Are you a regular normal person or a serial killer genre lover?

If you choose yourself as the latter, then high-five; we all are like you.

Undoubtedly, serial killer movies are the dark heart of the crime genre. The lead characters are not heroic who save the planet from villains, but they are the villains. Serial killers are terrifying and totally intriguing, and every streaming service has had some great success with releasing and promoting some true-crime features.

There are many fictional stories about serial killers and crimes, but the ones relating to the real incident have their own spark. Criminal stories based on true stories are real thrillers, and therefore, at FAYVO, we have come up with a list of these top movies.

From the comedy series to fiction, and Netflix Originals, today we will tell you the tales of a real-life serial killer. So, get set ready because it's time to step up your game for watching movies. Call your friends over and get binging some movies that are intense, entertaining - and based on real people.



This movie is directed by one famous director Patty Jenkins. It is a movie about prostitute serial killer Aileen Wuornos. While some movies show the brutality of killers, this film asks us to look at the serial killer through an empathetic lens and portrays Wuornos as an angry, harmed, and injured woman. She has spent her life being mistreated by many men and people in authority. The trauma has gotten into her nerves and escalated her anger. When she is done dealing with negativity, she starts robbing and killing her customers. Being a prostitute, she bears no more pain and agony.

No Man of God:


The movie is based on a true incident that happened back in 1980. It was Ted Bundy who was sentenced to death by electrocution. When he got arrested, he finally revealed the true story and shared the details of his crimes, but only to one man. That secret-keeper is Elijah Wood in the movie. It is full of torture and the true story of the bizarre and complex relationship between an FBI agent and an incarcerated Ted Bundy. The movie is based on the years leading to his execution. If you truly want to experience the life of a serial killer, don't miss it.

My Friend Dahmer:


Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most mysterious serial killers of all time, and the movie, My Friend Dahmer, is known as the best biography-based psychological thriller about him ever made. It was released in 2017 American adaptation and was brilliantly directed by Marc Lynch. In the movie, we see Ross Lynch as Dahmer and former Naked Brother's Band actor-artist Alex Wolff plays John "Derf" Backderf. The character Backderf is a cartoonist who inspired the movie's making with his graphic novel of the same name. When the killings began in 1978, it was revealed that Backderf was more than just a talented artist and vivid storyteller.

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer


It is a psychological horror crime story that is known to affect many people. Even if you don't know the real story behind it, it will give chills to the bones. Henry, the character, happened to be the real serial killer, and it is a documentary-cum-drama on how he became a serial killer. He had his reasons for doing what he did. In the movie, we get to know that he killed his mother because she was the source of major trauma happening in his life. His mother used to abuse and humiliate him in his childhood. He turns out to be a smart killer who never repeats a pattern while killing someone. To the least expectation, Henry kills his friend and girlfriend, who support him in his plans. In reality, he confessed to the murders of more than 600 people in his life.



There comes the Zodiac killer, that deserves to be on this list because of his intelligence. The movie is directed by David Fincher and based on Robert Raysmith's 1986 novel. Interestingly, the Zodiac Killer was never officially identified, even when he littered the San Fransisco Bay Area with bodies from the late 1960s to the early 70s. The movie shows a little dramatized version of the real story but presents the terrifying tactics used by the Zodiac killer. You get to see some big names in the film like Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jennifer's Body:


The movie is typically about demons and a succubus who pukes weird black bile everywhere. It is not like a regular criminal movie, but it is disturbing. The movie wasn't praised much when it was released and was considered a cheap direction, but after a few years, it rose like no other movie.

The Night Stalker:


It is one of the most popular serial killer movies based on a true story. It cleverly depicts the life of serial killer Richard Ramirez who terrorized the neighborhood of the Great Los Angeles Area and San Francisco Area for around a year.

He was not only a murderer but was a rapist, child molester, and robber. People said that he worshipped Satan, who guided him to attack and brutalize his victims in varying ways. He used different weapons every time, including knives, guns, and even a claw hammer. The movie was directed by Meghan Griffiths and starred Lou Diamond Philips, who plays the role of Ramirez.

Where to find the latest crime movies?

There's nothing wrong with satisfying your cravings by watching dark movies unless you start taking inspiration from them. As we all get a thrill watching horror movies, believing them a story, watching crime stories clicks us differently when you see, 'Based on a True Story."

But at least we can comfort ourselves with the fact that these killers are on the screen only, or all of them are now safely locked up—or dead.

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It is a movie that raises the standard bar for the movies of 1906. Psycho is Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece that has been loved by thousands of people worldwide. The film uses a new technology of a downward slashing motion in 1960s filmmaking. The movie beautifully portrays taboo topics. Psycho is the story of Norman Bates and is regarded by many as the "mother" of serial killer stories.

The Silence of the Lambs:


The movie is one of its kind. It is one of those crime stories after which you can't sleep for days. The Silence of the Lambs stars Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins, and they should be truly appreciated for the role they played. The killer in the movie is known as "Buffalo Bill." He is a sick-minded person with a fetish for kidnapping plus-sized women and holding them hostage in a human flesh-filled chamber. It is complete torture to think and see. He keeps them beneath his basement before killing them to wear their skin as a bodysuit. All these sick things are similar to that of Ed Gein, who purportedly drank from dishes he made from skulls and sat on chairs made of bones. The Silence of the Lambs won the Best Picture award for the overall depiction of a true story.


Released in 2003, the movie is based on the life of John Wayne Gacy, who was a dangerous serial killer, rapist, torturer, and murderer of around 33 men and boys. The weird thing was that for the public, he was a respectable citizen. He used to get into the clown costume and perform at charitable events and in children's hospitals. Gacy was then known as the 'Killer Clown.' He killed and buried twenty-six people in his home, three somewhere else on his property, and the remaining four in a river. Mark Holton brilliantly played the role of Gacy.


Memories of Murder:


Before South Korean director Bong Joon-ho made super hit movies and international thrillers like Snowpiercer and Okja, he directed Memories of Murder which is based on a true story. It is one of the best classical murder mysteries. It originated from Korea's initial killers. The director has added his signature pitch-black humor to the story of two detectives who try to solve the puzzling killings.

Ed Gein:


The lead character is also Ed Gein. In real life, he confessed to the killing of only two people. However, the horrible manner of murder and the monstrous acts earn him a place on the list of serial killers. He was a sick-minded person who used to mutilate the remains of his victims, stealing corpses from graves to make masks of human faces. The movie lets us know the insights into his upbringing and his poor relationship with his mother.