If someone is very specific about a genre, but not very well educated on how to put movies in different genres, then the wealth of films out there may seem overwhelming.

Movie genres or film genres basically group different movies based on the storylines, characters, plot, tone, theme, styles, syntax, templates, paradigms, motifs, rules, etc.

Whereas, sub-genres are the smaller clusters then branch out and belong to one basic genre. For a better understanding of film genres, read out: Popular Film Genres Explained

For the initial understanding of how movies fall into particular categories, FAYVO brings the best movies from each category. The movies highlight what makes animation, comedy, horror, adventure, and more all so worth watching.

Note: It's not easy to find films that are representative of an entire genre, but these selections come very close. So, let’s get straight to them;


Spirited Away:


Japanese movie maker and artist Hayao Miyazaki is one of the most popular and talented animated film creators of all time. His films always hold a strong narrative, possess tender feelings, deliver aesthetic excellence, and depth of characters.

Spirited Away is one of those animated movies that you wish to watch again and again. The movie follows the themes of Japanese folklore and Japanese culture. It clearly and intelligently shows the influence of Western capitalism on 21st-century Japan, and family loyalty and values.

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Sci-Fi – Science Fiction

The Matrix:


The Matrix movie when released, totally changed the landscape of science fiction. The Matrix also overlaps with the action genre based on the fighting sequences in it.

The reason why this movie is still considered the best is Its cutting-edge effects and CGI. The advanced technology and especially the usage of "bullet time" cameras made audiences love it. The black leather and sunglasses aesthetic, with strong characters, unique messages, and complex story, all worked together to gather the film's critical acclaim, financial success, and the love of the audience. The film was successfully nominated and won all the technical Academy Awards but was unfortunately overlooked in all Big Five categories.

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Godzilla: Final Wars:


This one is almost everyone’s favorite, irrespective of age. The Godzilla franchise as a whole is incredibly diverse. All the parts in this sequence are fantastical.

The movie shows every aspect you wish to watch in a monster movie. There are good and bad forces and as the movie progresses, your idea of ‘hating monsters’ changes. Godzilla is a movie to watch with kids, friends, and family. There are mighty action scenes, emotional ones, and a moral in the end.

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This genre is most popular among teenagers and we’ve finally come to the film that’s crowned the scariest. The Sinister movie is a small-scale haunted house/possession story about a true-crime writer. Ethan Hawke is the man behind these thoughts and as he moves his wife and kids into a house, the torture begins. The shift to a house where a family was murdered.

Writer C. Robert Cargill was reportedly inspired to pen the script based on a nightmare he had after watching The Ring, and the story does share a minor similarity with that film. All the people who watched the movie said that it was creepy and scary from beginning to end.  

Plus, there’s at least one report out there that says it’s the scariest movie ever made, so that must count for something.

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In an unofficial answer to the male-stacked Superbad and Hangovers of the industry, the empowered women Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo stood for women's comedy. They successfully gave women the floor to split all the sides with Bridesmaids. The movie also presents itself as a "chick flick" and even made a run for two Oscars in 2012.

Starring Wiig and a slew of funny ladies, including Melissa McCarthy, the movie is super fun and hold several LOL moments. The 'Bridesmaids' bucks tradition, encourages female friendship to the forefront and shows the happily ever after. 

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Captain America – Civil War:


Marvel’s most thrilling movies, which is almost everyone’s favorite, is the Captain America - Civil War. We see the super-squad against each other and that’s very exciting.

The thrill doubles when we see them home to patch up their suits. The idea of presenting superheroes against each other was a dizzying notion, but the brothers Russo pulled it off with an intriguing story and introduced a unanimously crowd-pleasing baby Spidey in the process.

Worried about superhero fatigue? Those fears completely vanish by the time you reach the film’s climax and would love watching it till the end.

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The Old Guard:


Charlize Theron is Andy. And she is the epitome of class in The Old Guard.

In the movie, Andy is the head of a bunch of immortal warriors who try to preserve their secrecy while providing justice from the shadows. A new member joins their team, but she’s unaware of the phenomenon happening to her. It upsets the fragile balance they've worked so hard to preserve.

There's a lot of ass-kicking here, action punches, and thrilling fights. As the movie is based on a killer comic series, visually it’s too good to miss. The Old Guard is a smart look at what would actually happen to a person who lives for hundreds and hundreds of years.

P.S. The film was so good that there's a sequel in the works.


The Unforgivable:


Sandra Bullock's latest makes the Bird Box star one of only two actors to have two films in Netflix's all-time top ten movies. The success was matched by Ryan Reynolds of Red Notice and 6 Underground. In mega-hit The Unforgivable, the actress plays the role of a woman trying to re-enter society after serving time for a violent crime. It’s about her struggles and society’s brutality.

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The Last Letter from Your Lover:


This movie presents us with two timelines. This way, audiences get a contemporary romance along with one filled with great period details and costumes. In the present timeline, the story is about a magazine writer. She is sent into the publication's archives for an assignment. The twist comes there when she finds a misfiled love letter detailing an affair that happened in the '60s. Still winding from a recent breakup, she digs into researching the letter writers, uncovering more of their stories.

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