Sometimes we are de-stressing and chilling on our couch while streaming an emotional movie, but the other times, we have our friends over, and we want to have fun. So, what's better than grooving to the tunes, watching a classic dance movie, and enjoying the time?

Well, dance movies are known to have a perfect balance between action, romance, drama, and comedy. Even if you are not a dancer and feel like you can't dance, still you'd tap your toes while rooting for the good guy in the inevitable dance-off.

FAYVO brings a treat to dance and music lovers – because there's no such dance movie that doesn't cover great soundtracks.

For the FAYVO users, it's the good news that you can find something related to your interest and likes. From the can-can films on Nickelodeons, the exciting breakdancing films that present street style moves, to the classy-modern dance movies that fuse every style, the best dancing movies are so easy to find and stream into.


So, what are the greatest dance movies ever made? Are you ready to spend your next movie session watching the amazing dancers on the dance floor? Let's get started with the best hip-hop dance movies, ballet movies, and of course, dance battle movies.


13 Going On 30:



The female star Jenna Rink is just a 13-year-old kid in the movie, and she desperately wishes to grow old and fit into a 30-year-old's body. Her dream is to make it in the corporate world of high fashion magazines. One day when Jenna wakes up, unrealistically, she is all grown up into a woman body and has the job of her dreams. Just then, the fun begins. She makes the dull company party into an interesting one by recreating the most famous Michael Jackson video of all time. Her best friend, colleagues, and boss found it weird at first, but then they couldn't resist her charm and gleefully joined in with her to get the party jumping. It's all dancing, chilling, and having fun then!


Feel the Beat:



As the name suggests, this movie is about feeling the tunes and losing yourself. It is one of the best dance movies on Netflix that casts Sofia Carson. She is seen as April, and the movie goes with her sinking dreams of hitting the big time in dance. Then she returns with hope and finds lots of fulfillment teaching dance to little ones. There are thousands of people who wish to be professional dancers, and they can surely relate to this movie.


La La Land:



The movie La La Land is for people of all ages. It is a classic musical movie going around a love story. It's about two creative people, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. They both are wildly ambitious but are defined by their lofty dreams. They get together and help each other. The story takes a turn when their dreams come true but at the cost of their union. Love it or hate it, but it's hard to unlike this brilliant movie.





Shot in black and white and full of unknown talent, this movie gives us major nostalgia. It shows a lively slice of rave memories that takes place in 1994. With techno as the soundtrack of the movie, it is a perfect watch for dance lovers. The film is about a generation of disaffected young people in Scotland and the controversial Public Order Act. We see two unlikely friends from different sides of the being united in a love of dancing while dodging cops and criminals.


Black Swan:



It is one of those lucky horror movies that got attention at the Oscars. It is very rare for scary films to make their way to grand awards, but the Black Swan is actually scary. And there's one thing for sure; the movie is dance-tastic. You'd love the dance sequences, but it's also pretty disturbing. For the horror fans, it's a treat. Natalie Portman plays Nina, who is a ballerina. She becomes completely consumed by her dark leading role.


Step Up:



Best known as Channing Tatum's breakthrough film role, this movie is a whole mood. Step Up also introduced Anne Fletcher as a director. Not forget, Fletcher has worked previously as a successful dancer and choreographer. So, the movie sets completely new standards for dance movies. Step Up was loved by everyone and people literally followed the dance steps shown in the movie. Because of its huge success, the film went on to create a whole franchise, including five sequels, a tv show, and live stage production in Dubai.





This movie is a remake of a 1980s classic and highly deserves to be on the list of best dance movies. Its cast features dance celebrities like Bebe Neuwirth and Debbie Allen, as well as household names like Kelsey Grammer and Megan Mullally. While watching the movie, you'd jump out of your seat and would love to join the onscreen party.