Show Time: The Best TV Comedies of All Time

Since the introduction of entertainment and movies, comedies have played a vital part in giving us a good time pass. In the past, it was the physical appearance of comedians who used to entertain the audience, and there were specific times for those shows. Also, there were just simple old primetime television shows that kept fans glued to their couch week after week to find out what happens next. We used to buy DVDs to watch our favorite comedy show again and again in order to relive the drama.


Now that we have a multitude of streaming services, we have thousands of options to choose from. Because of this reason, sometimes we feel so overwhelmed with the choices that we need filtration. For this reason, we have come up with a solution. Use the FAYVO app and get tons of comedy recommendations according to your interest. 


To celebrate the history of great television, we have compiled the list of the best TV comedy shows of all time. Let’s read about them:


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The Carmichael Show:

The Carmichael Show deserves to be on this list because of its unmatched humor and bravery. This comedy show is funny yet meaningful. The host highlights the social and political issues, including gun control, trans rights, and Black Lives Matter. The Carmichael Show is an unapologetically black show about real-life on a major broadcast network. Audiences have been loving this traditional sitcom. It has that studio audience, multiple cameras, and a studio soundstage. When you stream into it, you’ll always find something more than just making you laugh.



Throughout the series, the whole cast has presented the black lives in a full, hilarious way. Insecure is a classic hangout show. There is adult comedy and fun. If you wish to have a good time watching comedy series with your friends, choose Insecure for it.


Arrested Development:

In 2003, Arrested Development came out for the audience. In the beginning, it seemed like every other television comedy, but later, it started introducing a joke-dense, running gag-laden format that shaped the millions of single-camera comedies after it. In this weirdly funny show, you see a privileged family who just can’t seem to learn their lesson. And the jokes never ever get old. In fact, the series rewards repeat viewing. Whenever you start watching it, there’s always some new Easter egg to shock and delight you.


The Simpsons

The longest-running scripted comedy TV series of all time is The Simpsons. You see a yellow family that has held a mirror up against American pop culture and society. The comedy series has been entertaining the audience for a long time and has aired twenty-two good seasons.


Big Mouth

This animated comedy has middle schoolers battling real hormones. There are avatars for characters, and we see Hormone Monsters, voiced by Maya Rudolph, kicking off hilarious jokes as they enter puberty. The show is rated 18+ because it has loose language, but it is given a very high rating with respect to the comedy.


One Day at a Time

Most reboots have little reason to watch, as this series is also a remake of a seventies sitcom. In this series, we see a single mom raising teenage daughters. She’s also a Cuban-American responsible for the upbringing of a queer daughter (Isabella Gomez’s Elena) and slick son (Marcel Ruiz’s Alex) in a world increasingly fraught for their areas of intersectionality. Like the best of Lear’s original sitcoms, this One Day at a Time is a fantastically juggled broad family comedy about the problems of modern life.


Police Squad

Zucker Abrahams and Zucker released a deadpan and joke-stuffed series on police procedurals, and it turned out to be one of the most amazing comedy TV series. It was loved by the primetime network audiences. It has a total of six episodes that created a small but committed fan base. The buzz was kept alive through the decade and then eventually turned into the Naked Gun movies.


Bojack Horseman

It is as funny as dark. BoJack Horseman brilliantly shows Hollywood culture while painting a blunt yet touching portrait of depression and addiction. It doesn’t sound like much fun, we know, but somehow, it’s one of the most joke-dense, ambitious comedies ever to play the game.


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