First of all, let’s wish a very Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, who are always finding ways to be improved and provide better for their kids. This also includes the brave caregivers, guardians, and parental figures who are struggling day and night to pull their weight and deserve to be recognized not just on this day but every day!

With Father’s Day celebrations still going on, we all get excited to celebrate it and make our super dads feel special. While it’s all set with the presents and cards, now what to do to make the day memorable?

You might have spent a good day outdoors but then comes the relaxing time. The emotional evening when you want your family to sit together and revive those old childhood memories. It may seem one of the hardest challenges. So, now what?

That’s where the superhero FAYVO comes in. As we don’t leave you alone in the confusion, how can we forget this very special occasion?

We hope we can help you save you a lot of time doing the infinite-scroll-time-suck with our list of great Father’s Day movies to stream this year.

Undoubtedly, using the FAYVO app, you’d get endless options, but if you’re looking for a simple bonding activity that doesn’t require expert-level planning, then read down and consider watching a great dad-themed movie together.

From Parenthood to King Richard, here are some of the best titles that will definitely make your dad feel special. Let’s roll down!

We Bought a Zoo:


This is an adventure-themed movie about a father who lost his wife and now raises his children alone. He wants to move into a new place and with some interesting activities to keep himself and his kids happy once again. The gather buys an 18-acres house with a zoo attached to it. Sounds interesting?

He then decides to renovate the zoo and make it open to the public again. Before you think of it as a fictional movie, let us tell you the movie’s relativity with the real-life story. Know that a version of the movie really happened in the English countryside. However, the movie gives a good family time and displays how our parents go the extra mile to make their children happy.

Big Fish:


The movie is a soulful drama that is fantastically directed by Tim Burton. Here you get to see a man's attempts to reconnect with his dying father. He tries to cherish him by recalling his larger-than-life stories. The movie has got excellent performances like Billy Crudup who plays Will Bloom, and Albert Finney who plays the role of his father, Edward. Big Fish is a little sorrowful reminder of how our parents grow old working for us tirelessly. The film is a lot based on flashback sequences. Since its release, the movie Big Fish has received great appreciation from the audience.

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There are some celebrities who perfectly fit into the character, and right at the beginning of Parenthood, you’d think, “Who else can do this role better than Steve Martin?”

There’s something about Steve Martin and movies about fatherhood. In the movie, you see Martin as a sales executive who already feels in over his head with work and his children. The kids have financial and emotional issues for which Gil (Steve Martin) blames himself. Gil and his wife Karen (Mary Steenburgen) have three naught children and when she reveals that she's pregnant with their fourth child, the sudden anxiety hits him. He finds himself under pressure and fear.

The movie Parenthood perfectly explains the struggles of a father, and how much he suffers to bring the best to his kids.

Finding Nemo:


It is a super cute, motivating, and emotional movie to watch with kids and family.

Finding Nemo is one of the best Father's Day movies and is still loved by millions of people. It got famous for its animated character Nemo. Nemo is a kid who gets lost in the big sea.

Back story shows, a clownfish, who got his family killed by a giant barracuda. Now he has only one kid left, Nemo. After Nemo gets disappeared, the father, Marlin, embarks on a journey to bring his son back home after he is captured in the Great Barrier Reef. The movie got immense appreciation and became the highest-grossing anime film upon release and earned a total of $871 million worldwide. Surprisingly, Finding Nemo is one of those movies that won 48 awards including an Oscar for Best Animated Feature by Academy Awards.



This movie falls under the category of semi-autobiographical film and is directed by Mike Mills. The director is greatly inspired by his father, so he decided to bring the story to the public.

Mike’s father came out as gay at the age of 75 after the death of his mother. He also passed away just five years later. In the movie, Beginners, you see Oliver (Ewan McGregor) and his dad Hal growing closer during those five years when they faced the incident of losing Mike’s mom. His father Hal, then accepted his real self and lived freely as a gay man before his death.

The movie teaches self-love and honesty with your family. Moreover, Hal has delivered an amazing and touching performance in the movie, which earned him the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor at the age of 82. He broke the record of the oldest person to win an Academy Award for acting.

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Kevin Hart takes on a serious and impressive role in Fatherhood. It is one of the most successful movies on Netflix, which is about a man who unexpectedly becomes a single parent after the death of his wife. Hart’s Matthew suffers from this great trauma but right there he has to balance his grief with the needs of his young daughter. They both decide to create a new normal together.

While watching the movie, make sure you hug your dad tight because this is yet another film that’s sure to leave everyone crying. There are some laughs to be between all of those touchy emotional moments.

Father of the Bride:


Another Steve Martin masterpiece, Father of the Bride makes you feel blessed to have your dad by your side. It is the second version of the ‘90s Father of the Bride but for sure a successful one.

This time, the family shown in the movie is Cuban American, and their father is Andy Garcia. Like Martin’s character in the first part, Garcia finds himself dealing with family disputes and new emotional terrain as he moves on to letting go of his adult daughter upon starting the new chapter of her life.

The Pursuit of Happyness:


This movie will surely make you thank your dad for everything he does for you. The Pursuit of Happiness shows the real life of a jobless father. Also, more amazingly, the movie is based on the true story of Chris Gardner. You see a struggling single dad trying to create a better life for his son. The film stars Will Smith, alongside his real-life son, Jaden Smith.

While watching the movie, Smith’s raw portrayal of Gardner will leave you applauding for his great performance. You’d see his approach to handling life’s ups and downs along with the pursuit of happiness. The reality he faces, makes you feel sympathy for him but he never took that sympathy to get stuck in the situation but turns out to be a successful dad.

P.S. Don’t forget to bookmark these awesome dad quotes that celebrate your father year-round.

Mrs. Doubtfire:


It is a classic comedy to enjoy with your parents and graces us with one of the best performances from the late Robin Williams. In the movie, we see Williams playing an actor disguising himself as a British nanny named Mrs. Doubtfire. He does this to spend more time with his own children. The excuses and tasks he holds are equally hilarious and eye-opening for Williams’s character as he learns more about his kids. He actually finds the meaning of being a father. It is super entertaining to watch how long he keeps the act up—and how much he grows as a person and a father.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2:


The great sequel to Marvel's hit "Guardians of the Galaxy" is also about parents and especially fathers. It is no less than an adventure but this time, you’ll meet Star-Lord's previously-unknown father. The film is full of action, and fun, along with a nostalgic soundtrack – oh it is so perfect to watch with your dad this Father's Day.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 also explores the idea of a found family and tells you the importance of those you really care about regardless of blood relation.

King Richard:


This is an amazing Oscar-winning movie by Will Smith. Here, he plays the role of Richard Williams, father of tennis legends Venus and Serena Williams. King Richard displays the hard work of his entire life, and his countless efforts to get his daughters into the pro circuit. You’d have tears rolling down your eyes after understanding the decisions and sacrifices he made that led them there.

It is about how he walked straight up to the rich, white world of pro-tennis and smacked it right across the face. A great watch to revive the father-kid duo.