Once upon a time, people used to track their favorites by putting them physical boxes, like cardboard, plastic, etc. All these things were ways to treasure your memories. They were kept in one place, to cherish for years. Now, fast forward to 2020, everything feels scattered in the digital world. There are so many applications for so many things that you lose track of what’s what. So, this is where Fayvo comes in.

This is why you feel like your favorites are now spread across different online platforms. Some people post photo albums on Facebook. Some save music on Spotify or Apple Music. Others save places on Google Maps and upload mood boards. Whereas, some people like to share favorite recipes and interior decoration ideas to Pinterest. No doubt, there’s no limit to interests and favorites when it comes to people. Fayvo is revolutionizing the way you save your favorites. It’s not just a place to organize everything that you love. It’s also a great recommendation platform where you can find what to watch, read, play and so much more. 

Without a single place to keep track of all of our favorites, we sometimes lose out on great recommendations from friends and family. With all of this in mind, Fayvo has created a useful way for you to have a space for your favorites that can easily be shared as recommendations— this time, digitally. Read the full article on the TechCrunch blog!

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