You might think that you've watched every possible TV show produced while you've been spending time at home, specially during the COVID-19 times. 

But, here’s the good part. You haven’t run out of good watches yet. 

Choosing what to see next is an important thing to decide. Often the series and dramas we start watching affect our minds. After all, we are choosing to spend time with these fictional characters and public personas. 

When we tune in to a movie, sitcom, thriller, or reality series, we let it be a part of our day or days. Thus, this time with movie characters and our imaginary friends has only become a bigger part of so many of our lives. 

All thanks to the pandemic, which has actually made many of us glued to our screens. Due to COVID-19, we are spending more time away from our actual friends and relatives.

Luckily! We've got you covered. 

Below you'll find a list of TV shows and movies that you can enjoy while isolating and practicing social distancing. So, let's get started;



This is a miniseries and is basically in the Yiddish language. The story originally has very details and is one of the best thriller series to watch staying at home. Unorthodox goes around a 19-year-old Esty Shapiro, who manages to run away from her arranged marriage in an ultra-orthodox community in Brooklyn. She ends up going to Berlin. There she finds life more interesting and freer. She starts exploring the world outside the strict beliefs she grew up in. With the stunning performance of the main role, Unorthodox lets you take a step into a relentlessly compelling world.


Modern Family:


Modern Family is a joint family comedy that offers a touching and laughably honest depiction of modern family life. In the series, you'll see three couples. One is a gay couple with their adopted daughter. The other one is a post-midlifer and his much younger second wife and stepson. It is one of the hilarious sitcoms. If you are depressed and stressed while restricting yourself to the four walls, you should give it a try. It is a light-hearted series to make your day bright. 

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Breaking Bad:


It is one of the best epic series on Netflix, and the most popular series to invest time in whenever you are streaming into your next TV show. In the recent past, Breaking Bad has made history. It is a long series, continuing for 6 years. Breaking Bad is a mix of many things; the underworld story, illegal drug manufacturing case, distribution of drugs and dealing, the loopholes in the law-making firms, the false investigations, and expert-level montages which may or may not occasionally feature dub-step tracks. It gives its audience a totally new experience of science, acting, and more. It is a rare TV show that gets better with each and every season and with each passing episode. When stuck at home, this series must not be missed.

Peaky Blinders:


Peaky Blinders should be your number one choice if you are into crime sagas and mystery. Especially after watching Breaking Bad and Narcos, this series is the best follow-up. IT has all the action-packed in it, anti-hero intrigue, and offers a burst of gritty violence you're looking for. Tommy Shelby becomes everyone's favorite whoever watches the series. Cillian Murphy playing the role of Tommy Shelby puts on a quietly intimidating and all-too-charming performance. He was the former war hero who turned into the head of the Peaky Blinders gang. The series has 5 seasons till now, with a delayed sixth season on the way. This TV show gives a bloody good time the entire way. 

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Schitt's Creek:


It took a while for Dan Levy's comedy to get renowned and appreciated by the audience, but now it just won all the comedy categories at the Emmys for its final season. And indeed, when watching Schitt’s Creek, it might take a few episodes to warm up to this story of a rich, entitled family who lose it all and move to the titular small town that patriarch Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy) purchased as a lark. But unlike Arrested Development, this squabbling brood shows different shades and sides of themselves as the seasons tick by, growing into characters you actually root for. It'll warm your heart if you give it a chance.


Cutting down short, almost all the Netflix trending series are binge-worthy if you are a fan of that genre. The recently released thriller series Squid Game is also one of the most exciting watches for people worldwide. It is all about the category you are interested in and the time you have at hand. In the quarantine season, make sure you quaran-stream something that adds value to your mind. If you still find yourself running out of options, download the app FAYVO. 

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