The weather is changing; winter was gone long ago, colorful spring got to bloom, and now we are heading towards the shiny summers. So, imagine this: Waking up on a good sunny morning, having your refreshing drink, and then it's time to step out of home, maintaining your style statement. Hands down, summer fashion is one of a kind. You can put your best foot forward every day and give people some major envy with your great fashion choices. 


But wait, what is your style statement? Who remembers everything they've got in their closets?

Not me, or my friends, anyone we know. Sometimes our favorite clothes are hidden under the mountain of clothes. And for no good reason, we keep piling up new clothes over them. Other times, it's folded and put away in bags that you have no energy to dive in. It would be a total bust if there was an impromptu hangout and you couldn't dress your best.


Just because you don't have time shouldn't mean that you can't dress to impress. We all have personally tried hundred times to organize our closets, but how do we end up? Cleaning up, setting the wardrobe, keeping it good and tiny for two long days, and then end up messing it up anyway. And the amount of regret that seeps into us is beyond bearable.


Oh, why do we have to organize and remember every piece of cloth all the time!

The struggle is real. 



Anyway, that's the story of almost every other lady out there, and we can go on being melodramatic all day. But why do so when we have got a smart helper for us?

Yes, you have guessed right. That's FAYVO!

Being fashion freaks (enthusiasts, actually), we look for fashion inspiration in everything we have.

"All your favorites in one place," that's how FAYVO works for you. For now, let's check out what the FAYVO app can do for you and how it can help us live our best lives and dress to impress. 


A Box for Every Season

Four seasons mean four different sets of closet spaces, and four times in the year, we are stressing out. What FAYVO does for you is that it lets you organize your favorites into boxes. It's a great way of putting everything together and finding it at just the right moment. We think it's okay to forget about a season's fashion choices because why bother remembering things you may not need right now. What if you're going on a vacation to a beach where the breeze is light and summer is strong, but since it's winter at your place, you don't know what to take. More importantly, when you only have a day or even less to pack, you couldn't possibly go through all your bags stuffed with off-season clothes. 


This is where FAYVO takes the burden and anxiety off of you. You can make four boxes for your four seasons –

  • Winter Hot Choices
  • Summer Breezes
  • Sweet Springs
  • Dark Autumns


All you have to do is to save your favorite box. Save all of your wardrobes virtually into these boxes and look through all your fashion choices at any time, any place. Not too shabby, right?


Great Outfits Deserve Great Spaces

Ever bought a piece of clothing just because it was too pretty, even though you didn't have a matching pair of pants or shirts to go with it? Who hasn't, right? Add all your one-offs in a box on Fayvo, and scroll through all options. Sometimes the great outfits are waiting for us to put them together. Those jeans you bought last year and still haven't worn because nothing goes with them, and then you forgot about them. Pair it with the button-down you bought last weekend. You would definitely slay in it. 

It's all about the boxes!

Dedicate a box just for the one-offs you bought here and there and see how different combinations will start making sense for you. Organizing your boxes on FAYVO is incredibly easy. Take photos of your clothes directly from the camera inside the app, add filters to them, write a caption or an important detail, and post it in the box of your choice.

You are done and dusted.


Isn't it great to have a virtual wardrobe?


Wait, you can now share your OOTD (outfit of the day) with the creative stories in the app. Take a picture of you slaying in that gorgeous look, add a caption, and post it. In a few moments, you'd get hundreds of admiration messages from your followers.

Feel pretty with FAYVO!


Easy & Smart Organization 

No need to go home and worry about what to wear anymore or even put off parties or hangouts because you don't have the right outfit. Now you can sift through your wardrobe at any time and choose your outfit before you even reach home. All you'll have to do then is to change into your already chosen dress and have more time for other things.


Flaunt Your Fashion Statement

Everyone has a favorite dress, outfit, or fallback clothing option that they love to wear again and again. It could be an all-time favorite dress, slacks, tees, or anything that you cannot get enough of.

When these clothes are so loved and precious to you, don't you want to share them with your friends to flaunt the collection?

It's pretty simple. Just create a box just for this purpose – My Style Statement.

It should have all the outfits, shoes, accessories, and handbags that you simply cannot go without. This is a great option to keep everything safe and accessible at just a tap. Share your favorite box, and ask your friends about the best dress for the next dinner party.


No More Losing Your Head Over Lost & Found

Keeping track of your wardrobe and clothes from all seasons is definitely not easy. But when using FAYVO, it's not only fun to organize everything inside the app, but it's incredibly useful. Particularly for people obsessed with organizing stuff and finding them at the right spot at a moment's notice. 


That's the ultimate solution for keeping all my favorite things safe all the time. Not only clothes, but FAYVO can keep track of your playlists, movies, favorite reads, most-loved games, and so more. It is how you want to use it. The app has a piece for every one of you. So, try it out now!