Keeping our FAYVO family informed with this rundown of Fayvo’s April updates. We’re here with another announcement. Our newest change is related to the onboarding process. Every new user who signs up for Fayvo will now have a more personalized experience with the app.


1. After signing up, the app will ask for permission to access contacts on the device. If the user allows access to contacts, Fayvo will automatically connect them with their friends’ profiles in the app.

2. Users can easily follow their friends’ accounts without searching for them.

3. Fayvo will display a list of matching profiles that the user can follow instantly. These profiles are chosen based on the interests registered.

4. Lastly, Fayvo will show pop-up asking users to turn on the notifications for the future.



That’s all for now in the April updates. Team Fayvo works hard to bring the best experience for you, stay tuned for more upgrades.

With Fayvo, you can find new things every day. Check it out yourself if you’re interested in organizing and saving your favorites because Fayvo is a place where everyone is connected!


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