When you look around yourself, you see your friends and family living two different lives. One is the reel life: digitally appealing and also called the social media life. In contrast, the other one is real life: the practical one. Why so? Because in real life, it is sometimes challenging to meet your loved ones and share your favorites. Whereas having a digital platform to share what you care about is a lot easier.

Talking about your personality, likes and dislikes, favorites, and preferences are not easy if you don’t have one place for it. There are so many apps to interact with and communicate with people worldwide and browse what you like, but no single app lets you store and organize everything in a single profile. Let’s say, for example, you are in a mood to read a book and want some worthy recommendations for that. You’ll search out for book recommendations on the internet and will find the best match for you. On the other day, it is your watch day, and you want to chill over the weekend, then you’ll have to search on the internet or other movies’ related apps for the movie that matches your mood perfectly. Isn’t it a big hassle and mood spoiler for you?

Different apps work for different categories and let you save your favorites belonging to that particular type. In comparison, your personality is a mix and match of everything. Be it books, movies, music, fashion, travel, food, or anything that’s trending. So, why not choose an app that does it all for you?

What if everything you wish for comes under one umbrella and you can easily show what you love?

Just imagine how cool it would be to have your personalized profile convenient to keep, fast to search, and simple to share.

That’s what FAYVO is popular for!


Save or upload your favorites, keep them safe, share with your friends and family, and quickly get recommendations for top music, trending movies, popular books, tasty food places, and beautiful travel destinations: all through a single app. All you have to do is log in to your Fayvo account, connect with like-minded people, and you are all set to discover the world of your favorites.


Create Boxes for Favorites

Right after joining the amazing FAYVO app, your profile helps you create a list of your favorites and save them in separate boxes. You can easily categorize all of your saved posts into accessible boxes. For example, you love the series Hannah Montana and save it in the box named ‘My Favorite Movies.’ Similarly, you can create boxes with the names ‘Music I love,’ ‘Places on my bucket list,’ ‘my eateries,’ and so on. You can save anything you enjoy and show it on your profile. That’s how Fayvo makes it simple to separate your favorite things while still being able to find them in one single place. It saves from switching between different apps, jumping from platform to platform, or searching over the internet every other day.



Why Choose Fayvo to Show Your Interests?

While having multiple apps on your phone, you might think, why should I save my favorites with Fayvo, or how’s it different from other applications? Well, from saving to sharing and organizing to searching, Fayvo makes it super-easy and fun for its users.

Instead of keeping things scattered over different places, use FAYVO to keep them at your fingertips. We are introducing a digital way to create your scrapbook and showing it to the world just with a single tap. You don’t have to ask for recommendations every weekend or call anyone to share their favorite dine-in spot. All you have to do is browse into the relevant category, read the details, and choose it for you.

FAYVO is evolving continuously, keeping in mind the next-generation social media technology to share your favorites and discover the favorites of others. It keeps you connected with people of similar interests and lets you share what you love. So, next time when you spot your next favorite book, movie, song, restaurant, or product, you’ll be able to save it and share it in an on FAYVO.

It is creating a new way of being social, but also helpful. FAYVO is giving consumers a way to create real human connections while also allowing them to share their true personalities by showing all their favorites all the time.