If there's one thing we're grateful for the past two years, it is Netflix. It is undoubtedly our best friend that kept us entertained throughout the pandemic. At the beginning of 2021, Netflix promised to bring a new original movie every single week of the year, and surprisingly, the streamer has delivered on that commitment. When you log into Netflix, there's truly something for everyone.

To help you find the perfect match for your next watch, FAYVO is always ready for assistance. From mystery to romance, comedy, thriller, and horror, we have the best movies recommendations for you. Not only movies, but the app can also give suggestions on the best TV shows, series, and documentaries too. So, let's keep reading for the 12 best Netflix original movies and shows of 2021.

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Tick, Tick…BOOM!

The movie is written on the authentic life story of the late author Jonathan Larson. Despite being a real one, it is not boring at any point, and you'll find tick, tick...BOOM! to be an absolute delight. The sceneries and especially the music feel out of this world. Give it a try before you step into 2022.


The Guilty

The Guilty stars Gyllenhaal in the character of a 911 call operator. This movie is a complete thriller and is one of the most memorable performances by Gyllenhaal. The turning point of the film is when Joe gets a call from a terrified woman, and then he helps her out. The movie keeps you hooked throughout.



Netflix's short series, Maid, is one absolute watch for 2021. It stars Margaret Qualley and shows us a gut-wrenching journey. The series follows events of emotional abuse on a young mother who escapes from an abusive relationship, moves to a shelter, and gets a tough cleaning job. To get her daughter's custody back, she does everything she can. Maid is handily one of Netflix's most poignant shows of the year.


Squid Game

It goes without saying that Squid Game is one of the most popular shows of 2021. From starting to the mysterious ending, the show has a nail-biting storyline. There is bloodshed, cruelty, and violence, but the performances of the actors make it all so real. In the series, people under heavy debts play children's games in hopes of winning $38 million dollars. However, they soon get to know about the consequences.



The first French show to break into U.S. Netflix's Top 10 is Lupin. It was a huge success because of its ultra-awesome story. Lupin is a thriller that follows a gentleman burglar Omar Sy. He attempts to expose the corruption of a wealthy philanthropist to clear his late father's good name. It is an action-packed heist series that is suspenseful and full of emotions.


Yes Day

This is a fun family movie and one of the best Netflix originals presented in the year 2021. Jennifer Garner stars in this family comedy. It is about two parents who are learning to be fun parents and give freedom to their children for one day, and that is the 'Yes Day.' The movie is full of entertainment when parents have to say yes to everything their kids demand.


Sex Education

It's funny, it's thoughtful, and it shows us the real issues in society. The show is different in the theme, and Netflix renewed this series for a fourth season in 2021. You'll find it one best and most progressive shows on TV. Each episode is different and more interesting than the previous one.



Season 3 of the popular series You dropped in October 2021. The new part grabbed the audience in no time and added to the simultaneous delight and terror of fans everywhere. The show does not disappoint. With a thrill ride of a start, you witness the first murder of the season, and then you binge-watch it all.


Army of the Dead

It is a zombie-heist movie full of adventure and thrill. Army of the Dead follows the plot to rob a Las Vegas casino in the middle of a zombie outbreak. There are survival twists, smart strategies, and escape plans.



The drama series follows a family man who gets missing after his mysterious video gets viral. The movie shows us a twisted tale that'll keep you on your toes. Clickbait is so binge-watching that you'll finish the series in one night.



Hellbound is another best Netflix original that came out in November 2021. The series picturizes the wrath of God as three smoky gray and big Hulk-like beasts appear out of nowhere and start creating chaos. It falls under the horror and mystery series, and the interest visibly grows with each episode.


Never Have I Ever

Inspired by Mindy Kaling's childhood, this series is a comedy addition to Netflix's originals. The show goes around Devi Vishwakumar, who is a first-generation Indian American girl growing up in modern America. Devi tries to improve her status at school, and this journey doesn't come easy for her.  


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