Today we bring you a guide to buying less, shopping better, wearing comfortable, and transforming your look in the process.

At FAYVO, the fashionistas are always discussing style statements. Yes, having your own style statement is important but for beginners, it can be quite a challenge to know where to start and what to look for.

Let us break some news here.

“The key to looking fashionable isn't following all of the latest fashion trends. It’s about staying true to what you like and what suits your personal style.”

But in the everyday life, when we see the same wardrobe every time we wish to dress up, makes us feel a little dull. We get dressed in the same go-to outfits, wear the same thing, and become so used to it. Keeping up with the same routine makes it tough to come up with new ways of wearing the same items and lifting the clothing that you already own.

But, here’s FAYVO – to the rescue.

You can always take a fresh start. By making a few simple alterations to the way you carry your attire and wear your outfits, you can significantly improve your personal style, and that’s our ultimate goal!

The best part is, that by having complete guidance over the process, you probably can DIY your wardrobe!

With enough time, trial and error, strategic buying, and rounds of adjustments, you could likely put together a wardrobe you’re pretty pleased with. So, let’s roll with the best hacks to improve your personal style.



Organize and Edit Your Closet:

First things first, knowing what’s in your wardrobe is an absolutely essential thing, when it comes to dressing stylishly. Organizing and sorting all your clothes should be the first step toward your style statement.

After all, how can you go to the improvement phase if you can’t even see what you own?

So, start smartly by carrying out everything in front of you and decluttering it.

The best way to declutter your wardrobe is to donate or sell anything that you don’t like or don’t wear anymore.

For the remaining clothes, organize them neatly into categories. For the best memory and organization, use the FAYVO app.

Categorize your clothes and as you put them in the wardrobe, keep a record in the FAYVO boxes. This way, you’ll always be informed of what’s hanging in there.

Invest in a good partitioned closet and a shoe rack so that you can easily visualize complete outfits. Once it’s done, you’d feel very light and your wardrobe will look more inspiring, and you can easily ditch those “nothing to wear” moments.

Invest in Styles that Work for Your Shape:

We all are different, unique, and beautiful.

There’s nothing wrong with having a heavier lower body or a flat bum. All men and women are beautifully created, we just have to dress accordingly.

Having an endless supply of outfits will make you confused, and that’s where you need to know what’s designed for you and what’s not. Before shopping for your next outfit, know your body type.

Then, invest in designs that go with your body shape. If you are not sure of your body type, try and wear the dresses you can the best in. Be it a pair of jeans, a skirt, or a long dress, then figure out what’s the unique thing in it that makes you look pretty. If those high-rise skinny jeans make you feel confident and are working for you, you should shop for similar pieces.

Use those most flattering items you already own as a measure to buy more.

It doesn’t mean, you will get and pair the same kind of outfits, but you can have fun experimenting with different fabrics, colors, and embellishments. With the confidence of looking fantastic, you’d love your new dresses.

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Curate Your Colors to Suit Your Skin Tone:

Next comes your skin tone and we have to make peace with it.

This is the point where you think, why do some colors look great on you and others don’t? It’s all because of our skin tones.

To make every outfit look great on you, choose the colors wisely.

It’s not about keeping one favorite color throughout the wardrobe but filling your wardrobe with the colors that flatter you the most. For a fair complexion and lighter skin tones, choose nude colors, especially white, black, grey, silver, and peachy. If your undertones are warm, on the other hand, stock up on designs in shades of brown, gold, maroon, bottle green, etc.

Downgrade Your Wardrobe:

It is another way of knowing what’s inside and then arranging them on the basis of need.

So, open your wardrobe and see, if do have a handful of options of dressy items in your closet that you think are “too fancy” for everyday wear. Or, if your wardrobe has some occasion-specific dresses in the major portion? If your answer is yes, then you have organized your wardrobe totally wrong.

Events happen once a month or two months, but regular wear is used every single day, so why make it a hassle for you to find things you need every day?

Another tip for styling is to think of your closet as a pyramid. With the fanciest clothing lying at the bottommost position and keeping the top-level position for the most casual ones.

If you “downgrade” how you think of your clothes by one step on the pyramid, you’ll have a better choice-making. This way, you get the most out of your clothes collection – which could really help you if you tend to underdress, or need to level up your look on a daily basis.

Moreover, this structure of keeping clothes in your wardrobe will empower you to make better styling decisions.

Don’t Overthink Your Choices:


In a study, it is found that spending too much time choosing your everyday outfit can ruin the rest of your day. And that’s even the case with most of us.

Have you heard of ‘decision fatigue?’ it is real and is a result of constant comparison between any two things.

Sometimes there are very few decisions but they leave us exhausted. All of these add up to our stress and actually drain the brain of decision-making power. So, be kind to yourself.

Don’t waste the most productive time of your day in choosing what to wear.

For better choices, decide on your outfit a day before. For instant decisions, skip the dresses you can’t or don’t wear regularly. This is one simple style hack that’ll no more frustrate you every single day.

Find the Right Fashion Inspiration:


Here comes the tricky part.

When finding fashion inspiration, we all feel overwhelmed by the choices and trends at hand. So here we reveal a simple hack: start with family and friends whose style you admire.

Use FAYVO for help and observe how friends and style icons dress up themselves. From casual outfits like crop tops and leggings to workaholic fashion attire, and party wear, see how they carry it and what looks good and why.

As FAYVO brings the latest fashion trends for you, it has a big collection of fashion inspiration to look up to. Go through the profiles and find your favorite outfits on the go.

If there’s an influencer whose style matches yours, try to figure out who that celeb's stylist is. In this digital age, we can find almost anything and anytime, so why just look at a single source?

Research and learn about different style types, and decide the ones with which you most align.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize:


Style isn’t just about clothing and dresses; accessories play an important role in making your style statement. Accessories should not be overlooked whenever you are going out.

Wearing a beautiful bracelet on a dinner night will add to your sparkle. Carrying accessories should be the final step to completing all your outfits. Trendy shoes, classy bags, hats, sunglasses, and jewelry are all essential items to have for a stylish finishing touch.

Be it as simple as a belt, a cute little necklace, or an anklet; accessories have the power to transform your look from good to great.

Therefore, don’t step out without having your embellishments and invest in good-quality accessories.

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Don't Prioritize Fashion Over Comfort:


When it comes to styling and being updated on the latest trends, this tip implies internationally and to everyone. If you have to compromise on your comfort just for the sake of style, don’t do it.

Being classy and tip-top never asks you to be in trouble. Always opt for what feels the best.

Even if you ignore your discomfort and manage to go with it, you’d feel confused throughout the day. Style statement doesn’t ask you to wear pointed heels, fitted dresses, or long frocks all the time, but it is what compliments your body and boosts your confidence.

The old myth about beauty is pain and is not a reality we should ascribe to.

Especially on long days where you have to manage multiple chores simultaneously, go for easy pants, sneakers, and a lightweight T-shirt. Because in a world full of stress, the last thing we need to worry about is spending an entire day in a dress that sucks the life out of us.

There’s always another option, that is equally stylish. Go for it!

“Feel good about what you wear,” as they say “You are what you wear.”

“You are what you wear, they say.”

Build a Visual Style Guide:


Seeing what you have is the best way possible to style yourself.

So, why not create a collection of images that speak for your style?

Go to the FAYVO app, browse through your newsfeed, search for inspiration, and keep them safe for your next outfit inspo. Within the app, you can find, save, and share your favorite styles, altogether. FAYVO’s algorithm is quick to learn your preferences and interest and then comes up with all the relevant and personalized recommendations.

If you need a place to start, then create an account on FAYVO and get ready to have lots of outfit inspiration to get you going.

For a more targeted search, go to Pinterest, where you can find a variety of new ideas to design your outfits.

Alternatively, you always have the option to save images into a designated folder on your phone. Look for the latest fashion shows and collect magazines to cut out pictures from them and build a physical mood board. The better way is to have a digital scrapbook of all the fashionable ideas you collect and wish to keep with you forever.

This visual framework will be on top of your mind next time to design an outfit or going to buy one.

Commit to Strategic Shopping:


This one is so much important in this era of discounts, sales, and online shopping.

Today, we have unlimited options to shop from but, right here right now we need to shop smartly.

To shop effectively, you need to have a plan before you actually go and spend money. If not, you’re destined to repeat similar buying habits (or better mistakes), you’ve formed up to this point.

First of all, know what you have, as mentioned above, and then make a list of specific items that you need to buy. Remember, now you’ll buy only those items that are missing from your current wardrobe.

With that, you’ll be clear on what you’re looking for when you get out shopping.

Going to shop doesn’t mean to keep collecting black tops every time you like them. It will be tempting for sure and will be a challenge, but stick to the plan!

When you won’t have too many clothing items of the same type, your mind will be light in choosing the outfit. Otherwise, it’d get overloaded with options. If you need to buy blazers and blouses, stick to them and get them. Next time, go for pants and sweaters.

Dividing your stuff over multiple shopping cycles, will also not clutter your wardrobe.

Final Words:

Style is so much more than just following the trend and getting those glittery outfits for all occasions. It is your mindset, your inspiration, and your sense of design. With FAYVO in your favor, we can use the app to help us show up in the world as the best version of ourselves.

So, have fun with the fashion process, make it your own, be involved in it, and see what’s possible for you!