In a world full of choices, some ordinary ones, and others extraordinary ones, what would you choose? Well, without any doubt, it’s a vote in the favor of extraordinary choices and that’s the best decision too.

For the FAYVO users, or better say our fellows, and beloved Fay’vers, we are always thinking of ways to add value to the FAYVO app and introduce newer options to make their life less confusing and more entertaining. To achieve the best user experience, today we are announcing the release of another interesting feature coming your way.

What is it?

In simple words, it is the number of relevant options offered at the time of adding a new post to your FAYVO account.

What does the new feature do?

Comparing the old layout with the new one, you’d see how empty the older version looks.

Here are the pros and cons listed: 




There are no suggestions on the page.

You see a number of suggestions right below the search bar.

No idea about what’s trending on the current day.

The recommendations are provided on the basis of trends and popular options.

There’s no way to find something relevant to your previous searches.

The app offers you relevant options based on your search history and preferences.

A blank page and no fun.

A list full of exciting options to add to your profile.


Moreover, with this new release, the same recommendations will be given at the time of adding a story to your profile.

Upon choosing to add a status/story, every user will get a list to choose from, or type what they have in mind.

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For the music posts, a bunch of music recommendations will be offered.

For the movies and TV show posts, trending series will be displayed.

For the books and readings, the best-selling reads will be shown.

For the places, the suggestions will be related to the most popular destinations around the world.

For posting a video, the user will get the most popular videos according to their location, and the list goes on!

As FAYVO never runs out of options, you won’t run out of exciting options to try and enjoy.

It’s not that your previous search results will be completely gone, but there will be present too. The idea is to show the most recent search history results and the remaining page will fetch the latest and trending options. So, how does it sound?

Having everything right in front of you and recommendations literally at your fingertips.

That’s what we have new for you till now. But hold on. Our plan to add more improvements and a handful of new features is right under the development phase, which brings you lots of happening things to try with FAYVO.

If you’ve tried using the FAYVO app in the past and didn’t get much out of it, it’s time to rethink and retry the process. We’ve upgraded our system to identify and throw bugs out of the app, complimented the app with advanced-level algorithms, made several changes to the user interface, and more.  

With FAYVO, every day is exciting and every search is overwhelming!


So, why not, give a try to this superhit new feature and see how it does wonders for you? The best way for new users is to download the app for FREE and let the fun begin.

For the oldies, it’s time to update your app to the newest version to bring this theory to life. All you have to do is sit back and we’ll do the rest!