The Best Games to Play with Your Buddies to Have a Fun Game Night!

If there's one thing that quarantine has told us, it is finding entertainment inside the four walls. From movies to group calls, we have tried everything we could and found out that playing games is a proven way of having unlimited fun. Be it children, teenagers, adults, or even aged people; games are one of the best time-passes for everyone.


Playing games is all fun. Be it physical ones or online games, all the fun is not only for the kids. Giving yourself ample time to play games is known to help you tackle your stress and boost your overall well-being. And we all need that relief right now!


So, FAYVO is here with a mixed list of the best games that can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages. There will be a virtual hang out with the games mentioned below.

P.S. There's something for the puzzle maniac, word nerd, or trivia geek all around us!


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With this board game, you can relive your childhood memories. When friends used to get together and had fun exploring the clues to solve the puzzle, we all wanted it to continue forever.

Well, with the online version of the game, you can enjoy endless hours of mystery fun, right?



It's about dodging your friends to have real fun. Psych lets you trick your pals into picking a fake answer to real questions. If you guess the right answer, you get the point. If you get successful in psyching a friend and they end up choosing the wrong answer (misguided by you), you get the point again!



Let your inner spy play the role here!

This game is similar to Clue, where you solve mysteries. In the game, the "spy" is randomly selected, while every other player is given a specific location. You have to identify the real spy by asking questions to each other. There's pressure to find out who is keeping the secret before the spy catches on


Best Fiends Stars

Calling out all the puzzle lovers.

Best Fiends Stars is a game that challenges you to "match and blast your way." It is an exciting thing to go through a series of "explosive" puzzles, collecting different cute characters and teaming up with your friends along the way. You gather the fallen treasures they get snagged by a team of slimy slugs.


Pokemon Go

Life gets more interesting when you literally interact with the characters inside the game. Pokemon Go lets us have that wonderful feeling. The players walk around their houses, yards, and neighborhood with the mission of collecting hidden Pokemon. They could be hiding anywhere, from your kitchen to the back patio.With the GPS turned ON in the device, you can track your friends' activity in the game. Enjoy making new friends with some in-game trading and gift-giving.



Let your inner artist show its power with this interesting art game. Your inner Picasso would love to draw the thoughts taking birth in your head, and what's better than showing it off to your friends.If you feel stuck at home or not sure about your artistic skills, it's time to put them to good use in a game of Skribbl. Even if your drawing skills are muddled, your friends have to bear with you. This multiplayer drawing and guessing game take us back to the good old days when we used to play Pictionary.


Sky: Children of Light

Some people love playing easy games while the other ones love adventure. This game is full of exciting hurdles and quests that you won't get bored of. With this game, you get to explore seven stunning empires across the beautifully-animated kingdom of Sky with your friends. There are cute character customizations, seasonal events, and fun things to do. The best part of the game is that you can virtually hold hands with your friends as you go through the realms together!


8 Ball Pool

Here comes the iconic balling game for all the interesting folks. While we can't go to the snooker clubs anymore, so better to have it online betting your pals. There are different versions that let you compete one-on-one or in eight-player tournaments. Challenge your friends from the comforts of your couch.


Online Bingo

The classic game is here with an online version. Playing the game will get you an online bingo card generator, followed by a fun game to play with your friends while you talk on Zoom. It's completely free, and you can have up to 30 friends playing together. Isn't it amazing?


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Are you and your friends Potterheads? If yes, this game is for you. By playing the game, you can experience yourself as a part of that magical place. You'd love to create your own character and feel the life at Hogwarts. And yes, that includes Quidditch.


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