The animated movie is an unexpected delight for audiences of all ages.

If you are a fan of Dav Pilkey's book series, there are high chances that Captain Underpants movie will be on your watch list from the day of its release. Amazingly, when the movie started showing in cinemas, it turned out to be one of the funniest and most creative films to come out of DreamWorks Animation. Finally, after a long time, a movie was out for the children fueling their innocent yet crazy imaginations.

Captain Underpants is light and breezy fun to watch. And also, as the name suggests, the film is about silly little jokes. There's a kid in the plot who doesn't laugh at anything, even if it seems funny. He says, 'I don't get why that's funny," and that hits right on point (if you know what it means.) Also, there's a guy whose name is Professor Poopypants. He is the kind of person possessing nervous little kid energy.

But, talking about the movie as a whole, it is all fun. It perfectly fits into the best animation category because it delivers the message and offers an entertainment-filled ride.


Movie Details & Credits

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation | Release Date: June 2, 2017, | PG

Starring: Brian Posehn, David Soren, DeeDee Rescher, Ed Helms, Jordan Peele, Kevin Hart, Kristen Schaal, Mel Rodriguez, Nick Kroll, Thomas Middleditch

Director: David Soren

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Animation, Family

Rating: PG

Runtime: 89 min



Short Synopsis:

The movie starts and revolves around two incredibly imaginative young boys named George and Harold. Those are two little pranksters who are targeting and finding ways to not be apart from each other and avoid being sent to different classrooms by the authoritarian Principal Krupp. They found a solution for it, and that was, hypnotizing their principal.

It goes by a series of very cute and unlikely chains of events for making the principal believe that he's some stupid superhero 'Captain Underpants.' After that, these two little buddies keep him from doing serious harm to himself or others by trying to carry out his super-exploits.

Right then, the evil Professor Poopypants makes his entry as a supervillain.


That's it! That's all the movie is about! It sometimes has hilarious jokes to keep going but no unnecessary subplots or side-quests. The movie is produced to add a goofy and childish factor. There are no extra-royal or supporting characters in cartoons, either, because there is no such category.


Worth Watching or a Time Waste? Let's Decide!

The majority is Authority! And we've got more votes on giving the movie a try!

One reason is that Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie is scripted by one of the best comedy writers Nicholas Stoller. We can't doubt her sense of humor and comicality. She has added both clever and silly touches in the movie without tilting too far in either direction.


The kids George and Harold break the fourth wall to show their funny side. They're in a movie in fun ways. Their cute mindless puns and kids' humor adds more to the movie. The director has amazingly drawn a line between the two poles. It's neither too witty nor too dull for the kids to lose interest.


Visuals & Scenes:

The movie has characters shown in plastic and play-doh appearance. And sometimes, they look like they don't match the background. That's a little misfit, but overall they look colorful, cheerful, and pleasant to the eyes. It lacks the rich depth and background details that usually Pixar and Disney present, and that's why Captain Underpants appears more like it belongs on TV than in a theater.


If we relate Captain Underpants movie to some other superhero movies, we'll see that it's a children's version of Deadpool. It has many relatable moments corresponding to the same genre.


The Core Message:

Although the movie is all about entertainment and kids' humor, it holds a strong message within that. It usually revolves around the toilet humor of the fourth-grade reading level, but it will leave you with a surprise that there is some sheer wisdom to be found in the Captain Underpants saga.

One of the clear messages is about the ability to speak the truth in front of power. It teaches us the importance of standing up to oppression and highlights the uncontrollable nature of laughter. Captain Underpants tells us that sometimes a crayon can be mightier than a sword.

It explains the idea of laughing with someone rather than laughing at someone. And the most important thing that we all adults need to understand and adapt is our vulnerability to laugh at ourselves.



In the era where courageous, bold, and brave superheroes steal the shows and divide audiences with their mighty themes and extreme violence, Captain Underpants appears as a cute, goofy, and antidote to that approach. The silly yet sensitive movie will delight kids and keep their parents engaged throughout.

With the hundreds of opinions revolving around the internet, it is concluded that Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie easily stands among the best-animated films of the year 2017. If you are among those 80 percent of the grown-ups who still enjoy animated movies, you need to add it to your watch list asap. Download FAYVO and add this fantastic superhit to watch over the weekend.