For all the classical people out there, who love to connect verses and rhyme the words, it’s their time to discover the best poetry books, from historical to modern masterpieces.

Emily Dickinson, a well-known American poet, one said: 

​​“If I read a book and it makes my whole body so cold, no fire can warm me.”

That’s how she presented the power of poetry. 

And we all agree that poetry captures what's so often unexplainable, which means, what poetry delivers is somehow hard for the words to put together. It expresses the depths of loves, and shows our outrage and pain. 

Basically, poems give us tools to praise the sublime. We are connected soul to the dedicated soul with stanzas and verses.

So, today is a delightful day for all the poetry lovers at FAYVO

Whether it is a new journey for you, or you are a budding poet looking for some inspiration, team FAYVO has found the best poetry books and collections for you to check out! 

It’s time to read on to a list of books by the best poets to help you jump-start your reading.

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur:


There’s no other poetry book that has got as much appreciation and love from millennials than Milk and Honey. Most of the literary lovers have already read this book and chances are you’ve gone through its impeccable poems too. 

Milk and Honey is recommended by every other person in the book-lover’s community. The poetry book is about survival. Divided into four sections, each section relates to an issue of life. The majorly highlighted topics are, abuse, violence, love, and loss. 

If there’s just one book that you need to read about poetry, once in a lifetime, then it should be this one. It is a must read for all going through or suffering a post-hardship phase. 

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Love Her Wild by Atticus:


Another intelligent and empathetic author of poetry is Atticus. We are sure that some of your nerd friends must have a copy of it on their bookshelves. Love Her Wild is an adventurous sort of poetry. It is filled with crazy moments and memoirs and is the perfect companion for girls who love adventure. 

It is for all those wild natured people who want to experience something thrilling. So, if you ask about travelling to places through a book, then Love Her Wild is a great pick for you. 

Plainwater by Anne Carson:


Understanding people is an art, and for those who wish to master the art, they aren’t much affected by their surroundings. Maybe that’s what you learn in the book Plainwater of Anne Carson. She is a complex poetry writer and you have to indulge yourself to understand the hidden meaning of her poetry. 

Simple ideas of grief, pilgrimage, phenomenology, heartache and family, whatever it is, Carson offers you a different way to know it. She loves to play around the unrelated objects before making her final statement, and that’s what she does in Plainwater. 

If you haven’t got a chance to know her work and not sure where to start, you’d do well to start here.

Empty Nest by Carol Ann Duffy:


This book is a stunning compilation of ninety-nine modern and classic poems. 

Passing by the pages, you’d love the narrative of Carol Ann Duffy when she delves into the powerful and unique bond between parent and child. Empty Nest related to growing old, the increasing love of a parent, the everyday little things of family life, and tiny details. 

Not only the perfect happy side but it sheds light on the darker terrains as well, such as grief, loss and estrangement. 

One of the pros to have this book is to find some of our favorite poets’ collections too. In the Empty Nest, we have, Elizabeth Bishop, Jackie Kay, Simon Armitage, Shakespeare, Imtiaz Dharker, Seamus Heaney and Don Paterson.

The Wild Fox of Yemen by Threa Almontaser:


The Wild Fox of Yemen is the winner of the Walt Whitman Award of Academy of American Poets. The book is one of the most genuine and bold debuts in recent years. 

When reading it, you’d feel your powerful connection with it. The poems inside are both, a love letter to the country and people of Yemen, and a portrayal of young Muslim womanhood in New York after 9/11. It tells us how it feels to carry in the body the echoes of what came before.

For the overthinkers and details readers, it is one best book to start off right now!

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The Complete Poems Of Emily Dickinson By Emily Dickinson:


The famous yet talented poet Emily Dickinson raised the bar of poetry too high for anyone to forget her. This book is a savage collection of poems. The significant fact is that only 11 of Dickinson’s poems were published before she died in 1886. 

The fans were amazed to get her work renowned years after her death. The powerful books she wrote is the reason she still lives in the hearts of poetry lovers. The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson has all 1,775 of her poems in one work. 

It is a big book but definitely worth exploring once in a lifetime. Yes, because of too many poetry pieces, chances are you won’t love all of them, but it keep you hooked with the magical words.

The Rose That Grew From Concrete by Tupac Shakur:


This collection of super related and deeply personal poetry is a delight to the mind. This specific book is a mirror into the legendary artist’s mysterious world and its many confusions. 

Tupac Shakur wrote the book from the time he was nineteen. It is a powerhouse of energy and positivity. These seventy-two poems will teach you love again and delivers an ultimate message of hope.

Lighthead by Terrance Hayes:


“A poem is never very straightforward,” Hayes said. “You want it to be as complicated as your feelings.”

Yes, when you can’t give voice to your thoughts, you catch up on poetry. 

Hayes’ poems are difficult to understand. His writing moves quickly and is abrupt. He goes on with a constantly changing rhythm and a center in motion. 

Most of his poems are light and playful. In the book Lighthead, we get to read his talent to experiment with form and syntax. It is the author’s fourth collection and the winner of the 2010 National Book Award for Poetry. For the deep meaning poetry lovers, this book is the beginning of a new era. 

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Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein:


For the record, it is a beautiful book of poems for little ones. 

If you are looking to revamp the bedtime stories for your kids, then grab this interesting read. Even if you don’t have kids, you’d love this simple poetic book. Just as you enjoy Eliot and cummings and Whitman, your kids love reading or listening to Silverstein.

Time Is a Mother by Ocean Vuong:


After the tragedy of his mother’s death, Ocean Vuong gave voice to his grief. In this stunning and intimate collection of poetry, you’d find your emotions matching Vuong's. His work has been highly praised by people of all ages alike. AS stated by one of his fans, “Vuong has the ability to capture emotion.”

If you are new to this genre, start your journey from Time is a Mother, and you’ll be addicted to it. 

Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman:


Walt Whitman, a legend in the poetry world, and whoever loves reading poetic books, would definitely love Whitman. He is also known as the “poet of America.” 

Leaves of Grass is the collection of poems, that was first published in 1855. Walt Whitman took this evolving manuscript, edited it, added new poems, and republished it multiple times. 

In this interesting book, Whitman writes passionately about natural beauty. He talks about the beauty of love and relationships that defy the bounds of time. He shares his deep love for nature. Whitman also puts forward his existence and purpose in life and pushes the reader to do the same. Most of the people consider this book as an aspiring self-help book too.