. That's not it. You can get complimentary food at the time of breaking your fast, and it is the yummy Vimto - a sugar-based soft beverage. The other popular dishes include:

         - Paneer Lababdar

         - Kadaifi Dessert

         - Biryani

         - Dal Chawal Arancini

         - Ras Malai Tres Leches