Looking for some fun night after being stuck at homes for almost 2 years? Well, we all deserve it, and what’s better than a music night with friends and family. 

Hold on, before you start making real arrangements, and wonder that it will be just music and dance, then you have to rethink. A good music theme party should have the essentials and an attractive theme for the guests. 

It would either be centered on one particular artist/genre, or around a particular decade. 

Moreover, you have to work on the lighting, food, and add-ons to make it memorable. Using the fancy lights, stunning décor, and other little things, can make it prettier. 

So, before getting into the ideas, let us talk about the essentials of a music theme party. 

The Things Needed for the Arrangement: 

One Theme:

A unique theme for your music night can be a great way to double the fun and celebrations. There are different types of themes, like Vegas, Masquerade, Casino, 007 James bond, Best of British, etc. Whatever you choose, make sure you work on it properly and this way, your audience will help develop your theme into a reality for your event.


Here comes the fun part. The costumes and lots of pretty costumes. No matter how big or small your music party is, always arrange costumes for the guests. Tell them briefly about the theme so they can adapt it at the event. No specific theme is needed to play the ‘dress up’ gam. From hundreds of options, you can choose to dress up in a costume that’s representative of your favorite singer and even belt out a few tunes for fun. When everyone is ready and dressed up, you will get into the whole spirit of the party.

Photo Backdrops:

These add life to the party. Having colorful, matching-wit-the-theme backdrops are always a yes, when preparing for the party. The best way to do this is with beautiful pictures. You can also try the fun props to take photos. You can make a retro themed photo booth. Backdrops are always goof good for a nice, clean picture.

Strobe Lights & Disco Balls:

Proper lighting and illumination take you into the feel of music party. With disco lights, you get to have more fun. Hang the disco balls from the ceiling or find out more décor ideas from Pinterest. The lights will make the music sound better. You can dance around in the colorful changing lights and will never get bored. 

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One who has visited the Arabs, knows the luxurious parties they have. Mostly, there are rich shades of red and gold. The décor is usually done by using cloth drapes, large palm trees, desert oasis, Bedouin tent booths, floor pillows, cushions, large pots and baskets, cute lanterns, colorful carpets, and palace scenery.

Bringing a Moroccan feel to your music themed party, pair it with some luscious and juicy food options from some preferred resources. That’s how you might result in a very unforgettable event. The original Arabian style will make you and your guests feel as though they are staying in a luxury Bedouin tent. 



Cactus and palm trees, enormous palm leaves, gold Roman pillars, gambling signs, giant playing cards, dice, large glittery dollar signs and dollar bills, casino sign, cacti etc. are the major things to consider when planning a casino or Vegas theme music night. These items can turn your Vegas-themed party into something unique and fashionable! 

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Although many parties include a ballroom or formal dance, a ballroom-themed event makes the music night exciting for the guests. You can use elegant chandeliers, regal colors, and pop dance inspired decorations to wow guests.



Although the Goth subculture isn't often connected with happiness, it may be an intriguing and enjoyable theme for your party. The gothic decorations such as skeletons or witches are used in a in this theme, but it is not a haunted house. The color scheme you want to employ is black with vivid reds and purples thrown in for good measure. The best thing you can do with this theme is the music. Find out the most relevant music with the FAYVO app and see how everyone grooves on the beats. 

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With exquisite evening attire, sultry flapper dresses, cloche hats, feather fans, and dazzling headbands, the Roaring Twenties were an age of glitz and glamor. Transform your event venue into a stunning 1920s theme by dressing like those classic old times. 



You may arrange the most magnificent, pink-themed party with pearlescent pink, white cloth drapes, stunning pink diamonds, bunnies, silver and pink sparkly stars, glitter screens, pink shimmer curtain, and pink flower mobiles. Turn the venue into a pink wonderland or develop a classy Pink theme that will turn the party into a fantastic experience.

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