Long ago, when 90s kids were introduced to the computer systems, they had minimal options for entertainment, but legit. 

There were not many games to play, but we all fell in love with the game solitaire. With very stuff to do over the personal computers, solitaire games were all fun and exciting. 

Whenever we hit boredom, it was the best time pass.

Probably, it was the first game we used to play in in Microsoft Windows operating system. We all used to play solitaire in our free time, and it was proven to be one best games that kept you busy and hooked. Why is it the best game? 

Because it is not only fun and entertainment, but it adds to your cognitive mind skills and helps in improving focus.

With time, free solitaire games were introduced in the gaming world. As per demand for card games, online solitaire games were launched in the market. These card games aren’t new; however, with origins that date back to the 1800s, they have improved user interface and advanced features.

If you are still looking to play spider solitaire games, you can find hundreds of them online. Let’s know about them to have endless fun in 2021:

Free Cell:


Free Cell is another version of the 90s solitaire game. It is an old game that was first invented by Paul Allfile in the 1980s. The game needs proper strategic planning to play and win. In the beginning, the game starts with a tableau of 52 open cards in 8 piles. If you are familiar with the classic version of solitaire games, you’ll enjoy it too. Move all the cards in ascending order, that is, from Ace to King of the same category, to the four foundation slots on the top right. It is simple and free to play.

Google Solitaire:


Whatever you love, Google builds up to something for you. The same is the case with Google Solitaire. After having multiple online solitaire games, Google adds its own solitaire game for the users. It is available to any Google search user for free. One amazing thing that sets it apart is its readiness. All you have to do is type ‘solitaire’ in the Google search box, and you’ll be presented with the game instantly. Above all the other free solitaire games available online, Google Solitaire ranks on top. Click on ‘play’ and enjoy.

With quick access, the game offers different modes of playing it. It has an easy and hard mode. It all depends upon your playing experience and mood of playing. The hard mode comes with more challenges. The Google Solitaire game comes with game scores and moves and a gameplay timer. However, the game doesn’t provide customization. If you wish to play a simple solitaire online game and have a good time, this is the right option for you.

Solitaire FRVR:


If you are a beginner, Solitaire FRVR is the perfect version of solitaire games for you. It is simple to understand and has larger graphics for easy navigation. As it is for the new players, this solitaire game doesn’t come with many solitaire variations. If you are a pro and prefer variations, Solitaire FRVR is not for you. It is classic, straightforward, fun to play.

Solitaire by Lezigame:


It is one of the best free solitaire games online. It covers the basics like all the other solitaire games. But it has different challenges and themes to choose from. You can customize the game according to your preferences. Solitaire by Lezigame has nothing fancy to confuse players and is equally liked by both new and experienced players. However, the free version comes with ads and distractions. If you wish to have an ads-free experience, you have to pay a few bucks. Otherwise, it’s one of the better free solitaire games.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection:


Microsoft Solitaire Collection is one of the most played solitaire games around the globe. It is available on smartphones and said that it is the mobile version of the popular solitaire games from Microsoft Windows. This one comes with lots of variations and perks. It is a collection of different game styles and includes FreeCell, Spider, TriPeaks, and Pyramid. It is up to you what you want to play, and each game has its own set of selections to adjust things like the game difficulty, theme, etc. If you are a regular player, you’d love the weekly challenges in it. Additionally, this free solitaire online game comes offers integration with Xbox Live profiles. As long as you can bear some ads during the games, it is all free to use and fun.


Solitaire games are not only fun, but they help to improve our memory power too. If you are into more mind games, you need a proper games recommendations app. 

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