Back in our childhood days, the first movie that gave us spin-crawling chills, was, Sinister. It was a slideshow of brutality, violence, horror, and psychological torture, and the mastermind behind it was, Scott Derrickson. Even after, 10 or 12 years, when you watch it again, it still makes you shudder.

Undoubtedly there are a handful of really scary movies available on Netflix, and FAYVO is happy to share the best ones. When we talked to movie buffs, they clearly stated that Scott’s masterpieces are the best of them. So, here we come with another horror movie getting in the limelight these days, The Black Phone!

Upon hearing of the movie as a triple reunion with Derrickson, co-writer Robert Cargill, and star Ethan Hawke, it triples the excitement as well. It is also scary to expect what these three have to come up with in this psychological drama. Derrickson’s victims are hitched by their consequences. Relating it to the "Sinister" again, where he had them spun in a web inherent to their demise; "The Black Phone" connects its victims with a thread crucial to survival.

Before further details and the audience’s feedback, let us watch the trailer.

*Be sure to not watch it alone.


Release date: June 24, 2022

Director: Scott Derrickson

Box office: 104.3 million USD

Runtime: 1h 42 min

Cinematography: Brett Jutkiewicz

Typically, nostalgia is a mix of emotions, joy, and downheartedness, but when you have spent your entire life in the era of Stranger Danger, that longing takes the turn and presents a bloody raw edge, engraved with lingering nightmares.

The Black Phone calls to all those horror genre fans who can’t stop themselves thinking and fearing about an unmarked van, the neighbors whispering, a bogeyman appearing at any moment, and a curious silence before the storm. You are constantly in terror of losing your freedom, family, and life. The movie presents a grim tale of a serial killer who targets kids.

P.S. The Black Phone has some twisted ideas and clever turns. But is it worth the hype? Read below to find out.

The Cast:


With a stellar cast and Ethan Hawke straight outta Sinister, people love to see this suspenseful horror on the big screen. Along with many big names, the cast looks like something mentioned below.

    - Mason Thames as Finney

    - Madeleine McGraw as Gwen       

    - Ethan Hawke as The Grabber

    - Jeremy Davies as Terrence

    - E. Roger Mitchell as Detective Wright

What’s in the Story?

The movie begins with the abduction of a child by The Grabber (Hawke). The kid Finney Shaw (Thames) finds himself trapped in a basement and full of darkness. There he catches the sight of a disconnected phone on the wall. The phone allows Finney to hear the voices of past victims who are determined to keep him safe. Thus, it becomes the only hope to escape from the kidnapper.

Moreover, from the inside news, it was reported that Derrickson got a helping hand in writing the film with C. Robert Cargill, to create a mind-blowing suspense story. And undoubtedly, it won hearts. The plot stands out due to the compelling sibling dynamic found at the core. Finney and his sister Gwen (McGraw) have a bond that keeps you hooked and shines throughout the film.

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The Positives:

Story Building:


Before diving into the horror scenes directly, The Black Phone takes its time to let the audience breathe in the characters. It creates enough atmosphere to understand the lives of Finney and Gwen and then takes a horror turn. The kids are living with their moderately abusive father which creates a sense of fear. Also, as we see Finney being bullied at school, it makes you relate to them.

The Empathetic Bond:

When Finney is taken by the kidnapper, Gwen is genuinely desperate to get him back. The screenplay and story perfectly present her feelings for her brother and how she wants him back home, safely. It captures the audience’s attention and keeps you engaged. However, these details don’t reveal much about The Grabber, and that’s what keeps the suspense.

The Continuous Twists:

As we all get eager to know the real villain in the movie, but it is not revealed. The good part is, that the mystery surrounding the main character gets exciting in the film by keeping his story nonexistent. Fans of the Halloween series might also compare this case with Michael Myers’ work, who is a mysterious force.

The Black Phone knows how to play the mystery and action cards. All the characters collectively make you root for the roles on screen while also keeping you on the edge. The hooking story and unexpected turns, build tension throughout and creates a very terrifying experience.

A Powerful message:

Derrickson and Cargill have presented a horrific story with a wonderful message for young children. If we look closely, we’d find that The Black Phone is a tale of a boy who has self-doubts. In his journey, he is learning to stand up for himself and have more confidence. Behind the amazing story and thriller, this message might get overlooked. The supernatural combined with a great story is what makes The Black Phone a great hit.

Stunning Performances:


McGraw is seen to be one of the finest actors and is an absolute scene-stealer like Gwen Shaw. The emotional pain she shows during a scene is truly worth-praising and heartbreaking, but Gwen also possesses a smart mouth. A scene, in particular, is appreciated by the audience where two detectives delivered a hilarious scene of dialogue due to McGraw’s wonderful performance. The performances from the whole cast are spectacular. Especially, it is a delight to see Hawke joined by Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw, Jeremy Davies, and Miguel Mora.

The Siblings Love:


The kid, Thames, is incredible as her brother, Finney. The bond and the chemistry between the siblings are present the entire time, and you’d be sold on these two being siblings. Thames excellently captures the pressure Finney feels along with the lack of confidence he wears, which makes him an easy target for bullies.

The villain. The Grabber. The Hawke. Is. Amazing.

He delivers a bone-chilling performance and despite being in a negative role, the audience says that is their favorite performance of the year for him. He is too involved in the role to become this nightmare-fueled child-murdering maniac.

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The Little Loopholes:

Every movie, be it a super-hit or a box-office smash, has a few little loopholes inside. So, keeping the minor logic holes aside, The Black Phone is a game-changer in the horror world.

The story is perfect, child performances are outclassing, and Hawke is just as memorable in his role despite the lack of character development. If this sequel happens, all the fans would be curious to see the approach because The Black Phone is an impressive new horror film.

FAYVO’s Final Thoughts on The Black Phone:

When talking about the entire movie, in a nutshell, The Black Phone really does end up being a good watch. Sure, it’s not perfect and it comes up short in a few areas, but it’s the fastest movie with a ton of happening sequences. If nothing else, watch for the incredible performances of the cast.