Had a bad bad day at work and hoped to turn around in a cheerful one? We have you covered.

FAYVO and movie buffs at FAYVO love to change the mood into a good one, and for that we’ve brought an exciting list for you. 

Live out your wildest workplace fantasies with these hilarious yet relatable workplace comedy movies.

Horrible bosses, annoying customers, and bothersome colleagues are something we all can relate to. But when it comes to seeing what happens with others at their workplaces via a movie, it gives you a fun time for sure. 

In the comedy genre, workplace comedy is such a big-hit. The best office comedies cover laugh-out-loud screenplays and unforgettable relationships. There are characters to empathize with and relevant characters striving to reach new career goals. 

The best of these movies are surely the ones that help us get through our rough days as well as, on the flip side, make our work-life bearable. 

So, with the entertainment list at your service, we’ve got a bunch of movies for you that are the best comedies about jobs featuring everything from Horrible Bosses to Be Kind Rewind to Working Girl.

9 to 5:


Dolly Parton is famous for her unique music and holds a very vocal personality. Back at the time when 9 to 5 was released, she was starred in it with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. The main agenda of the movie is to highlight the mistreatment with three female employees by a sexist, egotistical boss and their revenge on him. 

It is all fun and comedy when they start making him taste his own pills. And well, almost all the working ladies have experienced this in one way or another, so this movie is for all of them. Watching the movie you’d definitely think of ways to “accidentally” remove him from the picture, but secretly. 

This movie is entertaining and very unique in a way, the employees actually try removing a boss from the equation. It is a must-watch!

The Internship:


The duo that made us all laugh out loud with the amazing watch Wedding Crashers, are now back with another hilarious film for us to watch. The Internship is a fun romp about two men who are forced to embrace the new world of technology. They luckily get an internship at Google. 

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are the leading characters here and were two former salesmen. They were actually fired from their long-time job because they have been replaced by computers. Therefore, checking their chances and trying to get a new job, the pair ends up joining Google. There they are pushed into an almost Hunger Games-like competition for the position available. 

Watching two grown men starting their career once again is both empathetic and funny. The Internship is a movie that’ll for sure make you feel better instantly. Also, in real life, this movie explains the perfect scenario of what happens when technology continues to grow.

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For a certain generation, Clerks was the ultimate comedy. Yes, we are talking about the ‘90s kids and their humor. Well, the movie is about jobs and the struggles at work. If you want to know what it was like having a dead-end job in the early nineties, save this movie and watch it straight. 

Clerks was the “Gimme Shelter” of Generation X – children born before the new century began. You see that retro type dressing and witness a totemic statement about the bored, disaffected youth in checkered shirts and backwards baseball caps. Back then, the cool guys were measured according to the number of women they’ve slept with and how many “Star Wars” references they add in a conversation within a group. 

Up in the Air:


Unlike our last entry, 2009's Up in the Air has a modern sense of humor and stands out to deliver its hilarious moments. We see figures dressed up in sleek and stylish presentations.

George Clooney amazingly plays the role of Ryan Bingham. In this comedy office movie, he is a human resources consultant with a hectic lifestyle that forces him to be on his toes all the time.  In a cruel phase of his life, the man whose job is to assist in layoffs has to fight for himself too. Natalie, her co-worker, assists him as he makes a case for his job and lifestyle. The movie is full of drama, great performances, and hooking characters.

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Office Space:


The most important ingredient of a comedy movie is it's relatable content and characters. This is what majorly makes a movie hit of flop for audience. And for the work-related movies, this factor stands tall. 

Office Space is hilarious and that’s what makes this cult classic shine for much of its audience. Mike Judge, creator of the animated shorts from which Office Space is loosely based, greatly captures the drudgery of corporate life.

In a departure from another Judge creation, Beavis and Butt-Head, this '99 film is a smart social commentary and clever spoof of American corporate culture. This is enhanced by some hilarious situational humor and clever writing throughout. There's no shortage of great performances, but Gary Cole really stands out with his satirical, yet convincing portrayal of the stern, robotic Initech boss.

Groundhog Day:


Many have complained about the repetitious nature of their work. But what if you were literally stuck living out the same day at work over and over again? This distinctly funny comedy from '93 explores this mind-bending notion. Much like Ghostbusters before it, this Harold Ramis' film stands out with its blend of unique fantasy/surreal concepts and humor. 

We follow a weatherman played by the always humorous Bill Murray, who finds he's stuck reliving the same day on a loop. This is seemingly triggered by the emergence of the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil. This is a bizarre and endearing character study as much as it's a whimsical comedy, as the self-centered weatherman is forced to reexamine those he treats poorly while stuck in this loop.

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Big was the movie that really proved to the world that Tom Hanks was a force to be reckoned with and set the stage for his world domination. It was his most successful movie till that point, becoming a huge box office and critical hit, ultimately earning him his first Oscar nomination. 

Most will remember it as a king of body-swap fantasy comedy about the exploits of a young boy who ends up in the body of an adult, but at the heart of it, it’s definitely just as much a workplace comedy in that. As an adult, still with the naivety and innocence of a child, Hanks’ character Josh is a data entry clerk for a toy company. It cleverly satirizes the corporate world and gives the viewers food for thought as they witness Josh’s unique and ‘youthful’ approach to business do wonders for the corporation