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Netflix Epic Fantasy TV Series

Fantasy Series recommendations for people who love to live in a world full of imagination. Check out the top Fantasy Series you'll surely love.

Jingle Bells, Christmas Recommendations On the Way!

Christmas is here, let's stock up on the recommendations. Here's a list of holiday movies, books, series and playlists you can enjoy!

15 Feel Good Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now!

We all need a push when spirits are low; but even when you're happy you deserve to ride that wave. Therefore, FAYVO picks the top feel good movies for you to enjoy.


Book Recommendations for Harry Potter’s Fan Club

With Fayvo, you can explore book recommendations at your fingertips from anywhere. We have a personalized feed for you and a handful of books' suggestions to choose from.

Best Fantasy Book Series to Read

Looking for your next read? Cast your eyes upon our list of some of the best fantasy books of all time. Save this list on Fayvo to keep track of everything you love.

8 Great Books to Read in Your Lifetime – At Least Once!

There are some books to read in your lifetime because they have characters, experiences, emotions, and perspectives that are still relatable to the current culture


‘Nomadland’ Review: Here’s Everything We Know About the Award-Winning Movie!!

With Fayvo in your smartphone, you can explore book recommendations at your fingertips. Under the ‘books’ category, we have multiple options lined up for you to pick up and start reading.

Incredible Bucket List Destinations

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