“A joy that’s shared is a joy that doubled,” that’s what we believe in, at FAYVO.

To serve the purpose, team FAYVO team came up with a new idea of sharing the experiences with people all over the world.

It’s like, getting your talent recognized worldwide, all through a single platform, and that’s FayvoX!

The sub-brand o FAYVO called ‘FayvoX,’ aka ‘Fayvo Experiences,’ is where we plan to add value to your amazing experiences. Be it an exclusive music night or a dedicated Scavenger hunt event, get yourself registered and boohoo, it’s all fun.

So, let’s you find your next getaway on the go, right from the website. Here’s how:


From the unlimited list of recommendations, suggestions, and entertainment, it was required to bring those plans to life. And FayvoX is exactly what was missing in our lives.

Culture > History > Gastronomy > Nightlife > Art > Fashion > Adventure > Tours > Food

Discover and explore new journeys with FayvoX!

All these experiences are designed to create a memorable getaway for those who are looking to maximize their joy, refresh themselves, connect with others, expand their limits, learn new skills, and are excited to be directed to a whole new path.

We’ve rounded up the ultimate original experiences for you to enjoy your time, the way you’ve never imagined before!

Whether you're a foodie, an explorer, a friendly-extrovert, or a true adventurer, you can live your life beyond expectations with Fayvo Experiences expert host.

What Does FayvoX Promise?

Our promise is to hand you over lots of memories to remember and a story to tell. We hold your hand to take you to never-forgetting ride of fun and adventure.

It’s all about your likes!

How Does FayvoX Work?

The FayvoX website is the extension to FAYVO and is dedicated for the experiences. There are two categories: The Host & The User.

The Host:

People who look forward to share their talent and have an audience to teach, can now register on the FayvoX website and request to add their experience to the list. Upon approval of the request, their shared experience will be displayed for the people to check and book.

Afterward, the host’s dashboard will look something like:

The User:

The user will be able to use the website in Arabic and English, and they can search for any experience by the category, geographical location, language, activities, or experience type. The user will then be able to book an experience and see what's the experience includes, along with the pricing, event schedule, and other details.

FayvoX will give the users an ability to try new experiences by booking from the website, choose different categories of experiences, and leaving a review for what they have experienced.

Note: The current regions of FayvoX operations are Riyadh, Jeddah, and Alula.


Some of the Fayvo Experiences Explained:

From mind games to food tours, creativity, healthy competitions, and much more, it is an all-in-one platform to choose what you love.  

FayvoX Booth per Zone


Winter Wonder Land



Interactive cooking experience

Trivia Game experience

Make your own sword experience

Design you candles experience

Flowers all the way experience

Flowers all the way experience

Make your own soap experience

Flowers all the way experience

Rage room experience

Rage room experience

Meditative art experience

Carving wooden door experience

Make your favorite perfume experience

TikTok trends experience

Speed carrom/chess experience

Abaya/ Bisht design experience

TikTok trends experience

Interactive cooking experience

Flowers all the way

Interactive cooking experience

Trivia Game experience

Splatter experience

Abaya/ Bisht design experience

Pottery painting experience

Free Drawing experience

Treasure hunt experience

Sand Art experience

Make your favorite perfume experience

Splatter Experience

Design you candle experience

Saudi coffee like a local experience

Make your own soap experience


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So, are you ready for FayvoX to bring your favorite experiences to life?

Discover and live authentic experiences. From fine dining to meeting new people, we're introducing a new way to experience ordinary things.

All you have to do is visit us at fayvox.com to join us on this exciting ride!

Wrap your five senses around FayvoX, and get the lifetime experiences.

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