You’ve your wardrobe game strong!

This compliment fills the heart with the ultimate happiness of any fashion enthusiast. Be it a man or a woman, who is a shopping freak and loves to stay updated with the latest trends, it is a proud moment whenever they impress someone with their fashion statement.

And in the summers, T-Shirts go a long way. They come in handy in traveling, give comfort in everyday wear, and add a cool element to your personality.

Well, it’s not the first time when the T-Shirt has got the hype but they were loved and worn centuries ago – and they are not leaving anytime soon. Continuing with the trend, fashion artists and designers have also come up with creative ideas to design T-Shirts for both men and women, and in the year, 2022, there’s a plethora of designers and an equal number of designer T-Shirts out there. The huge collections make it easy for the audience to stay on-trend and snag an affordable designer item.

At FAYVO, we love to give fashion advice, because we believe it is your style statement that speaks before you speak!

So, if you’re looking to inject a bit of freshness into your wardrobe, or want to spice up your everyday clothing, it is worth paying attention to what’s going on in the world.

But before that, remember:

“There’s #1 rule of fashion – Always wear what YOU want to wear.”

Let’s rock & roll with these funky yet classy T-Shirt fashion trends:



Nothing is as easy in the sun as the cropped T-Shirt. It is easy, soft, breathable, and stylish, altogether. Cropped T-Shirts are a popular trend in 2022 and are equally loved by both men and women. This summer is dedicated to cropped hemlines, so it should be of no surprise to you that cropped cotton T-Shirts are the most fashionable T-Shirts for your wardrobe.



These days, T-Shirts speak louder than words. (pun intended)

Tshirts with messages are trending extremely these days due to the textual thoughts that represent your mindset. There are motivational messages, quotes, one-liner jokes, or anything interesting. It is a new way of telling the people around you, how you feel and what you are up to.

Not only messages, but they also come in vibrant colors, cute graphics, and more. This fashion trend is for everyone and it feels good to see people embracing self-care and positivity magnificently in their lives. If you buy these T-Shirts with motivational messages, you are doing an effort to fill your day with positivity and it will for sure, boost your self-confidence.

For a classy look, pair this tee with shorts or jeans and rock this trend.

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Animal prints, patterns, elements, think of anything and you’d find it printed on the T-Shirt. These tees never went out of fashion and similarly, 2022 will also witness these printed T-Shirt trends in colossal. There are unlimited options to choose from and there are thousands of different, unique, and interesting prints. People are going gaga over animal-printed T-Shirts and among them, leopard print T-Shirts are there to stay evergreen always.

These printed T-Shirts are a must-have for everyone as they are absolutely perfect for casual wear and to showcase your fashion sense. To give it a different look, pair them up with jeans or skirts and slay with your colorful printed T-Shirt trend.



From kids to adults, Disney is still everyone’s favorite. Yes, they are being picked and chosen by everyone who is updating their T-Shirt wardrobe to reflect the latest hits. There are Barbie lovers (old but it’s gold,) Encanto, Avatar, Black Panther, Avengers, and Frozen characters, as well as the classic Mickey and Minnie with a new look.



This one is new in the race as tablecloth T-Shirts are inspired by a recent phenomenon and one that we can’t get enough of. They are not regular T-Shirts but casual shirts commonly paired with jeans for an everyday look. From the idea of vintage tablecloths, these elegant patterned shirts are all we want to wear this summer.

They have usually a lighter base with an intricately hand-stitched, colorful pattern. The tablecloth shirts have made their place in the T-Shirt trend. For summers, you can pair it with slip-on shoes and mid-washed denim, which brings us to our next trend.

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Denim is everyone’s favorite and it is an all-time favorite clothing piece that is a must for both ladies and men. Considering the durability, denim goes a long way in your wardrobe. This year, denim T-Shirts are trending once again. Whether in jeans, shirts, or jackets, they are there. Be that as it may, we wouldn’t normally suggest wearing an entire look consisting of denim, until it is a fashion statement.

In the summer of 2022, a number of brands, including Kenzo and ZARA launched their pure denim collection. So, ladies, If you’re going to try it, opt for a relaxed silhouette and wear it with confidence.



What better way to master summer style than looking chic and hot yet comfortable?

To be easy yet look bold, go for the ribbed T-Shirts. From the 50s ingenue to 90s retro, style icons from all eras preferred ribbed T-Shirts. It is an iconic clothing piece that will save you in the eleventh hour. Get a stylish ribbed T-Shirt and put together a flawless holiday look worthy of a film award.



Loose baggy T-Shirts are again getting famous and making their way into trends. It works for every occasion. Be it a movie night, friends’ outings, late-night dinner, or a sleepover at someone’s place, loose baggy T-Shirts give you room to style as per your preferences.

The younger generation, especially, like the idea of wearing a cool, comfy loose T-Shirt over fitting T-Shirts. Those skin-tight T-Shirts are gone and now you’d see a patterned or a basic baggy tee, paired up with a big tote bag for an everyday look. Wearing baggy shirts allows you to style without compromising on your comfort. For a more party look, pair it up with a skirt and slay. This T-Shirt is ideal for summer, spring, fall, or under a jacket in the winter season



With the basic tees, come colorful flower-themed T-Shirts. They are so popular among men too. There are beachy flowery things that add freshness to your personality.

For females, these T-Shirts come in multiple flower types and create an eye-soothing and pleasing look. Flower T-Shirt designs are a must-have for summers and monsoon season, as they present a soft, elegant, and cute look. There is a big number of flowers designs available in the stores. Moreover, floral-designed T-Shirts look artistic and flattering. These designs also play a big role in adding feminine appeal and can be a perfect choice to make any dull day a delightful one.

Tie a basic colored scarf to the neck for a magnificent look.



This one particular works for brand-conscious people who love the logos and monograms all over from head to toes. Back in the 1990s, having your monogram on a purse was the best thing ever. But with time, the trend changed. In the year 2022, it is back again but with a brighter look.

Monogram T-Shirts are a hit choice to present your love for a specific brand. If you want to advertise yourself, have your monogram personalized on a T-Shirt for you, or give one as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, or any event.



There’s no harm in adding some extra colors to your summer outfit. Tie & dye T-Shirts give that extra swirl and splash of color that uplifts your personality. A smart movie this summer is to find the quirky tie-dye piece to a solid-colored outfit. It is one of the easiest ways of standing out among the crowd.

The colorful patterns and indefinite designs are a huge success in this season and demand of the time. Previously, tie & dye was thought to be for children only but now, men, women, and people of all ages wear the trend by making adjustments according to their preferences.

There is a vast variety of patterns, including sunset hues and bold brush strokes. So, find yours to pair them up with accessories that are minimalist.

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There’s always room for art in everyone’s life so why not, get your ideas printed on your T-Shirts?

Doodle Art T-Shirt adds life to your wardrobe. Thin lines, wavy curves, smileys, shapes, and everything interesting can be painted or drawn on the T-Shirts if you do it on your own. Otherwise, online stores are full of doodle-themed T-Shirts. Let your imagination take over and then print it on your outfit!



There’s no need to make lifelong commitments to a tattoo when you can rock it on your T-Shirt instead!

Unlike real tattoos, these don’t hurt at all. Getting a tattoo design T-Shirt will add to your personality and will be sure to catch the attention of your community. It’s easy. Pick your favorite animal or flower or anything you like and ta-da, get in print