War is hell but in real life. Watching war movies can be pretty damn entertaining, especially if you fall under the category of thrill lovers. Some of those chaotic movies make you feel emotional, some make you sad, and others will just plop you right in the middle of the action.

If we talk about the history and popularity of war movies, we get to know that since the dawn of Hollywood, war has been given a frequent spotlight in American cinema. After that, war movies were liked by the people because of various reasons.

For the love of action and thrill, wars in the film have developed into a genre all their own.

War movies bring a lot to us, like, we get to experience what we can't have in real life. Within such terrible situations, morally bound people, plots are driven at rapid-fire speed by high-stakes action sequences and psychological struggles that we all love to see and enjoy.

And when it comes to Netflix, FAYVO, and the FAYVO team, all of us are a fan of the biggest movies database on the platform. There's nothing you can't find on Netflix. Therefore, war movies have never been behind in boosting adrenaline in our veins.

From the many fantastic war movies on Netflix, it's hard to select the best ones. Hence, we have made a list of some of the Netflix war movies of all time, so let's jump onto them.

The King:


After the massive hit of the movie, audiences are still loving it. The amazing stars, including Timmy Chalamet and Robert Pattinson, did justice to their roles. They were dueling their way through a story based on plays from Shakespeare's "Henriad." Their get-ups, the direction, dialogues, storyline, and especially, Chalamet's bowl cut clearly was powerful enough to cut through the culture.

Beasts of No Nation:


Cary Fukunaga's wartime drama is not a movie that you can skip. It is highly recommended by the audience as it was adapted from Uzodinma Iweala's novel of the same name. The main character is a preteen Agu (Abraham Attah), and the story is about his struggles. The real suspense comes after he's selected to be a child soldier in an African civil war. Supervised over by a grumpy commander (Idris Elba), the movie is a little disturbing to see. It is sometimes loud, tender, and other times violent. It is a coming-of-age story in which the characters may not live to come of age.



This one is a classical war movie following the true legends of wartime. Also, the movie Braveheart remains one of the most-watched war movies of the past few decades. It is full of vibes where you go back to the old times. Usually, war movies are focused on some heroes, but this one is a real story. Still, the primary character William Wallace and his story certainly have some roots in legitimate heroics.

Wallace is a Scottish knight who fought for freedom and then eventually martyred in the First War of Scottish Independence. The movie is about bravery and Wallace's brutal war against the English.

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Sand Castle:


This Netflix war movie is based on the War in Iraq and is quite close to the real-life experiences of screenplay writer Chris Roessner. The film centers on Private Matt Ocre, who is a young soldier in the United States Army. Once war breaks out, he finds himself unwillingly shipped over to the Middle East.

When his unit is delegated to repair a broken water system in a dangerous part of the country, he has to face the brutal faces of forces. The film greatly explains the stress and insecurity of young soldiers during the conflict. Also, you'd feel yourself in the shoes of men who are sent overseas.

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Apocalypse Now Redux:


The movie came to big screens in 1979, and since then, it's been the center of attention for war lovers. It was directed by Francis Ford Coppola in his golden era of filmmaking. But Netflix currently has Apocalypse Now Redux, which was released in 2001 as the extended version of the 1979 film.

The movie has a loose connection with the novel Heart of Darkness by the Polish-British author Joseph Conrad. By watching the movie, you'd see the journey of a soldier from Vietnam to Cambodia during the Vietnam War. The movie is full of emotion, and the extended version on Netflix has an additional 49 minutes of footage.

Munich: The Edge of War


The movie takes us back to the times of World War II. The film 'Munich: The Edge of War' is a co-production between Great Britain and Germany, and these are the real locations where precisely the movie took place.

The story begins in 1932 with a group of British friends at Oxford University. One of the friends belongs to Germany, and he asks the other friends to visit his homeland. However, the movie transitions to six years later due to the rise of Nazis and Hitler. One reason why the movie is capable of grabbing the audience's attention is the slow anticipation for what's to come, thus creating a movie that truly immerses you in its storylines.

The Outpost:


"The Outpost" is a very violent movie to watch as it puts you straight in the inferno of war. It is based on the true story of Afghanistan's "Camp Custer," a U.S. outpost surrounded by mountains. The movie is not very popular because of many death scenes but is worth watching. The soldiers are assigned to this most torturing posting, and they have to do their best anyway, even when a massive attack hits. The Outpost deftly speaks of both the terror of combat and the courage that's required on the battlefield. Along with the great Netflix Originals, it is truly a masterpiece to save and watch.

 War Machine:


This Netflix original war movie is a unique one because it has the biggest budget. It was released in 2017, and people have loved its concept of it. It is not based on real events, but it is associated with the real-life activities of U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal.

Brad Pitt plays the main role here, and he has been asked to try to wrap up the current war in Iraq in 2009. In return, the General tries to get more troops together for one final push to win the war. Upon this action, he is faced with severe opposition on military and political fronts. War Machine is a movie that keeps the balance in humor and intensity. The movie clearly shows what the military has to deal with besides fighting the enemy.

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The Photographer of Mauthausen

Experience the real-life events of the Spanish Civil War in The Photographer of Mauthausen. Francisco Boix is seen as a prisoner at a Nazi concentration camp. Another interesting character is Mauthausen, who tried to preserve and hide photographic proofs of the killings committed within the walls of the concentration camp. Mauthausen shows bravery and stands out while risking his and his fellow prisoners' lives in the process. It is one of the best war movies on Netflix if you love to see mystery holding the hand of action.




We all love superheroes and the great Superhero movies. Our minds are set to see them as extraordinary whenever they appear on screens. This time, Chris Hemsworth picks up an assault rifle and gets to work in Extraction. It is a classic Netflix shoot-em-up movie that re-teams the Australian actor with his former Marvel filmmaking buddies Joe and Anthony Russo. It is a masterpiece for all the Marvel and war fans.