As we are just back from the Eid holidays, we are all in the vibes of glittery dresses, and flawless Eid looks. Now, when we are free from our styles, some of us may be wondering what abaya styles the fashionable women of the UAE would have worn for Iftar, Suhour, and other festivities during Eid-ul-Fitr?

While the classy black Abaya design never goes out of trend, we’ve seen a lot of new creative fashion ideas by influencers and people around the MENA region.

Well, for the hot countries, including Saudia and Egypt, there’s nothing like a free-flowing kaftan, which suits all body types and is almost for the steamy weather. This Eid, FAYVO has seen a number of fashion trends, but the traditional wear, proudly worn by the people in the MENA region, showed how age-old cultural styles could find new life in a contemporary setting.


As fashion can reflect your style choices, we constantly bring out the latest ideas for you. So, here we are with some of the most popular Eid hits of 2022.


Co-ord Sets


Wearing trousers, match them with the same colored shirt. That’s how an easy co-ord set can make a style statement. They are one of our favorite trends this summer, and people loved trying this on this hot Eid. It offers a minimalistic yet classy look to carry. Be it a lunch gathering or a grand Eid party; these monochrome sets are your answer!

They look super chic and give you a lot of room to style them. For Eid, women styled it with a fancy dupatta and heavy solid-colored jewelry. Also, some have been seen pairing their co-ords with minimal jewelry and a cute little baguette.


Monochrome Mania



The joy of wearing a monochrome outfit is perfectly explained by the stylists who pair it up with their styling items. It is about expressing your style in different shades and tints of the same color. Wear it with a fashionable scarf of a different shade, or wear one hue from head to toe highlighted by fancy items. It is one of the trending fashion inspirations and looks easy yet powerful at the same time.


Floral Prints



Who doesn’t like to flaunt their flowery dress and especially when it is a special occasion like Eid?

In the last couple of years, Dolce & Gabbana’s flamboyant printed abaya collection made a huge hit. Whether big patterns or small flowers, vibrant colors, or subtle shades, floral patterns are always a favorite in summer. The bright and colorful prints are genuinely a feast to the eyes. This Eid-ul-Fitr, we saw s shift towards more minimalistic, geometric, and modern prints. We saw many influencers wearing floral prints with light embroidery.

Pro-tip: Funky statement pieces or antique items worked best with these prints. Paired with classy goggles, this fashion trend was most admired this season.


The Classy White



A basic white can never go out of style. Be it eastern trends, western fashion, or any occasion, white is the show stopper all the way. Designers have always made the most of this shade, and people love to wear different shades of white, especially to beat the heat in summers. This Eid, white-colored fancy dresses were giving a whole luxury vibe. Be it an all-white ensemble with laces and delicate embroidery or one with a fusion of hints of color: a white dress is always a hit on Eid.

The white color not only brings elegance to your dress, but it also feels refreshing. From frocks to maxis, abayas, plain shirts, and long skirts, white dresses are designed in various styles. Eid 2022 showed us that white is a charm for many. Some tried adding hints of colors into its embroideries, while the others paired it up with a fancy dupatta.


Silk Scarves



The look is incomplete if your hijab doesn’t look flaunting with your dress, and what other than using the matching silk hijab with your Eid outfits. That’s what celebs and influencers did. Silk scarves were a winner this Eid because they add instant glamour and style to any look. Hijabis presented new ways of carrying the silk hijabs. Additionally, they are super great for protecting your hair too!

It’s Time to Choose Your Fashion Statement!

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