As we step out of the sunny days and windy nights, it’s the most appropriate time to wrap up your bucket list of summer things to do.

Not to get sad but to create a new bucket list for the magical fall season coming up ahead.

Ask yourself, is there any season better than fall?

From all the beautiful things, we all love the truly changing colors. In the autumn, the air is crisp, the leaves are falling and the smell of pumpkin spice fills our hearts and souls with gratitude.

And how can we forget those delicious pies, apple treats, and other fall desserts one could ever want?

Here at FAYVO, we all are entertainment lovers and for sure, look for opportunities to enjoy and have fun.

Let’s face it, from brilliant colored leaves falling to the sweet smell of pumpkin, there’s a bit of charm when it comes to fall. Whether you are picking crops or just seeking to add family memories, this ultimate list of fun autumn activities will keep you pleasantly busy.

Take a Scenic Train Ride:


One best way to experience the charm of changing leaves is to ride on a train. On a fall foliage train ride, you’d love the sceneries around you and there’s nothing more magical than steaming through the gorgeous autumn landscape. It is so captivating, especially from the comfort of a train where you can just sit back, relax and take in the view. Look for the locations that offer the best sights, ask for recommendations and enjoy.

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Attend a Fall Festival:


For lifetime memories and amazing photos, look for the ultimate fall experience. There's no better time to celebrate the season than your local fall or harvest festival. Find the perfect spot for the activity or just look around in your hometown. Take in the autumn scenery, hang out with the scarecrows, and don't forget to make faces in the pumpkin. It’d be fun!

Carve a Pumpkin:


Here comes the essential part of the season, that is, craving a pumpkin with friends and family is a ritual that’ll be entertaining forever. If there's anything that's a must-do activity for fall, it's carving some pumpkins. Get creative and crave what you want. Ask your friends and search for the best pumpkin carving ideas. Some of them are super-fun "candy land" pumpkins dressed up with everything from gum drops to candy corn.

Plan a Fall Weekend Getaway:


Planning a vacation during the fall season is the best favor for yourself. It is undoubtedly a gorgeous season, and fortunately, there are plenty of places to soak in every bit of autumn’s essence. Plan a fall weekend getaway with family and friends to embrace all the cozy activities you can. It can either be like leaf-peeping or cider sipping. Make sure to consider one of these destinations that have the best fall foliage in the world.

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Say Cheers to Oktoberfest:



Oktoberfest is a seriously underrated holiday. It’s customary to enjoy a few drinks in the beer garden, but you can also eat Bavarian pretzels, sample dozens of traditional sausages, try folk dancing and learn about the rich culture of Germany.

Snap the Colorful Leaves:


With various shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown, fall is any photographer’s dream. So get out your DSLR and explore your surroundings. The leaves are changing all around you, whether that is in your backyard, in the city park, or in the woods. It’s time to witness and capture this beauty.

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Go Stargazing:


The fall sky is the favorite season for many stargazers. Why? Because there are many constellations you can only see during this time of the year. Catch the last glimpse of summer stars and a first glimpse at the winter stars. But best of all...  it gets dark earlier and the night temperatures are still comfortable.

Just bring a warm sweater and a blanket!


Do the Pumpkin Picking:


Fall season means one thing – pumpkin season! Restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and many other places around town start selling pumpkin foods, drinks, and products to welcome in the season. You will also be able to find whole pumpkins all over town, whether you want to go pick your own at a patch or get one from the store. If you do take a trip to your local pumpkin patch, you can do much fun, free activities that they offer, like hayrides, corn mazes, and petting zoos. Make a jack-o-lantern with your new prized pumpkin and be sure to keep the seeds so you can roast them! Yummy.

Go Climbing:


One of the best times of the year to rock climb is during the fall. As leaves begin to drop and greenery wanes in anticipation of winter, rock faces become more exposed. Cooler weather also means fewer bugs zipping around your face as you make your way up the cliff!

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Collect Pinecones:


Pinecones fall in the autumn and are a great collection to place on the tables as decoration pieces at home. So, why not take the family out and play with an activity idea? In the activity, everyone must collect one pinecone to bring home. This will keep everyone entertained whilst being on an outdoor adventure together!

The first person to find a pinecone gets the first toasted marshmallow at home. Try it out!

Cozy Up with a Good Book:


The perfect definition of "me" time is a cozy nook, a warm cup of tea, and a book you can't put down. In search of new reading material? Join FAYVO to get the most authentic recommendations on books and find new favorites.

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Take Family Movie Night Outside:


Put those extra blankets stuffed in your linen closet to good use. Hang a large white bed sheet from your fence to re-create a big screen, or for the advanced watch, get a projector. Make a palette on the ground with all the extra fluff, and settle in under the stars as you and your family watch these classic kids’ movies