From architectural masterpieces to impressive public art galleries, significant cultural and educational landmarks, and breathtaking views, make the world a photographers’ paradise.


If you were given a chance to bring your camera anywhere in the world and capture everything beautiful, where would you go?

Every traveler has a checklist of places where they dream of going and revisiting, to witness the beauty. Undoubtedly, the planet earth is so full of beautiful places for photography, and many photographers are lucky enough to have the time and resources to travel to every single one of them.

But even if your routine and expenses don’t allow you of trotting the globe all year round searching for new and stunning views to immortalize with your camera, you have to choose carefully about where to go.

In this case, you have to be a bit more selective with the places you visit. Normally, discovering the right location that fits your needs and desires for photos can be overwhelming.

To ease the process of choosing the best destination, team FAYVO has come up with a list of some of the best photo-friendly places from all around the world.

So, here we go with some of the most photogenic and Instagrammable locations.

Prepare your cameras and get inspired!

Rome, Italy:


A photographer’s fantasy becomes real when visiting Rome.

This place all-time favorite photography destination of every tourist who has a camera. The Eternal City, Rome doesn’t only delight the camera, but it’s also packed full of fascinating historical architecture and cultural heritage that make it the perfect place for photographers and travelers alike.

With so many picturesque spots to photograph, visitors spend weeks in Rome and still barely scratch the surface of its potential.


Santorini, Greece:


Santorini is an island but feels like heaven. Located in the South Aegean Sea, the place is often considered to be one of the most romantic places in the world.

The town of Oia, worldly known for the best sunset points, holds a special place in every photographer’s heart. Not only literally, but genuinely, thousands of people visit here to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets on the planet.

Late each afternoon, people gather there to watch the wonder of nature sharing the spectacle of light as the sun dips below the watery horizon. Once it sets, it all feels dreamy and the entire crowd explodes in cheers and applause.

The place has an unexplainable beauty, but it is the kind of light that artists dream of capturing.

You’ll just have to see it for yourself. Plan a visit there and you’d know there’s just something magical about the quality of light in Santorini!

Tekapo, New Zealand:


Ever since the first Lord of the Rings movie was released, people loved the set and then New Zealand exploded in popularity with the travel community.

The advice for the photographers who visit Middle Earth is to take some extra time out and plan as much time as possible visiting New Zealand. The place may not be overly exciting for you before landing there but it offers tons of entertainment options.

The islands located around may look small on a map but the more you drive and explore. If your dream is to witness star gazing and the night sky, head towards lake Tekapo for capturing the Milky Way. The entire area is restricted for nature lovers and is protected as part of the dark sky reserve. Right beside the lake, there’s a little town where you can find the Church of the Good Shepherd. The church is right on point that you’ll swear it was put there just for photographers.

On your trip to New Zealand, you’ll realize the enormous wealth of inspiration and photography opportunities at your fingertips.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia:


As long as travelers are looking for scenic sunrise spots. the reflection of Angkor Wat definitely tops them all. It is an absolute favorite of photographers.

When the colors of nature start to dance above the ancient temple spires, all the stress and exhaustion from a severely early wake-up call is replaced by pure fascination and delight. After witnessing the magical sunrise and capturing it with your camera, make sure to explore and photograph the other amazing temples around the Angkor Temple Complex and Siem Reap. Cambodia is at its best if you visit the place between November and February. The region has a mild temperature and everything is at its peak.

Tip: Make sure that you get to the temples early so you experience the serenity before the crowd comes in.



Morocco is another colorful, charming, and exciting place to visit on your hunt for the most Instagrammable places in the world. The natural beauty here makes it a perfect location for epic photos.

Morocco is very regal. All thanks to the preservation of traditional icons. Every year, thousands of visitors come to the city of Marrakesh. Of course, outside the city, there are other places like the Atlas Mountains and the desserts which show you how truly diverse, culturally rich, and absolutely stunning the country is.

If you wish to experience the retro theme in real life, don’t miss a chance to visit this place.

Norwegian Fjords, Norway:


The Norwegian Fjords are totally breathtaking and so worth visiting for the best places to travel for epic photos. They are often overlooked but visitors who go there, are stunned by the beauty. This is such a brilliant natural sight to see and is more than enough reason to keep returning to Norway.

Make sure you go there to relax and have enough time on hand to spend driving and exploring the fjords and really embrace this incredible area of Norway.

Cinque Terre, Italy:


Cinque Terre is hand-down one of the most gorgeous places in Italy that look perfect to the human eye.

Even Italians are proud of and impressed by the beauty of these five little presents given to them by the earth. These are the small towns by the Ligurian sea. Oh, and this is not just some random claim, tourists who had the opportunity on the road trip to witness the beauty around, were totally awe-inspired by it.

Make a bucket destination list and write down your preferences, and then see where the world takes you!

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