The best Netflix sci-fi movies and TV shows - 2021

Science fiction is one of the most interesting and favorite genres of many of us. Luckily, Netflix has also stepped up and brought us some amazing yet best Netflix sci-fi movies. Since the pandemic hit us, we've got more than 100 good sci-fi movies on Netflix. What a fortune!

If you also find yourself falling into the same category of people who urge you to watch the best sci-fi movies on Netflix, FAYVO brings them here. From the list of best travel destinations, addictive games, comedy series, and horror shows, we have a list of Netflix's best sci-fi movies for you. You'll find everything here, from alien arrivals to superheroes, space travel, technological dangers, and imaginative glimpses at the future. So, let's get started

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It is the tale of a young boy in a small German town who goes missing. Right after that, his family and the people of the town start to notice weird incidents taking place and strange patterns in the town's history. The show offers a nail-biting story with some incredible performances. You'd love watching the well-written plot. It is one of the best Netflix sci-fi movies as it clearly sets attention to detail. There are different characters who beautifully complement the screenplay.



From the creators of The Matrix, we have another sci-fi movie, Sense8. It is a thrilling, action-packed sci-fi series on Netflix that you'd enjoy watching with friends and family. It is about eight strangers who discover they have an unavoidable connection. They all belong to different areas in the world, yet; they learn how to work together while a secret organization hunts them to restore order to humanity.



It would be one of Netflix's best sci-fi movies, especially if you loved watching Black Mirror. It is a single-season sci-fi drama that satisfies your watch-buds. The show is an experimental dating app that matches singles with their true love with 100 percent accuracy. They do it precisely by mining their brain for data.


The Midnight Sky

Set in 2049, The Midnight Sky is a thoughtful journey that presents our planet earth as a rapidly decaying wasteland. It is about space, the new discoveries, and stepping into a hopeful and new frontier. The film follows dying scientist Augustine Lofthouse. Although the movie has its share of clichés, it remains a fascinating, hooking, and chilling story throughout.


Black Mirror2

This series is actually the old concept transformed into a techno-social phenomenon. It is one of the buzziest Netflix original shows. Part satire and part prophecy, the series presents a suitable grim view of the future. The theories presented in the series will definitely make you worry for the next generation and maybe even galvanize you into action. Binge this amazing series of obsession cautiously.


Love, Death & Robots

In this sci-fi series, you'll experience a short story format. It is quite unpredictable, and you never know what you're going to get. With every episode ranging from six to 18 minutes, all the storytelling efforts are being compacted into one visual and mind-bending scene. The unique part is that every episode or the series is created by a completely different team. You'll get to see the perspective of people from a number of countries around the world. One thing that's common in them all is Love, Death & Robots.


Star Trek

If you're looking for some classic sci-fi watches, you should definitely try Star Trek. The movie plot plays with questions of science, ideals, or philosophy. The movie is fun and entertaining to watch. As for the time being, we know time travel is impossible, but many things are possible in this film. If you are a fan of space, orbits, and black holes and have an interest in how they behave, you will find the black holes in "Star Trek" hilarious.


Umbrella Academy

If you're looking for an original Netflix sci-fi series, Umbrella Academy is a good place to start. The story of the series goes around a family of former child heroes who has grown apart and are now in their 30s. The twist comes when their adoptive father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, dies. After the incident, they all realize that all of them should come together and they must reunite to save the world.


Stranger Things

This series is set in the 1980s. Stranger Things has become one of the most popular shows since its release. The story of this show takes place in a small town in the middle of nowhere, where spooky happenings start to unfold. It is the journey of 4 friends who start seeing unbelievable and mysterious creatures around them when a high school girl goes missing.


Total Recall

It is one of the best Netflix sci-fi movies and is like many remakes of '90s action classics. Total Recall takes place just before the dawn of the 22nd century. It is a wonderful combination of sci-fi and action-packed sequences. Also, the special effects are solid in this remake.


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