Television and video CDs were our go-to place whenever we wanted to enjoy free music videos, watch movies, or wanted to watch cartoons. Before the internet, we had to look for our favorite channel from a long list. But in this digital era, when you share your favorite music or movies, you have got numerous options. 

Also, we have options in finding music, movies, TV shows, games, and series, but we need to find the authentic source.

There are tons of websites and platforms to access entertainment for free, but below is the list of some of the best of them. They stand out from the crowd because of their content, huge collections, and effortless streaming. They have recommendations for you according to your taste and offer you numerous options in the music and movies category.

So, here we'll point you to some of the best resources for playing music and watching the best movies without dipping into your wallet.



This application opens up a door to endless music videos. Vimeo has tens of thousands of playlists for you to look through. To use the app, you create an account and follow different channels for new releases and hits. Otherwise, if you don't like creating a personal account on the platform, you can enjoy the music videos for free. It is popular for its interactive and easy user interface. Plus, the music app has unlimited options you've probably never seen anywhere else. Other than the official hits, you find a new and fun way to explore some new things to watch.

Vimeo has filters when searching for your desired song. Also, you can sort the search results based on the date uploaded, popularity, or duration. The app comes with a mature content toggle as well to restrict adult content. Vimeo is available to use on computers, smart TVs, and mobile devices.



Along with the paid subscription, Spotify also has a free tier option for everyone. With the app on your smartphone, you have access to thousands of music albums, all the latest hits, and more. After getting the paid subscription, you'll have a lot of other options, like full control over what you listen to, playlist creation, and offline playback. Using the Spotify app, you get plenty of fantastic music.



Another popular name in the entertainment apps' world is FAYVO. From the latest music releases to old nostalgic songs, pop music playlists to low-fi mashups, hip hop albums, to never-ending lists of favorites, you find everything in the app. The app allows you to find the right music that perfectly matches your taste and interests. Other than music, FAYVO shows movie suggestions, TV shows, series, and dramas to add to your watch list.

Along with music and movie recommendations, if you download the app, it connects you with like-minded people and friends. You can simply save and share your favorite thrillers, romantic watches, and more.



As per the name, Billboard ranks music releases according to their trends and popularity. The app has been working for decades now and stands out due to its latest updates. You can always keep up with what's hot and new for the day. Billboard provides a video link with each song so you can enjoy the music videos from the artists.

They have a Charts section for people to find more music videos. Based on different genres and themes, Billboard has all sorts of music to satisfy your hearing buds. They also feature emerging artists and music festivals with videos covering them and their performances. Additionally, the app has music news videos as well.



If you wish to enjoy the unofficial new talent, go to Soundcloud. It doesn't mean you can't enjoy new hits and albums by top artists there, but it is a platform for everyone. Amazingly, it is all free to use for both listeners and music creators. You won't usually see big names and pop hits on SoundCloud. It is an open space for people to present their music skills and get comments on their uploads.



What never stops while you wish to enjoy a good time is chilling, and the online movies app Netflix's motto says, "Netflix & Chill." The app has a paid subscription to get before you use it. But, after that, you'll have complete access to the best movies of all time, movie recommendations, and suggestions about the best movies. Netflix keeps you updated with different genres, making it easier for you to find the right match and start watching instantly. It also doesn't have language restrictions. You can watch Korean movies, Indian, Spanish, and more. All you have to do is change the subtitles to the international English language and enjoy!