Looking into the specific genres of Netflix, we found out that one of the top movies on Netflix in the horror category is the German movie 'Blood Red Sky.' It is a classic action horror film by Peter Thorwarth. Along with the other amazing Netflix Originals, this movie came out in July 2021, and since then, the response is overwhelming. 

One thing that's worth mentioning before we get into the details is that fans have been reacting on social media about the movie as 'Wild. Really wild.'


Let's watch the trailer now:



Release date: July 23, 2021 (Germany)

Director: Peter Thorwarth

Budget: 17.7 million USD

Editor: Knut Hake

Languages: German, English, Arabic



Netflix's 2021 original movie blitz keeps on blitzing with Blood Red Sky. When looking for the perfect watch over the weekend, this horror-suspense-action-thriller is one good match that very much earns all of those hyphens.

In the trailer, we see the main character and a few important people leading the movie. Surprisingly, right after its teaser launch, the movie has become a surprise hit among critics, receiving an array of positive reviews for its unique elements and skilled execution.




BLOOD RED SKY: The Storyline

The opening scene is at the RAF Airbase. You can see many military officials guiding a passenger jet out of the air for a bumpy landing. They are all heavily armed with guns and tactical gear. It clearly looks like a hijacking situation.

Just then, the cargo door opens, and there we see a little boy, Elias climbing down holding his teddy bear. The counselor tries to talk to him and ask him about the incident. He stays quiet and just stares into the middle distance. He is not present at the moment; in fact, he is getting flashbacks to yesterday. Elias' mom, Nadja (Peri Baumeister), is sick, and he remembers his mom pulling on a wig on her bald head and taking her medication. She is suffering from cancer and seemingly a bad one.

Back in the past day, Elias and his mother are taking an evening flight to New York. At the airport, they meet a nice man, Farid (Kais Setti), who tells Elias his mom is going to get new bone marrow. That's the reason for their journey on the plane (which doesn't really end up as a pleasant journey.)

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In another incident, referring to the flashback in Nadja's head, she and baby Elias and his (dead) father are traveling down a snowy rural road when the car breaks down. In search of help, dad goes out. When he doesn't return back, Nadja wraps up the kid and follows the dad's tracks to an old mysterious house. There's blood in the snow. And Nadja sees a strange man who seems to be snarling like a wounded tiger. 


On their flight, the plane gets hijacked. Some fanatics take control of the plane, and one of those zealots called Eightball (Alexander Scheer) jams his knife right into the eye socket of the flight marshal then terrorizes the passengers. That's where the climax comes.

One after the other, happening events start taking place. As the terrorists make everyone stay in their seats, Elias runs off and Nadja. Nadja follows him and ends up taking a few bullets. They are good enough to knock anybody down. After a few moments, you'll see Nadja getting up again, healing from the wounds and chasing after the hijackers.

Woah! What a brilliant comeback. Well, we won't explain the story further, so you can watch it and enjoy it by yourself!


Performance Worth Watching:

Nadja's character is worth praising here. The director has really kept a few moves from flying apart by digging into her character's maternal instinct and holding herself together in amazing ways.


The Audience's Take:

The warm relationship and bonding between the mother and her son in several heart-tugging scenes is ah-mazing! If Mom is entirely believable in her suffering, Elias is equally convincing as the pure-hearted son whose love and dedication create a solid emotional core among the scares.

Let's have a look at what people say:




Our Take: Stream it or skip it?


Short Answer: Stream it!

Reasons: Blood Red Sky isn't just another hostage drama movie at 30,000 feet. Thankfully, it is unique, unpredictable, and shows a collection of flashbacks to keep it connecting with the hijacking incident. Red Blood Sky is a movie good enough to elevate our heart rates.

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