In this super-fast era where everyone is working like a machine and getting no rest, we all need an escape and, for sure, a helping hand. Today colleges are hectic, work-life is tiring, household chores are frustrating, and all of us are living the lives we didn't ask for. But don't worry!

Take a deep breath and hold on.  

FAYVO always has something for you to ease your mind and de-stress you. And as the title says, it is about traveling.   

Traveling is one excellent way to step out of your boring routine and enjoy life. And in this time, a scheduled vacation gives you something to look forward to. So, whether you want to reboot yourself and plan a solo trip or think about a getaway with your best friends, it just excites you wishing the day would come faster.

Before going into the wonderland, let us first talk about how to plan it properly. Undoubtedly, planning a holiday gives you something to look forward to in the coming year, but it is also overwhelming for almost all of us. We have to book flights, find the right accommodations, look for the destinations, etc.

It can lead to stress as well.

For sure, we are not here to add more to your stress but to take it off your shoulders.

So, today we will be talking about those dozens of amazing travel apps that'll help you not only fulfill your wanderlust but also save you money.

After you've finalized the destination you'll be going to, look for the weather condition there. Then get yourself some really pretty travel dresses (there's still plenty to organize before the fun begins), and then plan your trip.

You might be thinking, why do I need to get any travel app to help me out when I can manage on my own. So, here is the answer:

Why Do I Need the Travel Apps?

Regardless of the tour type and place you decide to move on to, travel apps become handy in everything you do. From making the right arrangements for travelers to creating proper itineraries, offering discounts, booking hotels, etc., you can do it all.

Now let's have a look at some benefits of travel apps that justify that mobile apps are necessary for your travel: 

You get everything under one roof

Most travel apps are designed for one good reason, while the best of them has all the features you need to plan your trip. These apps provide you with the things needed for your travel needs, such as destination details, ticket booking costs, worth-visiting places, hotel options, reservation facilities, and exploring local experiences. You are given everything beforehand to make the necessary changes to your trip.

Reduced planning and simplify transactions

In the hassle, you may forget a few things. For example, you might forget to take the extra cash, and now you are worried about where to find the ATM. Using the travel apps will let you pay online for flights, hotels, etc.

A good travel app carries all tickets in it, including hotel reservation tickets, flight or train tickets, and other important documents related to travel. It will save you from anxiety and stress. 

Get real view pictures and videos of destination

Travel apps let you see the real views of the places you are going to. With that, you have a better idea of the weather, what to expect when you land there, and where to go. It helps you plan your trip better. Yes, Google also has unlimited photos and videos of every country, but getting authentic data will never mislead you.

According to a survey conducted by Google, it is seen that 66% of the respondents watch the videos of the destination before landing there, and it's the best way!

They're available offline

The biggest hassle when you are on your flight is, losing the internet signals and connectivity issues. If you're traveling overseas, you must be ready for it. But the good news is that travel apps work in the offline mode, too (most of them.) Once you have created your trip's itinerary and noted everything into the app, now it is safe and accessible for you at any anytime.

Understanding trip planning and getting assistance on it makes you feel a lot relaxed and light, but the itinerary isn't going to map itself. That's why travel apps are made. With the help of the best travel apps, you'll actually enjoy the excitement and thrill of your next tour. Or, at the very least, you'll be able to find the best options and cheap flights to get you there.

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The application is available on both Android and iOS devices, and it is one of the best travel apps designed to make your travel an exciting one. The app lets us find all the cities, including the listings of both top attractions and hidden gems. It covers the destinations from almost every corner of the globe. You can easily find restaurants, hotels, and vacation rentals. Additionally, the app TripAdvisor lets you create your own customized itineraries by saving the places you're interested in. After that, it's up to you to keep the trip details private or public.

It's informative and fun. As soon as you search for a city in the app, your newsfeed will be populated with users' trips, photos, videos, reviews, and articles about that destination. Thus, offer you tons of ideas and inspiration. Before planning on your own, give this app a try!

For more details: TripAdvisor


It is one of the minimalistic apps with the least distractions. The app will work as a journal for you. If you are not a regular traveler and like to keep things simple, you will like the intuitive diary-style journaling of Bonjournal. For your travel needs, the app lets you create a day-by-day narrative with your photos, the date and location, title, and some other details. A great addition to the app is its availability in offline mode.


Moreover, after completing your diary and tour details in the app, you can export the notes to PDF so they can be printed, shared, or stored. Within the app, you find, and a map Bonjournal creates for you. Last but not least, the app becomes handy in sharing your experience via Facebook and Twitter.

For more details: Bonjournal



This one is an all-rounder giving you all the features you need in a travel app. Waterlog saves your reservations, flights, and tickets in one place and then uses them to create a single itinerary for your trip. There are visuals to make you understand the itinerary completely. Also, you can easily view your plans on a map, which is perfect if you're traveling everywhere on your own, e.g., in your private car.

The app allows wanderers to share travel plans with friends, asking them to make changes if necessary. Another good thing about Wanderlog is that all of the plans you make are stored offline. It is very helpful when you lose signals but need to see the activities planned for your next day. With the expense management feature, you can also use the app to track expenses and budgets for your trip.

For more details: Wanderlog


Hopping from one place to another, this app helps wanderers in getting the flights at the best possible rates. It works on the motive, "Save money, and money will save you."


The app has advanced algorithms that compare the airline prices and then consider historical trends to predict when prices to a destination are likely to be the lowest. They also notify the users when the prices are likely to change and the best time to buy a ticket for a specific destination.

Before booking your flight, you can analyze the trends, and the app will intelligently advise you whether it's worth it to buy now or to wait. It's simply awesome!

For more details: Hopper 


It is another online travel app that stays with you throughout your trip. Kayak helps in finding you great deals on different modes of transportation. Though you can also find deals on stays, activities, and travel packages, it has all the details you need to have in a foreign city.



All you have to do is enter your preferred modes of transportation—like riding trains, flying, or driving a car, and you are done. You'd come up with all of your options, irrespective of where you are when you want to travel or what your budget is. Also, you can completely customize the data by using filters, and it's all handy!

For more details: Kayak

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This app focuses on itineraries and reservations and is popular for organizing everything in one place. What stands it out from the other apps is that it gives you a Masterfile for free inclusive of all the details you need in your trip itinerary. Plus, you can access the itinerary anywhere without a Wi-Fi connection.



It is free to use for beginners, but if you wish to add more to your organization, you need the Pro plan. The premium service provides real-time flight alerts, refund notifications, and the ability to track reward points and miles, as well as a currency converter.

For more details: Tripit